Letter to Lacey: Thirty Six Months {Three Years!}

Dear Lacey,

Over the past month when people have asked me how old you are I’ve told them two. Not two and 10 months, not almost 3 but two. I’ve been hanging on to you being a baby for as long as I possibly can.

Three? Can you really be three? Wasn’t it just last week that you were a teeny, tiny newborn? Wasn’t it just yesterday that you took your wobbly first steps? Wasn’t it just last night that you were throwing your very first terrible two type tantrum?

You’re a sweet little being. Someone told me over the weekend that you’re a sweet little soul brought to the world to bring joy to others. You definitely do that.

I’m not going to lie, you’re sweet but you’re also hard work. You’re high maintenance. You like to test us, as I guess any two year old does. You’re also seemingly allergic to sleep, waking a few times a night, every night. I wonder if that means you’ll be the perfect teen. They say it works like that.

You love to dance most of all. Each night we put on music and you dance around, using a box as your podium. The way you dance makes me smile inside out. You wiggle your little bottom, you kick your legs out and you get your whole body moving. You’re a little groover Lacey.

You’re my little shadow, my heart races when I can’t see you, but you’re usually just hiding behind my dress. You’re never far from me. You’re always near.

Three years I gave birth to you, and you made me a Mama. Forever changed. To have my heart walk outside my body, is to have you in my life. Forever richer. Bigger smiles, bigger tears.

You are my first thought in the morning, and my last at night. You are the light in my life.

Happy Birthday baby girl. I can’t believe that you’re three. Today you’ll blow three candles on your cake, and it will be so. I’ll be a Mama of a three year old. xx

Love Mama. xx


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    I think I've said this before, but she is going to treasure these letters SO MUCH when she's older. It's such a great way of keeping track of how she changes and grows, and I can't believe I've been reading these letters since she was basically a baby. She ain't a baby anymore! Happy birthday gorgeous girl xxx

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    Happy Birthday sweet Lacey. I'm sure mommy is making this a very special day for you to remember when you are grown :-). Have a wonderful day little lady xxx

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    Happy Birthday to your sweet cherub. Three years is a delightful age. I am sure she will cherish these heartfelt words just for her when she is older and I am so loving the curls in her hair. Congrats to YOU too for making it to three years. You deserve a pat on the back as well.

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    Happy birthday Lacey! (And to you, Chantelle, in a way, it's yours too ;-)

    When my son was born, and fretted about how high maintenance I thought he was, someone told me that it's the high maintenance children that are often the most intelligent! I took that and run with it ;-)

    Have a great day!

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    Happy happy birthday sweet little Lacey – its been so much fun reading as you grow. Big Love to mumma for making it this far xx Year 3 is so much fun so far my favourite!

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    Wow, what a lovely letter to Lacey, something she'll treasure forever. What a sweet little angel, the phoots are priceless.

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    have loved reading all the letters, but this one especially as she is such her own little person now… 3 is still a baby tho (or so I like to tell myself).

    I love the photo of her reading upside down. it is my favorite!


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    I too love reading these letters – and I know that Lacey will when she's older as well.

    Love these photos of her too – she is such a little girl now.

    Happy 3rd Birthday Lacey!

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    :-))) I love how Lacey is reading the book upside down. Alison Lester's illustrations are beautiful any way you look at them. Happy Birthday, now 3 year old, Lacey.
    p.s. My Big Girl turned 9 on Sunday & I'm having a bit of a problem with that … she's now half way to being an adult.

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    That is beautiful. You bought a tear to my eye.
    I always enjoy your letters to Lacey.
    Gee, I love the name Lacey.
    Don't they grow up so quickly.
    Happy Birthday Little Lacey.

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    That was beautiful!!! She is such a peach reading that book upside down! Happy birthday to that little bundle of joy. Hope you both have an amazing day xxx

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    happy happy birthday sweet little lacey! you know, I sometimes can't wait until mine are teenagers and suddenly love their sleep-ins and I can go in and wake THEM up at horrible times of the morning. looking forward a little revenge!

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    oh that made my eyes go shiney…..i feel the same about my little man he will me 3 on the 23rd april and it's gone so so fast……
    a big happy happy birthday to little lacey mae, love the photos of her reading cute girl xx

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