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This Giveaway Doesn’t Suck

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Brought to you by Godfreys.

If you’re anything like me, you get excited about the New Year. I get a fire in my belly, and a feeling that anything is possible {cos ANYTHING is possible, right?}. I love that we turn a page on the first of January, and a whole year of possibilities lay ahead. I’m also a head in the clouds kinda girl.

And while others might be picking out an outfit for New Year’s Eve, I’m probably cleaning out my wardrobe, rearranging the linen press and doing a spring clean in the kitchen. Some may say I need a life. I would say I take a new start very seriously. Don’t judge.

The kind people at Godfreys share my enthusiasm for starting the New Year well, and have given me one of these Hoover Paws and Claws Bagless vacuums to giveaway to one of you lovely people. Godfreys are kicking off a mega stocktake sale on the 22nd of December which goes all the way into next year, until 31st January.

The Hoover Paws and Claws Baglass vacuum cleaner is a super bargain, at $99 {a whopping $200 off!}. It will be on sale until the 5th of January.

You can check out the rest of their super sales here.

Would you like to win this Hoover Paws & Claws vacuum? Simply leave a comment below letting me know what did NOT suck about 2017 {i.e. what was the best bit of your year?}.


Competition details: Open to Australian residents only. Competition closes January 15th 2018 at 11:59pm AEST. One entry per person.

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  • Best ….. Husband coming home from Iraq. The kids faces when they saw him 😍💔

  • Norrahs Ztif

    This year didn’t suck as I was finally able to travel to NSW to visit my son, daughter and grandchildren. I hadn’t seen them for 18months as I had been recovering from major surgery and unable to travel.

  • Karen Bateman

    Arriving back in Australia after 3 years away and being reunited with my husband who was here for nearly 8 months before us (2 boys 8&12) – this has been a good year and hopefully next year will be even better as we are building our first home 😁

  • sue perry

    Taking my little man away for his 6th birthday
    We went to dubbo. Explored the stars at the observatory
    Safariing the zoo & trying to lock him up at the gaol

  • Samara McRae

    Finding out I was pregnant with #2 just after a trip to Bali. Two awesome things one after the other 😆

  • Megan Harbrow

    Learning so much about myself as I grow into the role of ‘mum’ to my little guy.

  • The day I found out I was pregnant via IVF after 3 years of sadness and frustration with secondary infertility. I will never forget the moment I stared at that test and bawled my eyes out so much that my husband started to comfort me thinking it must be negative! I think anything else that hasn’t been so great is cancelled out, simply because we have this miracle on the way! 32 weeks along and counting! x

  • CA Conway

    Taking our first family vacation. It was absolutely lovely to spend some quality time together exploring new places.

  • Vanessa

    The thing that did NOT suck about 2017 for me was the addition of our Siamese kitten Ollie to our family. He is a bundle of cuteness and great fun and annoying company for our 1 year old Siamese Rosie. For this reason alone I could do with a new vacuum that DOES suck! There’s always plenty of cat fur that I need to SUCK up to keep the house clean.

  • Yvonne Robinson

    The one thing that did NOT suck about 2017 was building our dream home, 15 years in the making (lots of very hard work!!) It’s still not finished, so 2018 is going to be an amazing year!!!

  • Gail Forbes

    The end of 2017 was so amazing that I can not believe the amazing transformation that has happened thanks to a friend asking me to complete a Landmark Forum. The journey since then has been something that I could not believe if you asked me in May 2017. I am now able to create the life that I want to live and fulfill dreams I never thought possible.

  • kelsey scherger

    Finishing uni and starting my grad year and being able to learn so many new and amazing things working as a registered nurse did not suck in 2017!

  • Jade o

    Handing over the last bit of money to the bank and making the realization that my house is finally mine. In 2018 I can focus on saving money instead of having to spend it now!

  • Melissa

    2017 did not suck! It was challenging, tiring, thought provoking and sometimes just plain hard but all of those feelings came out of good. We had our third beautiful baby, Matilda, my hubby got a promotion he’s been working towards for some time, I’ve entered my third year of my uni degree, we’ve made new friends, learnt to survive on less sleep than ever before, grown as parents and above all, survived! Sometimes it feels like life sucks but then I remind myself of all we have and how lucky we truly are! Bring on 2018!

  • Penne

    2017 did not suck – as I got the job that I wanted and I feel confident in helping people everyday making a difference to their lives. 🙂

  • Naysie

    Honestly 2017 did not suck like 2016 until yesterday, when my husband fractured his wrist (off his skateboard) which has dampened the last two weeks of ’17 and a few weeks holiday at the coast. Luckily he only has another week till he can have a waterproof cast! All in all, it has been pretty good, and we are still blessed to have our health, and all we do, but looking forward to all the possibilities and challenges of the new year. HNY!

  • Diana

    The kindness I witnessed out the window about five minutes ago, giving me belief that the youth of today don’t all suck!
    Our apartment is several stories up, opening the curtains and saw two birds trying to kill a third bird in the middle of a very busy intersection. Lights red, cars piling up and a young man in a Green-P-plated vehicle, VB in one hand, jumped out of the car, and tried to scoop the poor little frightened bird up. It got scared and began to move away, and with his guiding hand cupped around the bird he saw it to safety in the bushes along the nature strip. Other impatient cars tooting and losing their minds, once he’d done his kind deed he dove head first in the passenger window, as to not delay traffic further and the car sped off. Good job young Man (WOW, I sound so old reading that back. P.S: I am in my early 40’s lol, not Nan status yet lol).

  • ERN

    The lazy incompetent fool at work RESIGNING!!!!! Legally it was near impossible to rid ourselves of him, but finally, patience pushed to the limits, he is gone & that is the least suckiest part of 2017.


    The MASSIVE rainbow trout I caught, yes me, not my husband, not his mates, not one of the kids, but me, me, me and I love that I did it better than all the boys. Drives them insane, it really does 🙂

  • Cumbrian

    Finding out I am going to be a grandpa in the new year and also that my wife is cancer free after breast cancer which took not only her breast but also her spirit.

