Top 5: Cushions I’m crushing on

Riddle me this: Has the world always been cushion-crazy or is it a new thing?

I’ve never noticed cushions before, probably because I’ve never, ever had a need for them. But now that we’ve moved into a house and I need/want some for my couch and bed, I’m seeing them everywhere. They’re like an enticing lolly shop, I want EVERYTHING. All of them.

I do have my limits though. I can’t fathom spending big on cushions. OK, I don’t really spend big on anything but the cost of cushions add up.

I shared the photo above on Instagram last week and it hit the popular page with people wanting to know where the front cushion was from. Everything except the chevron cushion is from Adairs, and the chevron cushion is from Pillow Talk. They cost around $25 each.

Here are five more I quite fancy.

One: Rachel Castle $49 | Two: Lumiere Art & Co $133 | Three: Hello Milky $32 | Four: What Nikki Made: $45 | Five: The Supercool $50

Which do you like best? Are you a cushion fan? Have you seen one you’d like to share with me {please do!}?


  1. Miss Kitty-Cat says

    I’m a fan of #4. I’m looking for some nice beige and chocolate chevron cushions to round out the collection on my Lounge suite.

    K xx

  2. Emily says

    I love your first picture. I like the idea of cushions, but dislike the hassle of dealing with them when cleaning, or getting into bed.

  3. Maxabella says

    I bought the cute Hello Milky ‘hello’ for my sis or her birthday and my bud for her new bud. Now I want one too! x

  4. says

    Ok, I’m more simple, #1 appeals to me – but then I read $49???? I would find a friend that sewed, buy some material and stuffing and hopefully it would be under $10! Guess I’m too much of a cheapskate!!! My cushions consist of 2 squishy pillows and one neck pillow for travel! I left a few in IL when I moved, but I think I paid $5 each for those!

  5. msbutton says

    I love cushions!! And of course the one that appealed most to me was over $100 for a cushion – no ways can I justify paying that! I have searched and searched the internet for specific cushions but struggled to find what I’m after – love a greyish/neutral cushion with a rabbit (screenprint) on it and another with a deer and another with a fox – LOVE that!

  6. Michelle says

    There is an Australian brand on Instagram called belle&boheme and they have made a few cushions out of what looks like vintage textiles from overseas. AMAZING.. Worth having a look. I’m not sure if they have an on-line store though.

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