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  1. I follow your photo challenge but I’m getting sick of seeing subject matter being repeated. self portrait, lunch, & sign have all been in past months 🙁

    • why are you complaining about something that is given to your free? she has taken her time out to make these lists and some people are just starting on each month which is probably why she chose to repeat a few important ones. If you do this every month maybe you can think of your own ideas to fill in on the days you feel are repeated hey? Instead of complaining about someone elses work?

      • I agree. I started a challenge once but never finished so the idea of repeats is great for me!
        Why complain? Come up with your own….

    • Thanks Bee. See I am trying to please everyone, some people haven’t done previous months – so I’m getting them involved. Try and think outside the square. Do you eat the same lunch everyday? No. So the photo should be different.

      Next month, no repeats. Promise. x

      • Some repeats are worth it because its a different time in your life! You may look different from month to month, hair, makeup, weight, etc. You may be really in to something one month like a color, or addiction- coffee, smoothie, chai- etc…the whole point is it being fun and documenting your life. Don’t let the Debbie Downers have any affect! They are choosing to participate, for every one Debbie Downer there are thousands of lovers!! They can bugger off!

    • @Bee The repeated subjects bug me a bit too, but you have to understand where Chantelle is coming from with her explanation. Some people are just starting, other stopped doing it and seemed to like a prompt from the previous month and wish they continued. All these people give her suggestions too so to keep everyone happy must be a tough job and someone has to bend a bit.

      My advice would be to do what I might do this month. Just ignore the days with prompts you already did. Or better yet embrace the idea behind photo a day, and on those days decide to just stand still at one point during your day, take a look around you and snap a photo of anything that catches your eye and you believe is worth sharing. And remember to have fun.

      • @ Tay/Jezzy Jeez re-itterate much? She already said all this…try to chirp in when you have something original to say. Nothing more annoying than someone who thinks they know it all…

  2. Thanks for keeping up this creative initiative! As usual will be sharing on Twitter and Instagram! Both as @Aisakuraharuka 🙂 love the look of your new blog btw… Mine is long due for a makeover!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Love your new look, just fabulous! I’ve done all your photoaday challenges so far and there’s no stopping me now. Thanks so much for putting them together each month & inspiring us to look around & capture a moment in our day with a photo

  4. Love photo a day! It’s soooo fun! Thanks for making very great lists for us every month! So, I was wondering if you are going to explain each prompt a little, as you did before. That is helpful I can tell! Congrats for the new site, it looks just amazing!

  5. have been watching my friend do this recently and wanted to join in,
    being someone that needs their camera surgically removed, this lloks like so much fun. 🙂
    what an absolutely fantastic idea, cant wait to start with the july photo a day.
    thankyou for sharing such a fantastic idea 🙂

  6. Heyy looks great I want to give this month a try, can u please explain each wat to do for each day this is the first time im doing one of ur photo challenges

    • Yep. In the post I do on the day before the new month starts, I’ll describe each one. Keep an eye out. x

  7. new to your blog and new to photo a day! have followed a few that facebook friends have done and wondered what it was all about all the while thinking what a great idea!! So I am going join in and will post on my blog http://channelbankcreations.blogspot.com.au, and on my facebook page. Lets see how I go at keeping up!!

  8. Yay! I’ve had so much fun with Photo a Day…been “playing along” since Jan. 1 and haven’t missed a day yet! Looks like this has become my 365 project for 2012. I’m obsessed with Instagram, but plan to post my monthly collection of P-A-D pics on my blog soon. Thanks for creating this…it helps spark my creativity on a daily basis.

    • Definitely. In the day before the new month I’ll do a detailed post. Keep an eye out for it. x

  9. I’ll be continuing with this – such fun! I post mine via instagram and to tumblr.

    I have added the July prompts to the Google Calendar so if folks want to have the daily prompts appear in their Google Calendar they only need to subscribe

    Full instructions and the URL for the Photo a Day Google Calendar are here: Photo A Day Google Calendar.