  • Rebekah Ballingall

    Graduating from my pharmacy degree in February and showing how hard I had worked

  • Ryan

    After three girls, my wife gave birth to our fourth child in May 2017 – this time a boy – to complete our family.

  • Abigail Black

    Tracking down my long lost brother via social media and meeting up with him for the first time in 23 years.

  • John Szabo

    I survived

  • Jennifer B.

    I didn’t get sick this year! Nothing!
    No colds, flu, not a single day off work. Good health is awesome!

  • Karina Lee

    We moved into our OWN place, and paying our OWN mortgage not someone elses. And it was smooth, even with a 1 and 3 year old clinging to our legs.

  • Irena

    My vacuum cleaner did NOT suck!!

  • littleangel

    Deciding to give myself 100% to my photography business and going full time in it!

  • Anneke Dekker

    The news of my unclean flat mate moving out ! My partner and I will live on our own. We would love this paws & Claws vacuum to make it a clean home again.

  • Chont

    We added our 3rd fur baby to our family. She’s brought us a lot of joy with her kitten antics.

  • Diana Kiss

    Eloping in an Italian castle! Didn’t have to stress over a big 300+ middle eastern wedding, simply hubby & I. Also loving my new surname, Mrs Kiss! 2017 ruled!

  • Jordana Hodgetts

    2017 was such fun
    My little boy, he learnt to run
    In October he turned the big one.
    Now I’ve got something in the oven – a little girl bun!
    Can’t wait to see the 2018 sun
    I’ll be celebrating with my son, tum, and hun!

  • Judith Maunders

    One of the best things about 2017 was getting a puppy, a kelpie cross named ‘Wiggles’. She was one of nine rescue pups in need of a home after her mother was found wandering around the streets and then she and her nine puppies were surrendered. Wiggles is now nearly 8 months old and loves her owner Evie (our daughter, 11) and her fur sister Kassie (five years old). While it is lovely to have a puppy, two dogs can be double trouble (at 5 in the morning) and there certainly is more hair and other mess to clean up.

  • Tanya Dunsmuir

    Finding out my son who was very behind at school has made a huge transformation and is passing with flying colours

  • This year was a testing year for me on so many levels, :mainly my poor health
    But I have really fought hard and I seem to be winning so go me I have suprised myself 😉

  • Lucy

    2017 did not suck at all!! After a very rough 2016, we actually had a great year. We got married in May, had a fantastic honeymoon to Hobart and even came home with a little extra baggage! Our wedding night miracke baby is due early February, setting up 2018 to not suck as well!!
    With a new baby on the way a new vacuum would come in handy with my nesting and cleaning frenzies!

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    The birth of my little man 😍 after being told we had less than 2% chance of having another baby on our own, here we are now with our sweet little man. The pure love and adoration him and his big sister have for each other just melts my heart ❤💙

  • Kristy Nicholson

    As I paws to reflect and filter out the stress, I simply am proud of myself for consistently exercising (running) throughout the whole year. This has brought an increase in overall good health to me – and this certainly doesn’t suck!

  • Renee Thomas

    As a single Mum it was the kids year at their dads for Christmas Day … but we worked it a compromise so I saw them and they got to see what Santa and reindeers ate, as well as opening their gifts with me just later in the arvo :)) it turned around everything for me , such a simple thing just to share their Christmas magic joy 🙂

  • Elita Hooper

    Seeing my youngest child start school and love it…
    Also seeing his big brother achieve a class award for his hard irk this year,fantastic year.

  • Tara Mcintosh

    Beating cancer just after a family wedding was the highlight of the year.

  • Lisa Abejja

    I finished my Diploma of Youth Work, that definitely did not suck at all!! I sacrificed so much time with my family studying for this for two years because it’ll mean a better future that I can provide for them.

    2018 brings my next study phase and that won’t suck either!

  • Kate Zakythinos

    Phoebe!!!! My daughter entered the world in March and has brought us nothing but joy since!

  • Toni Crawford

    Watching my son recieve the Effort Award second year in a row, many happy tears shed and proud mumma moment.

  • Rebecca

    Early this year my youngest pup (8yrs) was diagnosed with epilepsy. Something I didn’t know dogs could have. This year what didn’t suck was I found great strength and support in myself and my partner, I found my vet care staff are amazing. My family is supporting as they always have been. We were still able to take a fantastic family cruise thanks to my sister taking over my puppy responsibilities. It’s been a pretty great year with a few bumps 😊

  • Angelique AlSaedi

    My year was pretty awesome, got into school to study to be a pastry chef, lost a fair amount of weight which helped me gain more confidence. So overall 2017 was a pretty great year and would totally love a new vacuum cleaner for our new house.

  • Tricia Lyn

    My dad gave his lymphoma a big kick in the butt! 👌#chemo #survived

  • Jo

    The best part of 2017 was welcoming baby number 4 into our family.

  • Jocelyn Terry

    The part that didn’t suck for me was that I’ve finally got myself out of the horrible cycle of getting loans constantly! This had been something I was stuck doing for quite a few years just to have food on the table for my boys and fur babies. No job and a single mum, I feel satisfied!

  • Best part of the year for me was winning tickets to the Dixie Chicks in 2 days time – I was in hospital at the time – was discharged and went to the concert. Upon arrival I was told I was about to MEET them!!! It was incredible and definitely had me crying. It was an unforgettable experience… then they dedicated a song to me and my late dad and I cried some more. loved it!!

  • Ellie Fender

    My 2017 started with the birth of my 2nd baby. I also took the big step of persuing my dream career and started my bachelor, and got awesome grades! 2017 did NOT suck 😊😁

  • Nicole Martin

    I turned 40 in 2017 and my husband and I got a 5 day trip to Tasmania to celebrate without children and it was the most amazing thing about our 2017.

