This post may cause fits of excitement. Handle with care.

This is a sponsored post for Kwerkee.


I’m crowning myself the official queen of online shopping. If something exists and I need it {and sometimes even if I don’t}, I’ll hunt it down, research it, find the cheapest price, and buy it.

Today I want to introduce you to something a little bit… kwerkee. I honestly hadn’t heard of it before I was sent an email by them, but I’ve recently become a fan of members-only sales websites. They have time-sensitive sales each day that you can grab big bargains from. At kwerkee they release 4-5 events/sales a day that last for about 7 days. What I’ve been doing is signing up to my favourite sites, getting their emails and then grabbing bargains when they come up.

kwerkee is newly available to Australia and New Zealand and boosts savings of around 70% off normal prices. They also come in the super cool packaging that you can see above. You like?


So I’ve crowned myself the Queen of online shopping, but I’m also the official lover of all things unique and quirky {or kwerkee if you please}. kwerkee sent me a box of goodies to play with, and it was like Christmas had come early. Lacey promptly took that phone and {pretend} called her friends from school, “Hang on,” she said, “I can’t hear you. Are you there? Oh yes. So…”

All the products I received are ones that I’ve never seen before: a pencil shaped stylus, a funky drink bottle that you can infuse flavours with, sushi magnets, sushi stapler, desk drink holder, tea infuser, and an iPhone speaker. They’re the kind of presents you can get for the hard to buy people in your life. You know who they are.


{The ‘pencil’ we were sent – it’s actually a stylus to use with our iPad}


{And the other goodies in our goodie box: a fun phone, an aqua zinger drink bottle – so I can infuse my water with fruit and herbs like mint, a drink holder clip, the cutest sushi magnets you ever did see, a sweet tea infuser which incidentally matches my purple tea pot + a iPhone speaker}.

kwerkee also has a referral reward scheme so if you have friends join, you can reap the rewards.

You can check out kwerkee here, or like them on Facebook to keep up-to-date.

I have 5 quirky gifts up for grabs as well, five of these Aqua Zingers for 5 lucky people.

The Aqua Zinger water bottle works by subtly infusing water with flavors. From cucumber to lemon and lime, to blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, peach, ginger, or even mint – your Aqua Zinger can infuse them all. Mix and match and get creative; the flavors and ingredients are only limited by your imagination.

To be in the running just leave a comment below answering the following question: Who is the hardest person you have to buy for this year? Why?

{boring bits}
One entry per person.
Competition closes December 23rd 11:59pm 2012.

The winners are: Amanda, Yashica, Julia, Sammie & Chantal.


  1. Yashica Powell says

    Hardest person to buy for is my boy toy cuz he always says he has everything he needs and NEVER EVER throws hints….#annoying

  2. says

    The hardest person to buy for every year is my father. He has a penchant for only tell us what he doesn’t like and never telling us the things he would like.

  3. Lizze Gorski says

    Hardest person to buy for this year? Hhhmmm…probably my 4 year old because he only wants what his older brothers ask for – half of which he isn’t interested in and the other half we already have 50,000 previous versions. Oy vay.

  4. Susan says

    I have a sister-in-law who is so hard to buy for. She has everything (a beautful house and warddrobe that needs for nothing), and doesn’t really have crafty hobbies as such. WHAT do I get her????

  5. Lara Evans says

    My partner! Christmas Day is also his birthday, so making sure there’s a distinct difference between the two occasions, and making it special enough is always a challenge.

  6. says

    My husband by far. He doesn’t have hobbies, works long hours, doesn’t like cufflinks, aftershave etc etc and buys everything for himself. I am ripping my hair out at the thought of buying for him. Rachel xx

  7. JDM24 says

    My mother! She always says don’t worry about me, she has everything because if she wants something she just buys it for herself and she also has very expensive taste!!!

  8. Caylee Andrighetti says

    No question….Hardest person to buy for is my mother. My mother has never stopped teaching me even though I am now 25. She has always made sure that we are able to take care of ourselves and not to expect anything to be handed to us or done for us, however, if we fell on hard times she was always there for us…..even if this meant she had to sacrifice her own things/time. She has always been my best friend and is the easiest person to speak to. She taught us that family is the most important by example. My mother deserves more than I could ever give back to her, so how do you find a gift that is fitting??? i still do not feel like I have found something to let her know how much I appreciate the constant support, love, and friendship my mom has given me. She most definitely does not have everything but is the most beautiful person I know and I don’t think I will ever be able to buy a gift that can express how I feel…

  9. says

    My mum…with her birthday a couple of days before Christmas, I concentrate all my time on getting her the perfect present for that and making sure she feels spoilt. But I use up all my ideas on that and then Christmas sneaks up on me and I end up just getting her a voucher!