  10. wow…new to this blog… will try the photo a day challenge

    my blog is yori2yayie.blogspot.com

  11. Thanks for doing providing some inspiration! I have tried every month since February and have yet to make it past about the 9th or 10th day before I forget or fall behind. Maybe this will be my month!

  12. For those that are “sick of” the repeated prompts, why don’t you look at it from another angle and think of a different way to take the photo? I have only been participating for the last two months, and the prompt ‘sign’ came up last month too, but I am excited to take a DIFFERENT photo of the same idea. Is there only ONE way to interpret the prompt ‘sign’? Of course not! Otherwise everyone would be taking the SAME photo and why would we even bother sharing our photos and looking at others?! I took my photo of ‘sign’ and then thought of other ways to represent the word so look forward to being creative with the same word next month!

    And Chantelle, if you choose to do repeats next month, that is YOUR prerogative! You are the creator of these awesome and inspiring lists; you have provided an amazing platform for people to explore and be creative. If people can’t see outside the square and think in a different way, then that’s their issue, not yours! Keep up the great work, you rock!!

  13. June was my first month and I’m totally enjoying it. And I don’t mind at all about prompts being repeated, because like you said, every pic won’t be the same.

    Looking forward to July!

  14. I love this and whatever you choose, to repeat subjects or not to, is fine. There are so many photos to take, blogs and books to read, wines to try and so liitle time…. Love, love, love everything about your blog and especially the thrill of comparing the photos with both of my boys who have the photoaday bug too! Thank you xx

  15. I am playing again in July, sharing on Instagram. Can someone please tell me whether it’s possible to load or share the Instagram photo directly to a blog, perhaps into a side bar or column of its own? If so, how?!

  16. I looove the new website layout! It’s beautiful, fun, and user-friendly! Thank you for being an inspiration for me. Looking forward to the July photo challenge (this will be my 4th month!). Hugs from Sweden! ~Liz

  17. Great New look for the start of a new life … Good on you Chantelle and every month I am grateful because you make me push myself to take photos which I normally wouldn’t do … Sure some of these have been used before but I agree with the others it pushes you to look at things differently and it is not like you don’t ask for feedback on what to do for the topics. Thank you so much for your awesome work it keeps me inspired every day and I hope you are settling in well to your new life… You have come a long way from Sheyes explore class in 2009 you should be so proud of what you have achieved. Now that you live a bit closer we might get to meet 🙂

  18. Where do you make thes photos for photo a day July? I asked last month and you didn’t reply): is it a secret or something?? I really want to know!!

  19. Ok I am so going to try and play along for the whole month. Every new list I get sooo excited and I am really good for like a week and then I get behind. But I sooo enjoy loooking at everyone elses pics on instagram. I hope the moving is going well hun xx

  20. Thank you for coming up with these photo-a-day lists! I started my own in April (a blue photo each day) for Autism awareness then when the month was over I stumbled upon your blog and I’m a huge fan ever since. I don’t mind the repeats (I saw sign and I went ‘oh there’s this neat sign near Calico ghost town that I want to take a picture of!’) because like what you said you don’t eat the same thing each day and sometimes the one-word prompts can actually be challenging than they seem 🙂 again thank you for being so inspiring 😀

  21. cool. don’t know if i’ll actually get it done this time xD i keep getting distracted… plus i don’t have a phone OR instagram so…

  22. I love these monthly challenges, everyday I look forward to taking a photo. It is actually now a part of my routine, that if I don’t do it, I feel like I’m missing something. I enjoy being creative so I don’t mind the repeated prompts. So thanks again for doing this, Chantelle.

    PS — This is the longest i’ve lasted in doing a photo challenge & i’m not stopping anytime soon. 🙂

  23. Going through a tough time in my own life and am looking forward to participating this month to give me something nice to focus on each day, as well as something to accomplish! Thanks for this! Looking forward to playing along.