  • Rebecca Costa

    Best bit was getting a new washing machine for my 40th bday from Stepdad, Stepmum and sister after months of going to laundromat after mine of 15 years broke down beyond repair. I cried as not expected and they amazing to do it!

  • Stacey Borg

    Moving apartments to one with air condition sure did not SUCK! In fact it blew…all the cold air my way on a scorching Christmas weekend!

  • Annabelle Snowdon

    Becoming a mummy for the first time to my gorgeous little IVF baby absolutely did not suck in 2017! Winning the Hoover Paws and Claws vacuum also wouldn’t suck! My vacuum recently died and a pet vacuum would be awesome to help with the never ending dog hair from my first baby – my border collie!

  • Nat M

    I got my first job after 10yrs off raising kids and it felt great. It may only be part time and it may be at the kids school but it is a great job and I get to see the kids learning when I’m there and they wave and their mates stopped for a chat as I made the gardens beautiful and they asked about the plants and it just didn’t get any better.

  • Kat Hards

    What did not suck about 2017 was getting access to a pool so we can swim everyday and start to get fit.

  • Claire Smith

    Giving birth to my 3rd boy on valentines day. Was a pleasant and happy surprise 💕💕😊😊

  • Sue Tonga

    Something that didn’t suck – Focusing on what is good in my life – my kids and my amazing job as a zookeeper. Through my job, I was able to visit 5 zoos I have never been to before and also participate in training courses. AMAZING!! My vacuum blew up yesterday so this would be so cool!

  • Donna Battams

    Seeing my bestie after a really rough year and just enjoying walking with her in her beautiful new home state South Australia.

  • Kate Battams

    Giving birth to my first baby in March and all the excitement that came with that!

  • Helen Callagher

    That our foster kids had huge gains at school.

  • Janomie Pentreath

    Finding out that at 44 years of age I’m gonna be a Nanna for the first time 💕I’m so freaking excited!

  • Natalie Muller

    My best bit of 2017 was adopting our dog Archie, he has been that little ray of sunshine our whole family needed after a an extremely stressful twelve months. We call him our therapy dog, he’s provided us with unconditional love, loads of laughs and has us up an out walking and exploring with him, a great stress reliever and positive distraction! I just wish he’d learn to vacuum his own very white and fluffy hair up!

  • Anna M

    December 2016 my life changed and I became a Carer for a family member. He was fine one day and the next he required life saving surgery. The day after that he suffered a cardiac arrest but again was saved by Doctors. When he finally made it out of hospital he required a lot of care. My life was put on hold while I cared for him but in late September he was back on his feet and no longer required me to be his Carer.
    We both have our lives back 🙂

  • Hilary

    My son who was born on Jan 8 doesn’t suck. Well, technically he does when he’s feeding and sometimes when he’s not sleeping at night that sucks a bit too, but overall he doesn’t suck 😉

  • mustangmum

    Having my mum around for a little bit longer especially for Christmas after a terrible diagnosis, so Cancer has not got her yet is the best bit of 2017.

  • Andieharrie

    I celebrated my 50th birthday I am so grateful to be here
    for others close to us not such a good year
    But we went to Europe and celebrated with Andre Rieu
    It was a fabulous non sucky thing to do

  • austhome

    It was receiving a photo album book of my daughter, her husband and our two granddaughters for Christmas, it is lovely

  • Heidi Hunter

    Returning to uni after 8 years to start my Masters… and discovering that I don’t suck and I can actually get good grades! 🙂

  • Heli Wright

    Marrying the love of my life when I thought I’d missed the boat!

  • 8ball81

    Time spent with friends having found my ‘tribe’. <3

  • Karen Coggan

    I managed to keep a job for more than 12 months and I get to work from home. Loving the work life balance. Yes it does exist.

  • Lisa N Littlies

    The best bits about my year was watching my daughter get a gold academic award for the second year in a row and reading my kids school reports seeing how well they both did. Also helping a friend of mine out this Christmas by organising a hamper for her from a few different donators. The smile on her face was huge

  • Ebonee Harris

    I got to travel to Canada to visit my brother, my best friend had her first baby, and I got my own fur-baby to keep me company. 3 special memories to cherish for 2017.

  • Sonia Langlais

    I adopted a kitten… My old cat probably think it sucks, but she’s just adorable😈! Could sure use that vacuum cleaner now (and I’ll be glad it does suck😹)…

  • Sonia Ziola

    Finally getting married to the love of my life <3

  • Rhia Sims-Brown

    Buying a unit and moving out of home!

  • Peta

    My human and fur family had a happy, healthy year. You really can’t ask for more than that. <3

  • imnotcharming

    Got all our credit cards paid off, cut up and a balance building in the savings account finally! And we’re rounding out the year with some good career news as well for my partner. Looking forward to 2018!

  • Hilda Sutcliffe

    Meeting a great new group of friends after overcoming social anxiety.

  • Megsbee

    New job. Lifestyle change to go with it. Hubby staying at home and me back in the workforce full time!

  • Merryn EL

    Christening my son and celebrating his 1st birthday with all the family around.

  • Kat Smitheram

    First finding out I was having my second child then bringing the baby boy safely into this world, surrounded by some of the best people I have ever met.

  • Angela Day

    I ate so much good food!

  • Sally Hanzikourti

    We finally completed our home’s interior renovations and we “moved into” our house properly. No more living out of boxes, no more paying hefty storage fees and a massive de-clutter and donating lots of goods REALLY a wonderful thing! 😍

  • Kylie

    Watching my daughter blossom from a shy nervous primary school leaver to a strong confident well rounded teen by the end on year seven.

  • Sandi White

    Getting some creativity back in my life. I have three sons the youngest of whom is 5years old and I have put my life on the backburner (perhaps unwisely, but it’s the way I managed or thought I was managing!) for them. This year I negotiated some deals with my fabulous husband so I could carve some artistic time out for me and started painting. I’m not very good but it makes me happier and calmer and all those good things. Sounds so cliche but it has really helped me feel more like me again.

