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Be inspired: 21 fab bloggers share where they blog

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21 inspiring blogging spaces

Last weekend I wrote a post about blogging spots, asking people to take to Instagram and share where they blog. I loved seeing where the magic happens. It was kinda like walking through the neighbourhood at night and seeing what everyone’s house is like inside as you stroll past. Oh, I’m the only one who does that? Awkward.

Some spaces were minimalist, and some were more out there and some were just messy {ok, that’s just me}. I’ve put together 21 of the spaces into a gallery for you to click through and be inspired. You can click through to visit the blogs via the link under each photo. If you’re a blogger you can also head to Instagram and add your own photo, just add the hashtag #whereiblog in the caption.

Blog spot: @taniamccartney

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Visit: Tania McCartney
Follow: @taniamccartney

What do you think makes a beautiful blog spot? I think lots of colour, natural light and an inspirational quote {or seven!}. You?


  • carly kalisz

    I’m so excited to be 4th thanks chantelle! Big thrill for a blogging newbie xx

  • Kympiez @ adayinthelifeofus

    No. You’re not the only one who does that! I love a good peek!

  • Grit & Glamour™

    Eek! Thanks so much for including me!

  • beachbumchix

    Wow Chantelle … thank you so much for including me! My “space” is a work in progress. I’m a mom of a daughter about the age of your’s and I just recently (very recently) woke up and realized I should have a room of my own … a nest within our nest. Thank goodness, we never eat in our dining room 🙂 Love seeing where everyone creates.

  • I knew I shouldve done my photo in colour not black and white but it cam out crap at night. I would love to have a proper space other than the lounge but with a newborn thats not going to happen for a while.

  • Thrilled to be part of this – and very inspired by the other bloggers you have featured. Doing a huge make over of my desk when I return from my travels. Thanks once again for sharing my blogging spot – made my day. And thanks for being the spark of so much inspiration as always.

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys

    Chantelle, thank you! You’ve warmed my heart today. <3

  • Sonia

    Congratulations to all bloggers!!! Thanks Chantelle for introducing new people. Have to visit their site 🙂

  • Michelle Lea Designs

    Oh Lordy Mercy!! I’ve died and gone to heaven. You are so sweet to add my photo to the list of amazing and talented bloggers! I LOVE your blog and you are stinkin amazing!!! Thank you

  • Thanks so much for including my space, Chantelle! I suffer from motivational quote obsession. It’s a thing!

  • Andrea Madden

    Love the shots (but did you pick a large number of Apple users on purpose?)

  • Kelley

    No, you aren’t the only nighttime peeker! At our summer place in Michigan (US), it is my one of my favorite things to do!

  • Chantelle, thanks so much for including my spot, I’m totally stoked to be part of such a talented bunch of bloggers and some stunning spaces. I reckon I am a professional night time peeker, I love it when people leave their lights on and the curtains open, I guess that’s why I’ve enjoyed checking out the #whereiblog hashtag so much!

  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for including my pic/spot. Such a great concept & a lot of fun to be a part of x

  • Francine

    Thanks Chantelle, for including my blog spot! This is such an inspiring collection of spaces!

  • MumOfFiveGirls

    love them all……feeling that I need a little corner in this house that reflects me…I’ll have to work on that !!

  • Kylie Pickett

    What a great idea….Im a new blogger, and really need to get my head around instagram and jump on board. So good though to have lots of new blogs to explore- well done to all and especially to Chantelle….!!!!

  • Katie180

    I think a beautiful blog spot ought to reflect the blogger. That’s why mine is compact and loaded to the brim but tidy! I’d ideally like a proper room with a whiteboard for brainstorming, a large pin board for planning, lots of shelves for my reference books and journals, a plush rug for girlie comfort and fresh flowers every few days. Ahhhh…. but my wee corner of the lounge room is a good prototype!

    Thanks for including me in your round up, Xx

  • I totally loved reading this. My biggest requirement is no distractions. I want a beautiful space to do my writing after seeing all these photos!

  • Boston Baby Mama

    I am honored to have been chosen!! Chantelle I am a huge fan, and your photo-a-day challenge has inspired my creativity once again. Thanks so much! -Jess @bostonbabymama

  • Maybe I’m different but I don’t have a particular spot. I can blog anywhere. Sometimes I go to the park, sometimes I sit on my balcony, sometimes I sit in bed or on my couch. I even blog at work. I can literally blog everywhere. Is that weird?

  • honourablekeithy

    I’m definitely inpired to change where I blog. I currently have a blah study room that I share with the boyf. Might be time to take a trip to IKEA. Love this post!!

  • Tania McCartney

    Me, too – lots of colour, natural light and inspirational quotes (or ten)! Also flowers. And coffee. And photos. Thank you for featuring my space, gorgeous girl. xx

  • PosiePatchworkblog

    Absolutely LOVE Tania McCartney, her studio is simply amazing – it’s no wonder she has incredible inspiration in there. She’s my favourite author too. Love Posie

  • Love all the blogging spaces. Mine is so messy, but that’s how I work best 🙂 Thanks for adding me to the list. You are a gem! All the best with the last few weeks of baby making!


  • Hunniebully

    I visited them all and you are right! I am inspired.

  • Donna George

    interesting thought. Outside is my inspiration
    Dona George