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20 things about me

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I’ve been asked to do this a lot on Instagram, and I thought I’d do it here instead. What? You’re calling me lazy for not wanting to type it all out on a teeny little phone keyboard. Ok, you got me. Lazy I am.

1. I actually hate typing on the phone. So text messages, Facebook messages etc all get ignored until I get to my computer… and then sometimes I still forget. I am that friend.

2. I don’t like change, but I also get bored with things being the same and crave change. Yeah, you figure that one out because I can’t.

3. I never want to stop learning and growing. Ever.

4. I’m also very fickle. I am addicted to every single Real Housewives of whatever town. I like Beverly Hills best, because yes… I play favourites.

5. I would make a really crappy nurse. I hate when anyone in my family is sick, mostly because it means I have to look after them. Like right now.

6. I wish I was a better swimmer. I can swim well, but I have no style. I’m all splashing and no style. I also don’t know how to dive. {I’m also seriously considering getting a few lessons to tweak it so I can do laps at the pool without embarrassing myself}.

7. I love swimming at the beach, but I’m shit-scared of sharks, jellyfish and any other fish-type creatures touching me underwater.

8. I take everyone’s baggage on as my own. Like, even if I overhear someone talking about troubles their having, I carry it on my shoulders and try and think of ways to help them. I wish I could process it better.

9. I like to help people as much as I can. At the supermarket last week a young mum was struggling to pay for her groceries so I paid for the rest. She wasn’t grateful, and more annoyed at me for some reason.

10. I’m a pretty lousy friend. I don’t love talking on the phone, so unless I’m seeing someone all the time… I’m probably letting people down. I think about people all the time, but I need to start liking the phone more.

11. I often wish that Australia wasn’t so vast so that I could have everyone I love in the same town. That would be awesome.

12. I have some really awesome friends where we live now. I couldn’t have imagined that I would have found such amazing people so quickly. I do feel like moving here was meant to be for us.

13. We hadn’t heard of or seen our suburb where we live before we decided we wanted to move here. I can’t remember what went through our heads, but we just decided from afar, flew up, picked a house and it was done.

14. My family is the most important thing to me in the world. My husband and kids are my world, and my mum and siblings are too. I feel lucky to have been born into this family.

15. My taste-buds are changing as I mature {does that mean I’m old?}. I used to be all about sweets, but I am changing to love savoury more.

16. I hate speaking in public. I did it a few times last year to force myself to grow, and I hated it. I’d happily never do it again.

17. I love Oprah and I know that I’ll meet her in this lifetime. I also know that I’ll win lotto. I’ll report back when either or both have happened.

18. I kill every plant I own. My mum bought me a plant for my birthday last year {maybe it was a test} and each time she comes over she asks, “Have you watered that?” I always lie and say, “Yep, yesterday.” Truth is, I’ve only watered it, like, 5 times. It’s a miracle it’s alive. I’ll water it today… I promise.

19. I love my neighbours. My favourite neighbour is arriving home in a week {from traveling around Australia} and I’m so excited. She leaves again to go traveling a few weeks after that. I think I want to be like her when I grow up.

20. I never had any desire to travel at all in life, until I was kinda thrown into it with blogging. Now I get itchy feet if I haven’t traveled in a while. Like now. I’m keen for an adventure or two.

Tell me one thing about you. Please!

P.S. If you have a blog and do a post, come back and leave a link in the comments so I {we!} can have a read.