  24. I just wanted to know if you’ll again be providing the link to download the #photoadayjuly list to my iPhone calendar. I did that for June and it was very helpful for me to keep up each day. Thank you! =)

  25. Thanks for your efforts – love this challenge, and hope more of my friends join this month.
    PS. Don’t mind the repeats : ) Sometimes, I don’t know which picture to choose, so I like them when they pop up in different months! x

  26. I really enjoyed doing the June photo a day project!
    So I’m going to try to do this one too.. I’ll be on a trip so this will be interesting haha!
    I’ll be posting on Instagram (@tiffanytrinh88) and twitter (@lululala1234) 😀

  27. yes, a new month hope i can de a complete list this month.
    It didn’t work for june 🙁 for me.

    • If day 1 bothers you – then put a mask on or take a photo of the back of your head, put your hair over your face (if you have long hair) Be imaginative – I’m sure it doesn’t have to be an identifiable self portrait 🙂
      Enjoy the creativity 🙂

  28. Yay, I’m excited for this month! I did the May one and really enjoyed it, but couldn’t do June, so looking forward to the challenges again!
    I will be sharing on my photo blog (photographicmemory.sirinella.com) and on Flickr (Katinka_V).

    P.S.: Love the new look! 🙂

  29. Excited to take the July Challenge! It will be my first attempt, excited to share with instagram, fb, my nonprofit Unchained (facebook.com/unchainedmovement.org) and on my new blog wecallthisnormal.blogspot.com

  30. Thank you for this list! I have been seeing the Photo a Day postings from friends and I think I’m going to jump in with both feet myself this month. I’m looking forward to refreshing my daily photos because I have started to run out of ideas.

  31. My boys have such a ball asking me every day if I took my picture or what the prompt is, I think I’m going to let them do their own! This should be fun!!

  32. I followed your challenge in April and you may be interested to know that many others were also doing so on blipfoto.com. It’s a a wonderful and friendly site where members post just one photo a day so it’s perfect for daily challenges. I always look in on your blog when I am lacking inspiration for my 365!

  33. ohhhhh fun fun fun!! I read about this fun challenge on the Beach Cottage blog and I’m going to play along this month!! I need to get into the habit of taking more pics again, so this is a perfect excuse. I’ll be posting my photos on my blog – after I learn what instagram is of course lol.

    Thanks Chantelle, nice to meet you!

  34. Congratulations Chantelle. Three major moves in one go is a great stepping stone and what a milestone that is. I have been following your blog and I really love reading your entries. Very inspiring indeed.
    Had tried to catch-up on the photoaday challenge but work has been in the way the last three months so photogrpahy came to a standstill – but not complete. I shall give July a try and start afresh after those gruelling work at the office.
    I read with interest at the comments especially those touching on repeats. I don’t see that as a problem but more of a challenge to be more creative and to think out of the box every once in a while. It may garner interests for some people but frustrating for others. Still there are newbies out there who would want to participate and never notice anything. I am not so bothered by repeats because it will provide with the opportunity to tackle the same subject from a different perspective. Chantelle, you can’t please everyone and should there be repeats in future, shouldn’t be a problem. It’s more on our approach to the subject that matters the most. I’ll sleep over the self-portrait tonite and definitely I’ll do away with the mirror approach. Done that before. This is pretty exciting.
    Once again, thank you for the new list and the opportunity to improve on our photographic skills. I hope to be snap happy once again after laying low for a while.
    For now I’ll post on my blog : http//:lszalil.blogspot.com

  35. First time on this, will be inspiring my clients to get involved at http://www.photo123.com.au.
    As for the earlier posts on repeats – so what – it’s a photo a day – be creative & take a different self portrait. Hold the camera up high or to the side or lie on the ground & look up – it’s all about having fun & taking a different photo a day. As was stated – do you eat the same lunch each day ? ?
    I can’t believe that someone would complain. Create your own list if you don’t like this one.
    I’m using this because I’m too lazy to start my own. Why re-invent the wheel 🙂
    Thanks FatMumSlim – great idea.