  • Kristie Ogden

    The graduation of my elder son (with autism) from year 9 at the learning centre he attended after not coping with mainstream school!! He improved 500% in less than 6 months with their amazing help and his worst subject Literacy became his best despite them not having his language scores from his old school! He is so severe language wise that its a true miracle and testament to how good the learning centre are that he achieved so much. Couldnt be a prouder Mumma. Second place goes to the learning centre for asking him to come back next year and do year 10

  • Naomi

    The birth of my gorgeous daughter Valerie number 4 for me (6 all up blended family) and the birth if my grandaughter Olivia 18days later 😍

  • Louise M

    I learned how to swim, I don’t suck at beach holidays anymore!

    • Kylie Embury

      That’s brilliant! Nicely done 🙂

  • Laura

    After 10 years of scrimping and saving my husband and I have finally purchased a block of land ready to build our first, and forever, home! The build should start next year, but just so happy to have taken that first step in 2017!

  • Emma

    It’s only really dawned on me recently, but I THINK I might be able to come off my anti-anxiety medication! A few years back, I went through a situation at my workplace that resulted in my having panic attacks nearly every day – sometimes more than ONCE a day – and ultimately led to my having to leave my dream job as a librarian. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

    I was unemployed for a year, then got work in the public service and then finally, nearly 3 years after I left my job – I finally gained employment in that role again. It took me a long time to recover from everything, but now I have returned to doing what I love, my life feels like MINE again.

    Relevant to this giveaway – I swear when things were really bad, my cat Sheba and my dog Asher absolutely kept me going. I live in a different city to my family, but close enough to visit often – and in between, my furbabies were my saviours. All the fur and fluff is absolutely worth it – but we’re not going to say no to an efficient means for dealing with it. 😉

  • BJ Lee

    What did not suck was my vacuum cleaner which broke down

  • Lee-Anne Moore

    My sister’s IVF working!! New nephew arriving in March 2018, to be followed 6ish weeks later by my own new baby boy. Yay for cousins, and for science!!

  • Karina Lee

    My air conditioning. I love it to bits. No more sweating around the house, and hibernating in shopping centres on hot days.

  • Racheal M

    I finally finished my degree 😀 YAY!

  • Michelle

    After 2016 started with a cancer diagnosis & then treatment all year, I am more than grateful that 2017 hasn’t required me to have any surgery or chemo. Chin up & soldier on is my new motto !

  • sassyandfortysomething

    i got a job after one year unemployed..after leaving my previous job due to sucky unethical work colleagues…it’s only a three month contract but hey! i got a job and an opportunity..that doesn’t suck one damn bit!

  • Sam Anne

    The part of 2017 that sucked the least for me was being given more responsibility in my position as an educator and watching children in my care thrive. Add to this my three teenage girls making it through another school year and helping to raise our 1 year old grandson, and all in all it was a pretty good one.

  • Lesley

    I became poorly this year and was unexpectedly hospitalised. But the silver lining to this is the love and attention and comfort I have found and received from family and friends. And that it’s the small things in life that mean the most. I count my blessings every day. <3

  • Kate Nally

    Having our little girl start primary school definitely did NOT suck. Watching her learn & grow has been a blessing

  • Ginny Bow

    Finally having the strength to leave my unhappy marriage and welcoming my second grandchild Sadie into our world were the most positive things of 2017 but the rest was very ducky, bring on 2018

  • Vanessa Bancilhon

    Finding the Happiness Co and completing the 21 Day Happiness Challenge 👌🏻

  • Michelle

    What didn’t suck in 2017 was the awesome steam cleaner I purchased from Godfreys early in the year, works well and was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

  • Jess

    I managed my team for most of 2017, never thought I’d be here in my career already! Grateful for the opportunity 🙂

  • Melissa

    I have had a very challenging year this year but I am very grateful for my health and the lessons I have learnt. Finding the silver lining can be tricky but is the key to happiness I believe!

  • Rosie Pryer

    I got my husband back. He started with Qld Police in March and due to distance/family distractions he moved M-F to campus and was only home on weekends. After 6 months he graduated and was home again. It’s been a super hard year for us, emotionally and financially, but we’re getting there. We’ve got a long way to go but so happy to be through the year and proud to say I am married to a copper

  • Kathryn Cole

    I won tickets to see Adele on a radio station- by accident they sent me out VIP ones; we could almost touch her! My 2017 was far from sucky!

  • Helping a middle-aged man with Down Syndrome who had fallen in the street and hurt his back, and sitting with him and comforting him until an ambulance arrived.
    He was so sweet and so grateful…
    He was later cleared of any serious injury, thankfully.

  • Kristen Leary

    Adopting our 3rd fur baby and saying yes to the man of my dreams! So many non-sucky things to be grateful for this year!

  • Kylie Embury

    2017 had some sucky moments, but these moments made up for them – I found out that I am going to have not one but TWO new gandbabies! Mum to 18, 17 and 6 year olds, and also step-Mum to 3 lovely girls in their 20’s and 30’s – two who are pregnant, we will have two new additions next year! Baby news is the best kind of news and fills this Nanna’s heart with joy!

  • Nicole Trela

    2017 sucked for the most part for many reasons, but the lows allowed me to put myself first for a change, find something I love and push through the pain to find strength – I am strong – both physically and mentally.

  • Harri

    2017 has been a healthy and happy year for myself. My mental health has stabilised, my overall health has improved amazingly and this has all lead to be able to achieve amazing things this year. Moving town being my own person…. i hope 2018 is as amazong as this year

  • Katy

    Learning to be kinder and gentler on myself this year didn’t suck! Had so many benefits to friends, family and myself. Better health, less criticism meant a more positive outlook and happier family

  • Lala Lauren

    Finding the love of my life and planning our future together, knowing that I have someone for the rest of my life

  • Megz Marshall

    After having a mental breakdown 2 years ago and then undergoing a very personally challenging and confronting journey, I finally came home to my beautiful, patient, loving family and I have never been so grateful nor have I enjoyed vacuuming and housekeeping so much! Looking forward to 2018!

