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How to create a collage poster with your Instagram photos

Fat Mum Slim /

1. Visit

2. Log into your Instagram account.

3. Choose which poster layout you’d like to use.

4. Name your poster {eg photo a day photos}.

5. Drop and drag your photos into the poster {or double click the picture for them to automatically be added}.

6. Once completed, click create.

7. Download your PDF to your computer {click the download button on the left of your screen}

8. If you want to have it printed to display in your home, just send it off to somewhere like Officeworks {for Australians}. If you want to use it on your blog you’ll probably have to resize it to make it small enough to load properly. I do this in photoshop. Alternatively, just right click the image {when you’re on the same page you download it} and save it to desktop for a smaller version to use online.

Have a great weekend everyone!