  10. Julia M. says

    My Mother in law!! Because she has everything, her place is super OCD tidy, and everything has its place, its so hard to get something she will love, that wont upset the Feng-shui of her house, I think this gift is great and will fit in well!!

  11. Anna says

    In-laws! I have no idea & hubby is no help with no clue either! LOL! Their gifts usually do end up being quirky things! Maybe this year they should be kwerkee ;-)

  12. Natalie Stewart says

    My hubby, I have no idea what to get him as he gets himself the things he wants throughout the year, grr! Next year I am implementing the rule that if you want it and its outside of being a need, then you have to wait for birthdays and Christmas. That way he hasn’t bought suitable gifts for himself already!

  13. Teresa says

    The hardest person I have to buy for this year (and every year) isn’t husband. I know it shouldn’t be, but he’s just soooo fussy!

  14. says

    Such an interesting concept :) I find it almost impossible to buy for my partner, for one he doesn’t like celebrating Xmas at all and another he is into electronics in a big way so I never know what he needs. He does like being healthy though, so an Aqua Zinger would be ideal!

  15. says

    My husband, he just doesn’t need or want much… I ended up getting him the massive flying remote control shark because I just didn’t know what else to get!! This site will suit him as he is very techy!!

  16. Kristin Santi says

    My Dad is so hard to buy for. If he wants something he buys it for himself, it is so frustrating at Christmas time and Birthdays. We have to try to think outside of the box and get him something he didn’t know he needed.

  17. Kim m says

    Easy, thats my Dad. He is a personal trainer, so he is into all that stuff, but I’m not! And he has everything he needs anyway. Very difficult he is, sometimes I go and do a working bee in his garden, as I dont have a clue what else to buy…

  18. rachel says

    my mother in law – she’s satisfied with anything, which puts bigger pressure on me to get the PERFECT gift..weird eh?

  19. Helen S says

    My dad!! What do u buy a simple farmer who doesn’t read and is technology illiterate. There is only so much licorice one man can consume haha

  20. Sharni says

    My sister in law.. I see her one or twice a year so I really don’t know anything about her. I’ve given her cookbooks for the past 3 years.. how many cookbooks does she need/want? :/

  21. Karina Wong says

    My dad. He buys whatever he wants, whenever he wants so it leaves us with very little options. And he’s fussy!

  22. tash olde says

    my husband – anything he needs he buys himself. anything I suggests he raises the money eyebrow and asks “do i need that?” hummpphh.. might buy him some socks.. daffy duck ones at that! that will blow his designer label mind won’t it?? :)

  23. Annelise says

    My boyfriend was hard to shop for! I’m almost 21 but in my first relationship that started earlier this year.. even though he has a main interest in Doctor Who, it was so hard to decide what to buy for him. But I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas Day and spend my first Christmas with some very special.

  24. angela says

    my husband – in the twenty years we’ve been married, not once have i heard him say ‘i want’ Most selfless man i know.

  25. says

    My in-laws. They have ever thing you could ever think of and then more!! Its only 10 days till Christmas, and we are going to be travelling to them for two of those days, so I know i really need to get something, but I have no idea what!

  26. says

    My younger brother (he’s 28). He buys everything he wants instantly, and tends to have expensive taste. Plus, he’s road tripping to QLD this year for Christmas (to spend it with our dad), so it’s a decision between getting something practical for the trip, or something he’ll enjoy when he’s back home. So bad at the boy gifts!

  27. Dee says

    Nan and Pa, what do you buy for people who want for nothing? They have everything they need and see tokens of affection as ‘rubbish that clutters the house’!

  28. Diana O says

    Hubby, he sees the whole gift giving thing as a crock, a huge waste of time. Saying he’d rather keep his hundreds of dollars rather than dishing out items people don’t want or appreciate, and receiving piles of rubbish in return. Yes, I love this man!

  29. Annie Letch says

    Oh easily my Aunt on my Dad’s side, single, recently retired, lack of social skills and plays golf. Over the years we’ve done all the golf related presents we can think of and we are down to slim pickings nowdays. Anything would be helpful for her!

  30. says

    Is this open internationally?

    I’ll just answer anyway. :)
    It’s my dad. He’s not working anymore so he just stays at home every single day watching TV and playing on the computer. I can’t give him stuff that he can use for work since he’s just around the house. Also, he has the tendency not to use new stuff especially if he thinks it’s expensive.