  36. Aaaaaaah *SCREAMING* its the first time i do this amazing challenge ssooooooo excited !!!!! Ehsnicnxhxjsbsixjsbjxbsjxjzbjshhdhhdbjdjdjh b. AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

  37. I will be doing this on instagram as caterinagrey and then posting weekly to my blog. This month I will succeed in completing the challenge!

  38. Hey Chantelle
    I suddenly realised that it was the first of the month, and I didn’t have my photo list. But you know what, now that I’ve come over and had a look at the list, I’d already taken today’s photo without knowing it! I’ve been doing photoaday for the past couple of months, and even if there has been the odd double up, it’s actually great to be able to challenge yourself creatively. I’m not really that creative, so I actually need the challenge! I’ve also taken the liberty of just posting my photos on my blog weekly. I’m a working mum and one of my children has cerebral palsy, so I’m doing what works for me.
    Thanks for coming up with all of the ideas each month, it can’t be easy!

  39. Loved participating this past month for the first time. I really couldn’t believe it was time for a new list. I looked today on my word document I posted these on and went, duh, it’s a new month.
    I have to say I did forget to take pictures at times but caught up, which was probably bad of me. I will try to do better this month. Have to say I do wish there was somewhere we could link up blog posts. I mean, I add my Photo a Day shots in with my Scavenger Hunt Sunday post and have renamed it Sunday Photo Round Up. But I would love to link up somewhere so we could all be seeing each other’s pictures. I don’t know anything about Instagram or adding to Twitter or Flickr. Any advice?
    Either way, thanks for the list. Just really want to be able to share a bit more.

  40. I did it! Me! All by myself 🙂 You have touched my heart with this and I even will be blogging everyday with the picture. Bless you! Love, Patty
    PS I am inviting others like crazy!

  41. Wow – just found this – talk about the eleventh hour, as it was 11.30 p.m. here in the UK when I came across it.

    I’m in – this sounds so much fun!

  42. This will be my first time trying the photo a day and wonders of there is a way that the challenge for the day be sent as a reminder or even have a way to see the list on a daily basis without having to visit te website daily?

  43. I have been such a chicken about this. Now I am 100% committed. DO YOU HAVE A BUTTON? I would love to add it to my blog to help others find your awesome challenge. xoxo

  44. I’m addicted to your monthly photo challenges, and am all too happily participating again (I post my photos on Flickr). 🙂

  45. Love doing the photo a day! I always start my day by checking out the list, and the prompt for the day. I try and keep the prompt in my head while I go about my day. I usually have two or three chances to get a picture and have a few photos to choose from at the end of the day.

    Keep up the great work! It takes a special someone to be able to please so many people and have such a following!

  46. I’ve attempted (and failed!!) for the past few months but fingers crossed with the lists saved on my iPhone, iPad, fridge & notebook I will finally have success in July.
    For those complaining about repeats – how about suggesting a new topic? Put some positive, creative energy out there rather than being negative!!

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  48. Looking forward to re-starting my 367 day photo challenge after a month or so off. I have used and loved your monthly photo prompts since the start of 2012. My pics are posted to my blog http://www.michelemaybe.blogspot.com and to twitter @michele_maybe. I have been plugging your photo challenges to my friends and on my blog since I started my challenge. I just adore your blog and your photo prompts. 🙂

  49. I love it ! This is my first month and I can’t post everyday, but it is good fun and a great idea !

  50. hahahahahaah report me to google for cheating the game (i sell link building methods which is black hat and against googles rules)……… i like to cheat the system to try and make money by breaking the ethical code of conduct

  51. I looovvvve the photo challenge! I confess…I’m already on here looking for August’s! I’m hoping to be surprised and find ‘moustache’ on one of them!!! Thank you for taking out the time to compile the list. Every morning I wake up to look at the subject matter that day and work all day to find it!

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