  • Emma

    Walking down the aisle with my 14 month old nephew at his parents wedding was the highlight of my year! Oh and finally setting a date for my own wedding!!

  • Mel Hooper

    Watching my middle son who always struggled academically throughout primary school discover a passion for science in grade 6 and on graduation evening won the science award..couldnt be prouder.

  • Russell McLeod

    90% of 2017 didn’t suck. It was a pretty good year all up.

  • Annette Nettie Thorpe

    Going on a cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! It was our first real holiday together since our honeymoon (And our honeymoon SUCKED!) and it was the best holiday ever 😊

  • Laura Telling

    Becoming a Mum was the best thing in 2017 and being constantly amazed at the human body and what it does!

  • BrackersInc

    Having my wonderful husband by my side throughout the year 😀

  • Kirsten Hayward

    We moved into our first home. So excited that after saving our butts off to have finally achieved this!

  • Kerry

    I graduated from Tafe with my Diploma in Community Services. Being a single mum of 5 beautiful kids some with special needs. To be able to say I did it is a huge moment for me and my children we all worked hard as I went to school full time. So thank you kids for allowing mummy to take that time to educate myself. I hope 2018 will see me working in the field d and working towards finacial security for us all. Xxx

  • Sonya Cerny

    Moving into my first home with my partner was the best part of 2017!

  • christie

    2017 was a tough but happy year became a single mum to 4 kids due to family violence but after all the fighting to ensure my kids are safe and happy things worked out well and I was lucky enough to have so much love and support from family. Financially it was very challenging but am slowly getting there.

  • Natalie

    Verb: To Suck. Antonyms: 1) To experience, elated wonder, joy & love. 2) To push out. On both counts, the birth of my daughter wins for most non-sucky bit of 2017. 😀

  • Maria

    I started going to the gym and I’m still going strong. I’ve lost a few kilos and toned up and feel good about myslef.

  • Cindy

    We moved into our own home in January and have been slowly renovating as cash comes available. sooo happy with the way things are coming along in our forever home. Hoping 2018 is as good as 2017 was to our little family.

  • Lolo W

    In 2017, I became much better with keeping my focus on what truly matters… wasting less energy and time worrying about things out of my control, what others might think or do or what I don’t have… and instead, spending more of it appreciating and valuing the love I am surrounded with, the pleasure of the company of my husband, family and friends, the good health we’ve been blessed with, our simple yet happy home and the hope my children fill me with.

    Thinking about the question you posed has left me quite overwhelmed with how much of my life (and the year just passed) does not in fact suck! Finding the right perspective is a marvellous thing and I feel that seeing this more clearly has been the best thing about 2017 for me… an attitude I’d like to stick my ‘paws and claws’ even more deeply into in 2018… so perhaps even when ‘Hoovering’ up the latest mess my kids or pets have left, I could be doing it with gratitude for having the ideal vacuum in my hands thanks to Godfreys and Fat Mum Slim!

  • Sarahmary92

    Getting engaged! We had a massive car accident but it honestly turned out to be one of the best things to happen as it really put life in perspective.

  • Sarah Porter

    Finally buying a house after renting almost my whole life xx

  • Anna

    Having my baby girl after hubby’s chemotherapy really didn’t suck! Even though hubby’s diagnosis, surgery and treatment sucked as hard the Hoover, our end result was just perfect.

  • Tracy Williams

    Our memorable trip to the US, we toured LA, San Diego, Route 66, Palm Springs, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park and San Fransico…… not one sucky day had!

  • Loz

    Getting on top of my healthy eating and exercise… after netball season I traditionally let it all go.. this year I have maintained and even improved myself in the off season.. no more sucking at being healthy!

  • Helga Grenkowitz

    The best thing about 2017 was to learn that my husband’s cancer had not returned or spread. So there is hope for a happy and long future together.

  • austhome

    Soaking up the sun in a spa on Christmas Eve at my sister’s house, it was nice and quiet and we had wine.

  • Kristina

    My kids. Every year they just keep getting better and better. Lifetime warranty of joy. They are my bad day filter and bring me back to earth.

  • Jason Kiss

    Completing my degree, proposing to my queen, then eloping in an Italian castle & honeymooning around the alps. 2017 was kind to us!

  • Linda C

    Moving house and finishing renovations.

  • Amanda K

    2-new pets, 0-plant pots falling on head, 1-family trip away, 7-days a week still alive!! Hooray for life!
    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win, hope I “suck-ceed”!!

  • Alan Parratt

    2017 is a year where the digits add to 10, Is that not the best part of the year? For us getting rid of Mother was the best part of the year. Somehow my brother agreed to take on Mother. Bless his sole. Mother is aged 96 with dementia and was getting a handful to look after. Me, not being power of attorney over her made it twice as bad. So we tricked her into getting on a plane and off she flew to NSW with my brother. I gather she is now in a nursing home and we can all get our lives back.

  • Dorothy Kezich

    Welcoming a new life into our family, with the addition of my beautiful grand daughter (Mila) arriving on her expected day..

  • spog777

    Basically 2017 sucked but the one major highlight was the birth of little Cooper all 520 grams of him <3

  • Joanna Hayward

    2017 had many many not great things for ya, but it did not suck because our beautiful son was born. That pretty much outweighs the rest of the year!

