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My friend tweeted me this week {the tweet above} about photo a day. Does photo a day blow my freaking mind? It really does.

We live in this huuuuge world and sometimes just by browsing through all the photos shared for the challenge, sometimes it doesn’t seem so big. Last month when we all took photos of the moon, it seemed a little bit smaller. We’re all sharing the same moon, from where ever we are in the world. When we share pictures of our breakfast, to see other people eating eggs on the opposite side of the world, it makes me smile.

Earlier this year I shared a little about a project called ‘A Day In The World’. It was a movement when people all around the world would take photos from their lives and submit them to be included in a book. I was sent the book today, and I have to say that the results are amazing. They kinda made me teary/happy/amazed all at the same time. It’s stunning and magical. We do live in a huge world, but it’s still small.

Let me share what’s written on the blurb on the back of the book because it explains it better than I can:

A DAY IN THE WORLD is an amazing journey around our planet. It is a culmination of, the largest single-day photographic documentation of humankind that has ever taken place. Photographers in every corner of the world – professional and amateurs alike – have used the power of the photograph to share their everyday lives. Almost a hundred thousand pictures from more than 160 countries were submitted and the thousand best have been selected for this book by an international panel of experienced photo editors. The resultΒ  is a magnificent tale of life on Earth in one day – a unique and visually spellbinding record of time.

Inside are photo after beautiful photo of life around the world. Everyday things happening in all corners of the world. Magic. There were babies being born, people dying, people falling in love, wars being fought, people sleeping, others playing, eating, crying, trying, working, moving.

I have copy of A Day In The World to giveaway. It’s a huge coffee table book {really thick and lovely}, valued at $55.00. To be in the running all you have to do is leave a comment below answering the following question: If you had just one day to do something magical {with money being no object}, what would you do?

To read more about the book you can read here, or to grab yourself a copy you can buy it here.

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One entry per person
Open to everyone
Competition closes on November 16th 2012

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  • Easy! Would take my kids to wherever they wanted to for the day, no matter where it was πŸ™‚

  • NatS

    Wow, what an amazing question! I would take disadvantaged kids to toys ‘r’ us and say “have at it”. The joy of giving to people who don’t have a lot would be magic to me.

  • First we (my daughter and hubbie) go to space for a once in a lifetime few of our beautifull earth and then we take a submarine to explore the other blue world

  • Ange Webber

    I’d definitely go on safari in Africa, it’s always been a dream but the closest I’ve gotten is Werribee zoo!

  • helen

    I would eat great food, sit in the sun at the beach with my daughter, my partner, my sister and her family. Reading magazines, coffee and a glass of wine would be necessities!

  • Now I know I should do something noble for my magical day, however I’m gonna be a little selfish! My man and I get very few days together due to work so my magical day would involve a bottle of wine, a kilo of prawns and consuming both with my man whilst sitting on a picnic rug by the water. Bliss.

  • I would go diving on a coral reef, swim with fishes and just absorb all the brilliant colours of the water world. Hopefully I would have a great camera with me to capture it as well.

  • Take my children, their partners and my grandson to Disneyland…the Magic Kingdom.

  • Vicki

    Surrounded by family and fun

  • Tracey

    If it was REALLY magical, I would spend just one more day with my Dad. He died 28 years ago, but there’s hardly a day that goes by, that I don’t think about him. I was only a child then, so it would be lovely to sit and talk to him as an adult. I would introduce him to my children, as it breaks my heart that they never got to meet each other. That’s what I would do.

  • Olivia Elser

    Hmmm good question, so many answers… Whatever I was doing I would want to be doing it with my gorgeous family & friends. I’m thinking a little sleep in, a chef cooking a beautiful breakfast in bed. Then a day in the sun at a beachside resort. Cocktails, yummy food, swimming, fun with the kids. Ending with a beautiful outdoor cinema with popcorn, choc tops & a lot of laughs.

  • I would spend a magical day with my family – good food, good wine and good company – and take photos to remember our magical day

  • Gab

    I would spend the day with my amazing hubby & children having lunch sightseeing shopping & finish the day with dinner on the beach watching the sunset.

  • On this day – it would be get together with every member of my family, in one location, for a meal, and the only ‘outsiders’ would be the Obamas! πŸ™‚ {Just on this particular day – any other day, the Obamas would not be invited! }

  • Mrs Woog

    I would go and tell every kid I came across, that they were incredible x

  • Jillian

    Stop worrying about work and housework and just spend time with my family. I went to Scotland and MET my grandparents last month! It was a huge eye opener that there is nothing more magical than spending time with the people that created me (and them!) who I dont get to see often (or until 2012) because my life has been taken over by work and a busy lifestyle.

