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Be inspired: 21 fab bloggers share where they blog

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21 inspiring blogging spaces

Last weekend I wrote a post about blogging spots, asking people to take to Instagram and share where they blog. I loved seeing where the magic happens. It was kinda like walking through the neighbourhood at night and seeing what everyone’s house is like inside as you stroll past. Oh, I’m the only one who does that? Awkward.

Some spaces were minimalist, and some were more out there and some were just messy {ok, that’s just me}. I’ve put together 21 of the spaces into a gallery for you to click through and be inspired. You can click through to visit the blogs via the link under each photo. If you’re a blogger you can also head to Instagram and add your own photo, just add the hashtag #whereiblog in the caption.

Blog spot: @the_annoyed_thyroid

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Visit: The Annoyed Thyroid
Follow: @the_annoyed_thyroid

What do you think makes a beautiful blog spot? I think lots of colour, natural light and an inspirational quote {or seven!}. You?