  • Katie Beck

    Finally after 8 years, this is my first of not being pregnant or breastfeeding! Actually been able to end a cold bevvie on a summers day is kinda awesome

  • MelDriftee

    In 2017 I adopted the most beautiful, gentle and soulfull ragdoll x siamese cat from a rescue shelter. She has been the perfect addition to my household, even helping southe the hyperactivity of my 8 year old mini me.
    So much love for our cat Cinnamon <3

  • Jessica

    I got a new job that paid me a LOT more than my old job! That was in June. Unfortunately, my flatmate (and her vaccuum) moved out late last year, which means I’m vacuumless. So this would be amazing to win 🙂 Thanks guys for the competition!

  • Kali Tsikouris

    Oh lots did suck, but having a great kiddo, family and friends made it all okay in the end. They were what didn’t suck in 2017, and into this year too! #grateful

  • Kylie Knott

    I learnt a lot of valuable lessons

  • Erin Jean Ellis

    2017 was the year we got our beautiful puppy named Astro. Our hope it to train him as my husbands Assistance Dog to help him mitigate his Major Depressive Disorder and Generalised Anxiety.
    While he has only been with us 4.5months he has already made a huge impact and is doing a fantastic job, so we only hope 2018 can be as successful.

  • Camilla Smith

    I took steps to a healthier lifestyle and I’m much happier for it, I couldn’t ignore my declining health any longer.

  • Cecilia Bromhead Bloise

    The dried banana under the sofa that was carefully mummified during Winter and Sprint 2017 and sadly found by my Dyson, who unfortunately perished by ingesting the lump of hardened fruit. I blame my kids. And I need a new vacuum cleaner. Please.
    Oh, the best bit? The best bit was to find I can make dried fruit under the sofa…

  • Jess Doyle

    2017 was a good year, the husband and I settled into married life.

    Also, 2017 brought lots of laughter, smiles and fun times.

  • Jayde Leeder

    Oh far out 2017 was a
    Bit crap so it’s hard to pin point the good stuff. Mintys infection, my separation and my mum being diagnosed with Cancer 2 days before Xmas was heavy heavy life stuff. So we have just tried to laugh as much as possible and be there for each other. The best thing is probably that we made it through..we totally survived and the night before Xmas my new niece was born and she is gorgeous and that helped us so much the last couple weeks. Othong like a newborn to make you forget all the crap that sucked so hard.

  • Aimee

    Getting the all clear after being misdiagnosed with breast cancer definitely did NOT suck!

  • Cat Bald

    Meeting (or remeeting) my partner in March of 2017 definitely did not suck. Despite having met at least twice before at different stages of our lives over the last 20 years, one time when we were both teenagers, another ten years ago when he was married and I was engaged and in spite of the fact that we matched and chatted on a dating site 12 months earlier, we finally got our stuff together and had our first date in March 2017. Nearly a year on (or about 20 years from our first meeting), life has got better in ways I never thought possible since meeting him; he challenges me, supports me and even gives up time on his weekend to help me clean and vacuum my home (he doesn’t live here). Definitely one of the least sucky parts of 2017.

  • Kim Cochrane

    We bought a new beautiful, big house! We can’t wait till move in only 17 days left 😀 I need to win this new Hoover Paws & Claws vaccume cleaner to keep my beautiful house clean. 👏👏👏👏👏💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡

  • Sharon Markwell

    My vacuum cleaner did not suck in 2017. It carked it completely so a Hoover Paws & Claws vacuum would be the ants pants. The best part of 2017 is that we’re still here in 2018 with smiles on our dials.

  • Julie Marshall

    In general it was a pretty sucky year, but what wasn’t is how our family pulled together to deal with the curve balls thrown at us and we are a much stronger and even closer unit now as a result. We also welcomed another fur baby into our household making us a two puppy family and doubling our love.

  • Tabatha Voss

    December 31st,just before midnight. Because it meant the worst year of my life was about to be over.Sucked right up until that point in every way you could name

  • Jessica Hutchinson

    2017 was a great year for me. I finally finished my course in Aged Care and got into my Diploma of Nursing for next year with guaranteed entry into Uni to do my Bachelor of Nursing, all while being a single mother on my own. I am excited for the future!

  • Bella

    I wish I had a vacuum powerful enough to suck away my problems in 2017. What didn’t suck was that I welcomed my new baby boy into the world, as well as adopt my new fur baby, who have both brought new life into my family. We are happier, healthier and love to spend time with each other!

  • Hayley Shaw

    In 2017 what didn’t suck for me was getting back to work in the industry i love Community services!!

  • Kim Lennon

    A trip to NZ to see the family did NOT suck. I also got to meet my new (old) brother. My Mum had him at 16 and was forced to give him up for adoption. Plot twist – I actually dated him when I was 14 years old – none of us knowing of course that we were brother an sister!

  • Lesleigh

    A brand new grandson born in September made this year kinda special

  • Tony Iomazzo

    I experienced unadulterated joy when I was in Sri Lanka last year…I love Turtles and when a group of friends were exploring a deserted part of the East Coast we stumble upon a large Leatherback Turtle that had been caught up in some drift wood and fishing line on the beach…It was very weak and emaciated, and we managed to get help from a nearby village and get it to a Turtle Rescue facility…What a juxtaposition of circumstances that enabled us to save this noble creature…The Univesre in action… an amazing highlight of 2017 for sure….

  • Tamara Lamb

    My son getting an amazing teacher and helped him immensely with his spectrum diagnosis and social skills building. A teacher who went above and beyond.

  • Belinda M

    Giving up full time work to become a stay at home mum

  • Jessica Maloney

    At age 31 I got cataracts in Feb 2017, so the best part was September 2017 when they were removed, and I could see clearly again! (Though I no longer had the “I can’t mop the floor, I can’t see!” excuse to not do the housework!)

  • Aleisha Lowe

    Welcoming our second son Henry into the world . He was born with a condition called Microtia Artesia basically a little ear and deaf on that side but following a handful of tests he is otherwise a perfectly healthy little man . I feel blessed to have him in my life

  • Karrie Blanch

    Best bit of 2017 was going away to the in laws for a week at Christmas, and watching the relationship between my children & their cousins flourish- truly beautiful!