  • Monica

    I would go to Canada to visit my aunty. I would love to make a road trip with my family in Canada. I’ve never been there before, it must be amazing! Plus I haven’t seen my aunty for a really long time.

  • Chloe

    i would see the wonders of the world. i would help people financially, physically or just listen and give a hug. I would donate money to every good cause. I would tell my family and friends everything I have wanted to say. I would fall in love.

  • Chloe

    i would see the wonders of the world. i would help people financially, physically or just listen and give a hug. I would donate money to every good cause. I would tell my family and friends everything I have wanted to say. I would fall in love.

  • Courtney

    I would take my little family and take a trip to all those places in the commercials of starving kids that always bring tears to my eyes, and meet people and feed and clothe people because it really hurts me to know that even though I’m struggling so much it could so much worse. If I had the money, I’d like to take myself and my bestfriend and her daughter and my husband and my six year old sister with me all over there to do some good.

  • Courtney

    I would take my little family and take a trip to all those places in the commercials of starving kids that always bring tears to my eyes, and meet people and feed and clothe people because it really hurts me to know that even though I’m struggling so much it could so much worse. If I had the money, I’d like to take myself and my bestfriend and her daughter and my husband and my six year old sister with me all over there to do some good.

  • SnowR

    For a magical day I’ll visit my family who live in Hungary and I’ll can speak hungarian because I can’t, and they don’t speak another language, so I’ll can tell them how much I love them and we can tell a lot of stories, because last time we see us it was 8 years ago, too much time =(

  • Geraldine Moreno

    If money were no object, I would build another village for Leukemia sufferers so they can get treatment. So many miss out and pay expensive hotel bills to stay in the city. My father benefited from a village.

  • I don’t think I would need loads of money, would spend it doing all my girls favourite things, playing, doing arts, singing and dancing, cuddling, laughing and being most silly mum ever!

  • Paul

    Take my family to the airport and get on the next flight to anywhere!

  • Pepa Yakova

    I will take my family on a trip to SPACE! This is a dream I have and i think it will be so magical to see our little planet, the whole of it, from space!

  • Ali

    I would spend the day with my family and close friends, sitting on a lawn in front of a winery, surrounded by gum trees and grapevines, sipping fine wine, eating yummy cheese and listening to live music. If I was to include magic, I would make it a lovely, perfectly sunny day, about 28 degrees. πŸ™‚

  • Karina

    Take greed, money and hate from the world! Man those three things cause trouble and I would love to see how different things could be! That really would be magical!

  • Eline

    I would find the most beautiful and vintage volkswagen van possible, probably red, and drive to the UK. I would go all the way to Glastonbury to see the best band in the entire world Coldplay perform, on the piramid stage. And with me in the audience with my home-made flag! That’s what I would do πŸ˜€

  • This was a difficult question. I tried to think of it like if it was my last day what would I want to do, if money wasn’t an issue. I thought of a lot of places I would want to go or people I would want to meet, but if I didn’t picture my family with me it didn’t seem right. All of my blood family, except for my children, live thousands of miles away I haven’s seen most of them in 13 years. So here is my answer- I would fly all of my family here with me, get all of my friends, my husband and my children together. Just celebrating life, we’d have a bonfire, and a feast. We would sing, dance, and laugh the night away. There would be no sadness, we wouldn’t think about the past we missed out on or what lies ahead, we would just focus on what was happening right then. I would take thousands of pictures that would be worth millions of words. It would truly be the best night of my life.

  • RC2012

    Stand in the middle of a busy pedestrian street and get as many people as I can to smile, even if for just a brief moment.

  • Christine Slavin

    I would pack up my family and sail and trek the planet, exploring every corner with the ones I love

  • Chris

    Something Magical? To remove negativity in all its forms from the world, so my children could grow up without fear, judgement, violence or prejudice!

  • Kristelfr09

    Take the plane and do a surprise visit to the family and friends back home in Belgium, take them all out to lunch in a lovely place where we can hang out, catch up, and feel good in each other’s company!

  • Ron Rose

    In this big, beautiful world too many people are suffering from various types of that insidious disease Cancer. I would gather all the top scientists in the world, provide their every developmental or experimental need and have them work until this monster is eradicated!

