Top 5: The things I’d really like for Mother’s Day {& they’re practically free!}

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1. A glorious sleep-in

Oh, how deliciously perfect would a sleep-in be? And I don’t have to ask Hubby or Lacey for that, they’d happily let me snooze until whatever time I liked. I need to have a word to my body clock to let me sleep past 5am {sometimes 3am}. Does anyone know the direct line to The Body Clock Corporation?

2. A massage

I know this is going to sound weird, but sometimes when I get a massage {from a professional} I think to myself ‘Isn’t this nice to have someone touching me {and that sounds dirty, but get your mind out of the gutter for a moment} that doesn’t want something?’ I don’t mean in a sexual way, I mean that a lot of the touch we get as mums is as a request for something, to soothe someone’s hurt or otherwise… and it’s nice to just have someone get out the knots and tension without having to give them a hug afterwards, or a massage in return. On Mother’s Day I’d love just a 10 minute massage on my shoulders. Please.

3. A little bit of quiet

Living in the country there’s a lot more quiet than living in the City {no, I don’t mind no hearing the man upstairs pee every single morning. Not at all}, and I know my life is about to get a lot noisier throwing a newborn into the mix. I just love lighting a candle, in a clean house, with no noise at all. I get bored after about 5 minutes… but up until then it’s pretty darn blissful.

4. A dinner cooked, including green vegetables

I have a theory that a dinner isn’t complete unless there’s something green on the plate. It just doesn’t feel right if there’s not something like rocket, broccoli, zucchini, beans or another green goodie looking back at me. Hubby is pretty good at cooking dinner, so if he could dish something amazing with something green added to it… I’d be one happy mama.

5. The perfect placement of my cushions

I like me some cushions, and when cleaning the house I’ll place them on the lounges just as I like them. Hubby isn’t a fan of them, not as much as me. So as soon as he sits down, they all get piled up into a jumble on the side. I sigh. To be honest, they’re most definitely for decorative purposes and not for the comfort factor. But they never get put back until I resort them. I’d love for them to be placed perfectly by someone other than me? A little OCD perhaps? You bet.

What about you Mamas? What’s on your wish list?


  1. says

    Oh how I hear you about pregnancy insomnia – what’s with that? My daughter woke up at 11.30pm last night, and I didn’t get back to sleep until around 3.30am…. then she woke up at 5.30am. Not sure how much longer I can survive on bits of 2 and 3 hour broken sleeps!! My wish list would definitely have a beautiful 6 hour solid sleep, a cup of tea made for me, a deliciously soothing candle, a day off washing / vacuuming / dishes / etc and a yummy breakfast :) A x x

    • says

      I’m going to make a donation too. You’re my inspiration Donna. You inspire me to appreciate life, soak up as much life as I can and love my family. Thank you for being such a beautiful gift in my life. x

  2. says

    My list is pretty close to your list. Sleep… more than four hours in a row. Massage…same reasons as you. One day of not having to feed the family, that includes them not asking what is there to eat and what should I cook? Someone other than me to do the night time pick up of all of the toys. One whole day free from stress…this is harder to give/achieve when I am a combination of a stressy person and OCD. If they want to buy me something I would love tea from T2 or some more herbs for the garden

  3. dan says

    My kids seem to believe cushions belongon the floor. They walk up to both couches and push them all off… It drives me NUTS!! Maybe for Mother’s Day I should ask for all cushions to remain on couches for a full day. Ah, what a dream!!

  4. MeggyB says

    Just want to let you know i am a total cushion OCD person and my husband is exactly the same..cushions rule! x

  5. mamagarner says

    This year we will be on our last day of our first family vacation so I dont expect much more than that…. however I absolutely love the first two items on your list. My perfect day would be sleeping in until I wanted to wake up and than sometime later in the day go get a professional 1 hour or longer swedish massage. I am sure anything after that would be bliss .

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