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How to be a nice human

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how to be a nice human
Have people forgotten how to be nice? Have they?

I’m seeing toxic fairies sprinkling their bitter offerings everywhere of late. A little nastiness here, a bit of nastiness there. Ugh.

I used to be a real softy, like a mouse really. If anyone dared say anything bad I ran away and had a sook, and mentally tortured myself over why anyone on earth would be so un-nice. I think blogging has toughened my skin slightly. I get negative nancy comments a lot. On anything. Any photo that I put on Instagram, there are people there to quickly tell me that I’m doing it wrong; parenting, living, breathing, photo-taking. I’m doing EVERYTHING wrong. If I put a helium balloon up {the rare time I ever buy them} I’m contributing, and totally responsible for, the helium shortage in the world. Slap my wrists. I celebrate my first day with the two girls when Hubby returns to work? I’m a weak bitch.

I’m not alone though. In this social world we live in, social in the online way, if you dare to live online, you’re asking for it. Asking for the nasty. People everywhere are putting up with it. And why is that 100 people can say the loveliest things, but it’s that one negative nancy whose voice seems to be the loudest? Whhhhy?

I could write a list of 250 ways to be a nice human. Things like smile, say please and thank you, give flowers, write love letters, donate your time and a little money, and so on and so forth. But being a nice human is easy, isn’t it? It’s just common sense. Do all that stuff, but before you write something online think whether you’d say it to their face. Think, is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? Will it hurt someone? Will it improve the conversation? Or improve the silence?

And if you want to ignore all that and continue being a subpar human, perhaps it’s time to consider getting a hobby. Don’t you think?