  • Amy Lindsay

    First I would tell no one that it was that day, then I would gather those whom I love and spend the day laughing, feasting and fellowshipping. Then I would put cash in envelopes (if money is no object then it would be $1000.00 in each envelope) and I would slip an envelope under the doors of all my neighbors and family totally anonymous. Then I would wrap the day up with my hubby and kids in our jammies drinking homemade hot chocolate and snuggling. Nothing could be more perfect!

  • Ms_Cobra

    To me the most magical place on earth is disneyland… I would take all of my family and spend more than one day there! A true place to be a kid and no one cares

  • I would house, feed and clothe everybody, if I had all the money in the world, and then I’d make sure everyone got the education they needed and deserved.

  • If I had just one day, one magical day, I would first slow down. Take time to enjoy the simple things that you normally don’t have time to see or do. Hubby and I could spend time together with our little girl. We can do ALL the little things that she wants to do without rushing. We can push her on the swing for hours, blow bubbble til she can’t chase them anymore. Play cubby houses and tell secrets. All without having to clean up the mess, worry about whats for dinner and without distractions. Then, a beautiful dinner with all our family and friends near and far. Just a simple picnic with perfect weather and fabulous simple food and the best company. Bliss.

  • Anne

    I have a wonderful group of photography-loving friends from all around the world. We all became common friends through Flickr but have never met each other in the flesh. If I had day to do something special and money was no object, I would fly all these friends to my home so we could spend the day taking photos TOGETHER instead of far apart! It would be a dream come true! πŸ™‚

  • Anne

    I posted my comment and it showed in the discussion list but when I refreshed the page it disappeared… does it have to get approved or something?

  • Doortje

    I would go to see the
    sea in wintertime. Make a long walk after that pea soup as dinner.

  • I would take my whole family to Egypt and have complete access to visit and discover all the wonderful pyramids. It is a passion of mine and it has extended to my kids to love everything Egyptian.

  • Teresapk

    I would spend the entire day with my family. Where we are doesn’t matter as long as we are together

  • Kristina

    My husband says to go into Space, to be able to see Earth from Space would be amazing!

    Myself: I would pick random families and take them to Disneyland for the day. I have always thought of it as the most magical place in the world.

  • Lenka M.

    I would travel with my hubby and my little son to a magical place somewhere in Africa where all your concepts about how you have or need to be in this world fall away. I would connect with the people, with their purity, with the wild animals, with the earth, with the simplicity of life and mainly with the essence of who I truly am. We would go on a wildlife safari and then get to know the local people and their children and appreciate the simple joys of life together with them. At the end of the day we would celebrate and dance and bow to our own greatness. That I believe would be a truly magical and life-changing experience. πŸ˜‰

  • I would take the boys to Disneyland. It has been a dream of mine and my husband’s, but we haven’t been able to come up with the funds to do it.

  • Daisy

    I would travel the world with the hubby. Take my parents to places they’ve only dreamed of. And go in all kinds of missionary trips to help those unfortunate. <3

  • Hayley Kolb

    If you had just one day to do something magical {with money being no object}, what would you do? This may be cliche, but we lost our youngest son in 2009, and our older son was really too young to remember him well. So I would create a day where Mason could come back, and we could do so many wonderful things, and I would video it and take pics, and write things down and make a great documentary for Callan.

  • I think for my family and I we would travel with my Mom to Spain to see where the Basque are from as that is where my Grandparents are from I would love to see where we came from!

  • tracy murrell

    I will hire private jets and bring my whole family, who is spread out all of the world, together for a weekend on a private island at no expense to them. To have all the generations (The 90 year olds to the 2 month olds) in one place would be magical. Some have not seen each other in 50 years …. that would change our lives forever collectively.

  • Magical…I would go to heaven and see my daddy again. I miss him.

  • I would spend the day seeking out people who get over looked by the system, and help them out. Pay electric bills, cable bills, cell phone bills, buy tons of food, buy clothes, whatever would make a difference for that family at that time. My family has been in a place where we made too much to get government assistant but didn’t have enough to keep the lights on in the middle of winter, or buy enough food for us to all really feel full. So I know it would have been magical for some one to help us out, and I’d want to give that too other families if given the opportunity.

  • Em Rathbone

    I would head out with the kids and my husband with a picnic, find a nice quiet, kid friendly beach and spend the day making sandcastles, paddling and picnic-ing, with no stress, or arguments or anxiety (on my part). Sounds perfect.

  • Kim

    I’d travel to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and when I saw it I’d probably promptly burst into tears because it’s been something I’ve wanted to see since my days sitting in the back row of History of Art & Architecture class.