  • Karen L

    To be honest what didn’t suck was my 3 year old Kmart vacuum cleaner. 😂 It didn’t suck up the cat hair, the dog hair or the kids messes. I mean god bless you Kmart for your prices but god help me I would looove a decent vacuum cleaner, and so would my floor. 😊

  • Megan H.

    2017 was a longgggg and testing year. But what didn’t suck was that no matter how crappy it got I had my two boys to come home to who put a smile on my face – my little boy, nearly 2, and my hubby 😊

  • Roberto Colombi

    Giving up alcohol for a year – while that may sound sucky the fact that physically, emotionally, Financially I found myself in such a better place it was worth the initial strain but the ultimate enjoyment came very quickly

  • Emma Louise Lunn

    For me it was getting a dog for the first time ever – he’s brought so much joy and light and companionship I’m kicking myself for never doing it sooner

  • Lauren Anastasiou

    My son travelled to Brisbane to meet Stan Lee (the creator of Spider Man and the Avengers) at Supanova. He didn’t want to go alone so I volunteered to accompany him, and had a wonderful few days exploring the city – and best of all… no housework!

  • Finishing the first (and second) draft of my first book, go me!

  • Sarah Shirley

    I was able to give my daughter’s best friend a place to live for 4 months while she got back on her feet.

  • Scot Barker

    2017 was the year i spent more time with people that matter, and a good friend go the all clear on the big C

  • Lauren

    My sons first steps!

  • michelle barrington

    The best part of the year that did not suck was watching my SIL marry her fiancee. She is 27 and has battled cancer. Her boyfriend proposed to her when she was having chemo and to see her survive against all odds, regrow her hair and have the best wedding off all time was amazing. So much love on the day just thinking about it still gives me tingles.

  • Karen T

    We moved into a new house, something we had wanted to do for some time. A bigger home on more land in the hills and lots of trees. Hubby is a lot happier now.

  • VandaB

    Earth didn’t collide with Planet X and humanity lives on!

  • Bec

    2017…well it was MUCH better than 2016. My hubby has a Traumatic Brain injury that happened at work October 2016…he wasn’t expected to survive-his neurosurgeon calls him his miracle patient as out of 100 people with the same injury-99 of them have their life support turned off. So yeah..he’s a miracle. But 2017 saw him relearn things we all take for granted like walking, talking, dressing himself, regaining some independence! He’s the proud owner of a bus pass! And he’s stoked to tell everyone that as it means he can go and catch a bus by himself to his mum and dads-which was a skill he had to learn to do-and for someone who has lots of memory issues it was a HUGE deal! Also gave me a break of a few hours where i could be alone. I know that sounds so selfish to want a few hours alone but i craved it. I went from him working full time to being home fulltime and being his carer-plus a mum to 4 boys!
    Ok so that’s our 2017 but can i also say that hubs would love this prize as we have a Husky and a Malamute and hubs one job is to vac the lounge room-and this he does with such care and pride-he can be going for over 20minutes vacuuming as he’s so particular making sure he gets all the dog hair…he vacs the floor, the lounge and he’s been caugh vacuuming the tv unit….:D

  • Ruth Potter

    Our cat Eddie joined the family… He leaves fur everywhere and destroys furniture but makes us smile with his oddities and looks great wrapped in Christmas paper

  • runlate

    Catching my biggest fish was awesome in 207

  • Melissa Kagie

    H-aving all
    O-our family together
    O-ver the holidays.
    V-olumes of laughter and fun,
    E-ach moment cherished forever,
    R-eflecting happy days.

  • Pauline

    Taking my Dad & my son to Thailand to see where my Great Grandfather was kept as a POW is a memory I will treasure forever & the highlight of my year. So glad we got to pay our respects together

  • Karolina Hartinger

    My first trip back to Germany after 16 years, visiting family and friends was awesome.

  • Annette Prout

    Every day was a good day, things happen to make you remember what you do want and what you don’t want, it is called contrast. Remember you get what you think about wanted and unwanted so just remember all the good things in your life.

  • Amanda

    I took term of circus classes and learnt trapeze, hoop and tissu was so much fun to learn something new

  • Judith

    What didn’t suck was the awesome holiday I had!

  • What didn’t suck in 2017? Our vacuum actually. But to be honest what really didn’t suck about 2017 was welcoming our baby boy into the world and watching him grow along with buying our first home just before he arrived. 2017 was a good year!

  • sam

    I managed to run 20km which was a huge personal milestone.

  • Ashley Beech

    Spending my 30th with close friends that were down on holiday at the time!

  • Kate Slack

    Starting to build our first home, we are nearly there cannot wait to say goodbye to renting!!! 🙂

  • Faye Hannam

    Hubby retired! Look out world we are coming… Feel very lucky to have my dearly beloved home everyday!

  • Tess Howard

    Visiting family overseas definitely did NOT suck! So hard living across the world from the ones I love the most, and those trips are all about making treasured memories (and lots of laughter)

  • Dianne Lovelock

    Seeing whales for the first time at Byron Bay.

  • Kristy W

    My husband and I returned from our honeymoon, began our married lives together in a new home and have lived a very “normal” life all year, it has been wonderful just having our health and each other.

    The “best bit” is lying in bed each night, both reliving the wonderful memories of our honeymoon travels until we fall asleep.

  • Tracey Taylor

    Sucking is the act of drawing in, not sucking is the act of holding or blowing out…bit like a fart really… the question is “What fart did you do in 2017”
    I assume all women would say none as women don’t fart but men could describe sound, colour,texture etc. 2017 was a no fart year and I loved it.

  • Alecia Owens

    Successfully making it through my first year of Uni!

  • Kristin Doyle

    Paddling in our canoes! Getting out into the world, no excuses.

  • Karen Edwards

    Baby number 4 arrived in 2017 happy and healthy he completes our little family

  • Kerrie Moss

    Welcoming a wee new addition to the family, our kitten, Milo!

