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5 ways photo-a-day will change your life for the better

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There’s something about this photo a day thing, isn’t there? I have people asking me all the time, “Do you understand how big this is?” I don’t really. I get dozens of emails every day about it, how it’s changing people’s lives and how much they love it. I get comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and here too, saying thank you and that people love it. There’s something about it that people love, that I love. It’s hard to fathom just how big it is, when it’s not physically right in front of me. I can see the sharing, but to make it real I try and imagine if I’d invited everyone that’s participating over to my house for brunch. That’d be one full house. Then it seems real.

It’s changed my life for the better, over these past 6 months. Here’s how it can change yours too:

1. It makes your stop and smell the roses. Or take photos of them
Photo a day makes you take a moment each day to stop, think and shoot. There were a few days earlier this year that I was doing it tough. Work was really stressful, things were happening with my health, we weren’t sure where we were going to live, it was just general stressful ‘stuff’. To stop each day and take a moment to be explore and take a photo was a real blessing. It’s great to give yourself even just that small amount of time each day to play.

2. It makes you explore your creative side
I’m a creative person, so much that it sometimes drives me a bit batty – I flit from one project to another and my brain never stops being inspired. I’ll try anything creative; painting, drawing but photo a day is simple. It doesn’t cost anything {other than the cost of the camera and your internet connection} and doesn’t make a mess. For some it might be the first time they’ve paid attention to their creative needs since painting in school. It’s a good thing!

3. It makes people come together as a community
I see friendships forming everywhere around photo a day. They’re blossoming on my Facebook page, people are forming their own private groups for sharing and others are connecting on Instagram. Last night I saw that a virtual party was being organised to celebrate the end of #photoadayjune by some lovely bloggers. I’ve made friends too. It’s a great way to connect with other people from all around the glove, around something positive and fun.

4. It makes you see beauty in the everyday
I’ve started to see photo opportunities in things that I use to walk by everyday and not really take any notice of. Things like the perfect brick wall, a garden, signs, shops, etc. It’s made me realise just how beautiful the every day can be. Once you start shooting away, you’ll soon do the same!

5. It makes the world a smaller place

Last night I took a photo of the floor at a local ice cream shop. The comments came in after I shared it on Instagram. A few people lived near it, others had visited previously and one girl even worked there. It’s a small, small world. Earlier this month I flew to North Queensland for a holiday, and on my flight back home I sat next to Pip. It changed my life that moment and I wrote about it here. The next day the pilot from my flight commented on my photo on Facebook to say sorry for the turbulence, that she was flying my plane and that she took a similar photo a day too, from up in the air. Isn’t that crazy? My pilot on that flight plays photo a day? I love those moments.

The photo above is from that trip back with Pip and is my favourite photo of the month. If you played along in June and have a favourite picture, I’d love to see it. Either leave a link to it in the comments below, or share it on my Facebook page’s wall or go back to it in Instagram and tag it with #favephotojune in the comments. Alternatively, blog it, tweet it, pin it or whatever you want to do with it!

Do you play photo-a-day? Does it make your days a little bit better too?