  • Caroline

    Provide affordable housing to the homeless, permanent food supplies for the hungry, greater and easier access to hospitals and doctors, more awareness of how to care for one’s body, buy large parcels of land that would otherwise be deforested for palm oil, provide greater resources and facilities to care for land dwelling animals, and supply all deployed ADF members with care packages.

  • I don’t know if this is open to everyone outside of AU or not. If I could do anything.. I would introduce my niece and nephew to their Great Grandmother who passed away before they were born. They have missed out on meeting a wonderful woman and she them.

  • Caroline

    Show everyone they are deeply loved in some unique way that they can carry with them forever. Love like that makes almost anything seem possible.

  • Christine

    I would have a private plane, get all my family and close friends together and travel the different time zones around the world, spend as much time as possible there and then off to the next country to explore, so hopefully we get more than a day, sounds good in theory anyway πŸ˜‰

  • I would provide food and shelter to all those that are hungry and homeless.

  • paula van ommen

    I would buy a great house in the little city where I’m working, to help the homeless youth and adults to have a home to live in. and I buy all the fourniture and things they need to live there. And I would start a foundation to keep it open in the future. and at the and of the day I would like to go to a restaurant with my family to enjoy the start of this wonderfull en nescessairy project.

  • I would take my nephew to Disney World, I would love to see his little face light up when he sees all his favourite characters. It would be amazing.

  • magical….I would cure cystic fibrosis <3

  • Elisabeth P.

    I would fly to Africa and take a safari. It is something that I have always wanted to do! To be able to get up close and personal with nature and the animals would be an amazing adventure.

  • I would gather every single person dear to me, in one gorgeous location and every single person would get along. There would be dancing, amazing food and fine wine. No cleaning up. There would be fireworks in the evening and a whole heap of relaxation. I would create a memory that everyone would carry with them to help them through tough times. And I would make sure that every single child waiting for their Make a Wish got their wish granted. Life is too short

  • I would take my family on a trip around Australia visiting places i’ve only dreamt of going go to with them and then we’d take a Disney cruise and go to Disney World.

  • chucheria

    I would hire several rockbands for a big rockfestival for all my friends with free food and drinks on a beach! (it’s getting really cold and wet in germany, so the imagination of sun, water and sand is really wonderful!)

  • Donna Quirke

    I think I would organise a Magical all day Festival. I would find a tropical resort in Thailand complete with pool and private beach then fly all my friends and family there – including all the kids.
    I would then arrange for my fav band (the Cat Empire) to play a secret gig for us, followed by funk and grooves on the decks played by my bro
    I would decorate the place with lots of fairy lights, ensure there was plenty of food and drinks to feast on and cross our fingers for a glorious sunset, filled with fireworks.
    Oh and most importantly I would sprinkle everyone with glitter, bubbles and love as we dance the day and night away.
    Oh one can dream can’t they.

  • Take a stroll through Madagascar to see all the amazing flora and fauna ….really… I think one day would not suffice but oh what a magical memory it would be!

  • Kim

    I’d visit the highest mountain top, high 5 the penguins in Antarctica and go for a dip in the perfect waters at Bora Bora. But after all that I would like to come home, sit on my back porch with a glass of wine and my family and just be happy to spend time with them.

  • Being able to “communicate” with my parents who passed away years ago. That will be magical, however short the period will be.

  • Michelle

    I would hire a castle in rural france, invite my nearest and dearest and hold the most exquisite masquerade ball. Heston Blumenthal would cater with a fantasy theme and we would dance to beautiful french music all night long.

  • I live in the tropics, and I’d head to Iceland – it sounds cool!

  • Lynz

    I would love to visit the 7 wonders of the world! Plus more! I love to travel and experience life and culture in other countries, it would just melt my heart. . .

  • Kate

    I would take my boys on an african holiday. See the animals, visit our World Vision Child, Marvel at the pyramids, cruise the Nile, Dawn Ballooning, Skydive over Victoria Falls πŸ™‚

  • Erica

    I would have our wedding and fly everyone that I wanted to be there into the Tasmanian wilderness somewhere and organise for perfect weather…

  • Amanda Hardy

    I would visit the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and deliver them exotic Australian seeds, to be preserved for the days medicine can unravel cures and new wonders with the gene code of plants. So many species are lost each day, and there’s so little we know about them. I just really wish I could do this, I think it would make me feel that in some way I’ve helped leave a legacy.