  • Elizabeth

    What sucked about 2017? Blowing out my home spending budget… oops! What didn’t suck? Acquiring lots of new, fabulous things for my home!

  • Lyllie Cowling

    The best part of 2017 was being able to live with my husband again after doing long distance for 2 years while he was studying at uni.

  • Lynne Lillington

    I got to see my 9th grandchild and spend a month with her. I had my first great blood tests for 35 years after healing my liver and eating gluten free for a year. Both things to celebrate .

  • Michelle

    I lived to see the end of it.

  • Kay Gerritsen- Blaney

    I’m still alive! Thats a bonus after having a brain tumour removed.

  • Bec L

    I decided to start my ‘New Years Resolution’ on 22nd December – I realised that no time is as good as the present so I started and now I’m nearly 8kg down and feeling alive again.

  • Tmeeka Henricks

    New friendships and deepening of old ones, keeping my circle around me and widening it was amazing.

  • Andieharrie

    I had an awesome trip to Europe and got to see an Andre Rieu concert in Maastricht which was divine
    We explored, enjoying good food and wine

  • Frances Edward

    My hot air balloon ride l shouted myself on my 50th birthday.

  • Belinda Bee

    My 32nd anniversary! hubby surprised me with a ragdoll kitten, the cutest furbaby ever..and to think I thought he was a bit of a dork 32 years ago lol 🙂 she does shed lots of hair though so when I saw this prize, I thought, I need me one of those!

  • Cas

    What didn’t suck (literally) was my very expensive heavy pain in the butt Dyson vacuum. Which now sits outside with the last thing I vacuumed – 2 very large dead spiders. I can now no longer use said vacuum.

  • Eva Kiraly

    I started singing professionally, doing gigs, something I dreamed about often, I loved 2017.

  • Kerry Vincenti

    That my son pass his third year at University and that this year he gets to study in Japan. A dream of his. I am so happy for him.

  • Kate C

    The fact that I totally survived it with 8 young kids at home. In all honesty I killed 2017!!!

  • Cate Obo

    JanuHAIRY 2017 didn’t SUCK,

    Godfreys had a “Red Hot Sale”
    and I was in LUCK!
    It was my son’s first birthday and
    our dog had five PUPS!
    I became “Fat Mum Slim” after
    HOOVERing too MUCH!

    • Stam

      Love it! Sooo clever..

  • oldfellow

    The wife getting out of the Wesley Hospital with a long battle with Cancer

  • Vija Leitis

    Having a lightbulb moment that will motivate me this year

  • Jenny

    Finding my place in the world. I joined a group of like-minded people, and the instant I walked in the room, I knew that I had found something special.

  • elvis Lapic

    Life went on as the earth continued to orbit around the sun while talking nuclear buttons with North Korea 🙂

  • Sharon Johnson

    Making it through every year is a blessing when working with special needs children. Holidays were the upside at Paradiso at my fav place. Connecting with family now that they’ve moved closer made my year of 2017.

  • Mark

    Getting a new kelpie puppy after losing our 17 year old keplie!

  • Mel

    Having our daughter who has multiple sever (anaphylactic) food allergies, successfully complete 4yo Kinder without a serious reaction!!

  • Kathy Bowdlert

    The best non sucky bit of 2017 was taking my dear hubby away to the Sunshine Coast for a week. I’d won a glamping trip away, first time for us both glamping. It came at a perfect time as we’d had bad news after bad news and very much needed the break away, to relax and regroup.

  • Robert M.

    I faced a LIFE long fear of public speaking and spoke for 10 mins straight without hitting the deck! I was shakky at first but when the nerves calmed down I was ok.

  • fmckenzie

    My much loved pupdog made it to 2018, after a grim mid-2017 prognosis, and most importantly he is now enjoying life and wagging his tail!

  • Mara

    Realizing I was in love and that he loved me too.

  • Skye Danaher

    I didn’t get in a car accident 😉

  • Ben Wu

    Getting married, going on our honeymoon (minus the family disaster mid-way), moving in together, getting a new job and celebrating our first Christmas / New Years physically together. It was a big year!

  • mavrick5

    Having the opportunity to spend another year married to my wonderful husband didn’t suck. I hope we live and love forever.

  • Lisa

    Getting the opportunity to volunteer at my local gym in return for free membership. This has helped me keep my fitness and continue doing something i love (and would have not been able to afford). In turn this makes me a fitter and happier mother to my young kids. So blessed.

  • Lucille campeanu

    The best time for me was in July. My daughter and I travelled to Glastonbury and forged a sword with hammers and lots of fire. You spend your life as a mother, telling them to brush their teeth, pick up after themselves, be good people. You could tear your hair out daily, thinking that they will never become adults and look after themselves. But suddenly she was grown up, working independently on an anvil, making a sword. Paying for her own trip. Looking after me as much as I looked after her. It was the proudest moment of my life . She is 22.

  • Belinda Fletcher

    For the first time in my weight loss attempts I managed to lose 12 kilos! Every time I’ve embarked on losing weight, I’ve got to about 8 down then sabotaged it somehow. Getting over that mark was such a lift. Onward and upwards this year (or downwards, as the case may be!)

  • Malena

    Was definitely making the resolution in early 2017 to spend more quality time with my family. I stuck with it and loved every minute. #nosuckingway

  • daniela barbaro

    I finally got my dream job and made 2 amazing friends along the way

  • Leanne White

    Having paid off our mortgage, now that’s what I call adulting!

  • iamcesar

    my grandma beat cancer 🙂 that was grand!!!

  • Nate2042

    I found $10 in a jacket I hadn’t worn in a long time.

  • Laura Scriven

    I got married and so did my brother! Two family weddings in one year is pretty fab.

  • Samantha W

    Finally standing up to my fears and excuses, which meant I could both start the business I’d dreamed about for years and enrol in my masters.