  • I would get everyone close to our fam to take a day off work, ship them into a limo and take them to a self-sustainable resort near the beach for food, laughter and good memories.

  • Sheree Kershaw

    Right now … I wish I could find ALL the Nancy Drew novels ever written! Why? My very brave 12 year old niece underwent another major heart operation on Monday. She is doing exceptionally well, but is in so much pain.I visited her yesterday and held her hand, as her mum read her a novel, not Nancy Drew though. My sister-inlaw Kim (Elyssa’s Mum) told me that Elyssa is a HUGE fan of Nancy Drew books! As I sat with her my heart broke, I just wanted to rescue her from it all. I know her recovery is going to be long, but soon she will be able to read again by herself. If I was able to afford (and find these novels) for my niece this gift would be more than just magical! It would be beyond words ….

    • I loved the Nancy Drew books when I was younger. I still have one on my bookshelf that I was hoping to read to my daughter when she turns 10! Google tells me there were over 500 books written since 1930! I had no idea!!! Hope your niece’s health continues to improve :/

  • karenmundt

    What I would like to do comes under the extreme definition of magic: I would remove, from everyone, the ability to discriminate between people, and give all people equal access to the world’s resources and riches

  • Caz

    I’d catch the fastest plane and zoom to the other side of the world to be with the family I hardly see because there are 11,000 miles between us!

  • Susan Mclaughlin

    I would spend a day living in a young child’s imagination.

  • Samantha Burgess

    I catch myself day dreaming daily about vacationing in Australia, I need to make it a reality!

  • Emily

    I would get Chris Cheney, Tim Rogers, Phil Jamieson, Josh Pyke and the amazing orchestra they played with back together for a repeat of the White Album concert they put on in 2009. And stream it live around the world. It was THAT good. I’d then distribute copies of my favourite books to everyone. Sure, my magical day is geeky, but it’s MY magical day!!
    Thanks for running the competition, Chantelle. Good luck to everyone!

  • Me shailer

    Take everyone I know to Quay for a long slow lunch of the most amazing food ever.

  • Karen P

    I would swim with a whale shark. I have been fascinated by them since I was a kid.

  • you say magical? I will bring my family to Disneyland (it’s magical knowing that we cannot afford it at the moment). My kids will be very very happy and I know it will leave great memories when they grow up. And seeing them enjoy is priceless!

  • Kristen Kilpatrick

    My children and I would be able to speak Spanish fluently, travel to Guatemala, their birth country and meet their birth families.

  • Karly

    I’d go to a shopping centre and shop up a storm, then hand out an equal amount of money to people walking past who look like they needed it.

  • I’d go on a whale-sighting expedition: number-one item on my bucket list.

  • I would bring my father back to life … he died 19 years ago, when I was only 21.
    He didn’t see me finish my university degree, start my life as an adult, and – most important of all – never met my husband …

    So I would spend a day with my dad – show him how I live my life today as a happy 40-year-old and talk to him a lot about his own life, about his parents … because there’s a lot we never really talked about when he was still alive …

  • Erin

    I would sit under a tree with my partner, daughter and dog next to the river and have a pepperoni pizza with double sauce and light cheese. We would read books and throw the ball and Paddle our feet in the water

  • Mary Preston

    I’d go for a train ride aboard THE ORIENT EXPRESS. I’d do it in the style of the great Agatha Christie story. Just not me as the murder victim thank you.

  • I would take my soon to be husband with me to a deserted tropical island with all the survival equipment we need: knife, flint, food, water, hammock, wine and sunscreen. We would see the stars and listen to the ocean. We’d feel the serenity of being away from everything. With nothing to do and nowhere to be, we would be happy.

  • Mareike laRose

    if I could do something magical to the world….
    I would help everysingle person in this world to have his own home….a job
    and the ability to buy medicine whenever needed,or the ability
    to see good doctors and education..and I would tell everysingle people on thi
    world how much Jesus loves them…….

  • Tamara

    I would go back in time so that my father and my youngest child could meet each other before he died.

  • I would rent a private jet with my to best friends Remco and Itske, fly to paris and make a skydive above the Eiffel Tower, then spent the rest of the day in paris

  • Jesse Hunter

    Organise food to be sent on one day to all the third World countries on earth. All who usually have one meal or less in a day would receive an absolute feast!

  • I’d take my favourite people on an African safari and photograph the animals in their natural habitats. I’d look for a beige zebra like I saw on Pinterest…and make canvasses from the photographs and we’d have the best party ever!

  • It would be gathering all the family together in one place, including my 98-year-old father – it wouldn’t matter where – as long as the sun was shinining and there was plenty of food and drink to fuel the talking!

  • I’d go snorkelling at Ningaloo reef in WA with my family as it really is the most beautiful place in the world

  • Pump all that money into helping find a cure for Cancer.

  • I would want to take my children and husband with me to experience the magic of a white Christmas πŸ™‚

  • I would grab my camera and my loved ones and hire hot air balloons so that we could share something magical together. I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride and plan to make it happen one day.

  • I would shout everyone that has ever been/is important to me flights and accomodation in coming together for a whole big day of fun, full of music, food, entertainment, conversations and random activities just to see them all laugh and be happy.

  • I’d gather all my family on a tropical beach and spend the day in the sun.

  • I’d travel the world. πŸ™‚ Probably fly to Europe and sightsee as much as I could in Italy or Spain πŸ™‚

  • I would fly with my kids and grandkids to Disneyland, it would be magic and memorable and totally indulgent.

  • Ashley Fenton

    money no object eh? well. it would have to be a beautiful perfect day. hot, but not so hot that i am miserable, but hot enough to be comfortable outside all day. So I would check the weather around the world, and pick the best forecast in the most beautiful place (so that would be up in the air :P) – once i picked my place, i would rent a huge mansion for the day. one that has 10 bedrooms, multiple rec rooms, an enormous kitchen, swimming pool, bowling alley… something that a rock star would have πŸ™‚ – then, i would gather all of my favourite people in the world. all of my family (except the miserable ones) and all of my friends, and we would load up in a private plane to my mansion for the day. we would then spend the entire day laughing, eating, playing, talking, sharing and just being together. there would be staff to cook for us and clean up behind us. there would be a spot for every child to sleep at bed time, and a stocked bar for the adults once that time comes. i would have the ultimate day of togetherness full of good times and beers. πŸ™‚

  • Anne

    I would go to a beautiful crystal clear body of water with my family and closest friends and we would play in and around the water all day long.

  • Supermom (in training)

    I would organize a “Happy Day” for kids, especially those who has never had a happy day in their lives and let them do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

  • My kids loves the beach, so I will fly them and my husband and me, to a private island that’s far away from where I’m at now and spend the day there. Private jet, please.
    Food will be prepared by the chef who’s on that island too (of course! who would cook on such a magical day?! lol) We will have such good food right there on the beach with someone to clear up after the meals.
    Ahhh what a good life!

  • Nicole

    I’d hug anyone I came across who looked sad.

  • I would gather my whole family together for Christmas Day, me, my Mum and two brothers haven’t been together in the same place at the same time for at least 6 years, it would be magical for all of us to spend just the one day together again and what better day than Christmas Day xx

  • have a really big big party so everyone could enjoy my day too

  • I would send flowers to everyone I have ever met. I think that would be pretty magical.

  • Judith Senese

    If I had this magical day, I would go and do something relaxing and fun with my sons. We would most likely go swimming with some dolphins.

  • Lizzy (Good Things)

    One day with money no object? So many things I would want to do, so little time.

    If I could, I would gather my family and dearest friends and, together, we would do all we could by phone or skype or twitter, or in person, to give as much food and clean water as possible to ALL the people in the world who are starving.

  • Take a trip into outer space!!! My ultimate experience that would be totally OUT of this world!!!

  • Leanne Gray

    Rent the most expensive holiday beach house and have all my friends come to stay and play!

  • Eamond Tomaszewski

    Pretend (wish) I was Hugh Hefner!

  • My idea of a “magical” day would be going up to random people on the street and asking what they most need in life at this stage in their life. Since money is no object, I would help them fulfill these needs. If they were in debt, I would help them pay their bills. If they wanted to start a business, I would help them with that. My idea of magic is creating new relationships and spreading love through tangible actions.

  • Zahra

    I’d do a massive art project: A simultaneous exhibition of anybody and everybody who has ever wanted to show off work that they love, in a global exhibition that spans all continents.

  • Jasmine1485

    Fly my partner and I to Paris, and eat under the Eiffel Tower, then go to the Louvre and look for secret codes on the paintings.

  • Lanabanana

    I would take my husband and two teenage daughters to buy the best snow jackets that money could buy, and head to the closest mode of transport that would take us to Antarctica. One of the few places that are on my bucket list to do before I die.

  • Kirsten W

    I would get all the family together and have a bbq at the beach. A relaxing day of family, friends, food and fun. A day we’d all never forget!