    Theresa :)

  31. Sara says

    My parents are the hardest to buy for. They have everything they need, they don’t use gift cards, and they have a smaller home so they don’t want extra stuff around :)

  32. Alison Smith says

    I find our Grandparents hard to buy for. I want to get them something useful but also something they will enjoy. And of course there is a no technology clause for a 87 and 92 year old!

  33. says

    My sister is the HARDEST person to buy for – she is really picky (in a good way) about things she wants/likes/loves and is the complete polar opposite to myself. She lives a life of blues, whites and charcoal like you see in magazines and I live a life of craft, cats, clutter and Halloween colours. So I’m always at a loss for her when it comes to any gift. She does my head in.

  34. Monique says

    My Sister, there isn’t a gift I can buy her to give her back her sparkle and joy in Christmas! Nearly 2 years ago her only child died suddenly from an asthma attack, now my sister hates Christmas because she has lost the person who made it so magical for her! There is no gift I can give her….

  35. Kathryn C says

    My Mum!!! Always tells me that she has everything and finds excuses for me to return the presents I buy for her :( She dosn’t like to be spoilt ♥

  36. says

    Oh it’s my husband for sure! He’s the hardest person to buy for ever! He’s such a geek, he doesn’t read, doesn’t listen to music and downloads movies. What’s more, he seems to have everything his heart desires (including me!) so it’s really hard to find something to tickle his fancy!

  37. Lisa says

    My Step Dad. He is a bit of a hippy, who crochets as he wanders around the shops with my Mum (he has a cute little shoulder bag with all is wool in it). He is vegetarian and whilst he doesnt really have a hobby, (apart from the crocheting), he dabbles with learning piano and pottering in the garden. He loves new invention type things and whilst he is fascinated with all the gadgets, Im sure he wouldnt know how to use them :/

  38. Stacey Shailer says

    My Father-In-Law – the man who has more money than I can ever dream of, and already has everything he could possibly want – but still expects you to get him a great present every year!

  39. MissLindy says

    I always struggle to but work colleagues gifts! With a Kris Kringle limit of $10 and occasionally limited knowledge about the recipient it can be tough! I try to steer away from the typical boring gifts & this year managed to find a wine stopper and wine tags that were little colourful guppy fish. I thought it was great, until I found out the recipient was pregnant! Gah! Back to the drawing board! :)

  40. says

    Unfortunately this year it’s my Father-in-Law. He’s just had a major operation for bladder cancer, and without wanting to bring down the competition’s mood, I’m sure he’d much prefer his full health this year. So with that in mind…. he’s my challenge this year – nothing silly, nothing over the top, just something to bring him genuine happiness, a little surprise and a smile.

  41. Lisa Barton-Collins says

    Ergh, my brother in law, no question. We are not exactly close. Every year we buy him something coffee/chocolate/whiskey related but he has just had his gall bladder out and has embraced clean living! God help me.

  42. says

    My Dad! Yep, that’s right, my own dad! He doesn’t really have any hobbies, doesn’t read a whole lot, and spends too much time at work! I never know what to buy him for the holidays, and I always end up getting him the same old thing (giftcard to a bookstore).

  43. MarieClare Pigott says

    My husband. He does not like to receive gifts, or give really, so it has to be something that he will actually use in every day life. He is a 3litre a day water drinker!

  44. says

    My Dad. In general I find all the men in my life difficult to buy for, but especially Dad. He’s a gadget person, but buys everything he wants as soon as it comes out. He’s into gardening and renovating, which I know nothing about. Might have to go with a gift voucher… again.

  45. adriene says

    My dad. Because he doesn’t want anything, doesn’t need anything. He is not materialistic at all, which is a virtue but it does make it hard for us to get him anything. All his life, he has worked hard to earn just barely enough to keep our family going. We were poor and had to be extremely frugal with what little we had and thus, my father was very self-sacrificing in that regard. All he wants is the peace and happiness of our family now that we are grown up.

  46. Mick says

    My son. When I asked what he would like his answer was nothing – yeah right so where does that leave me now-right back to square one

  47. Julia Robertson says

    My relief manager. She doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t eat chocolates or anything much that isn’t salad, never eats out. I’ve never seen her house so I don’t know what her taste is, she doesn’t have pets, or like movies, and never mentions music. Doesn’t seem to have any hobbies and I really know very little of her personal life. Yet I am really grateful for all her help and assistance and always seek to find something that she would like as a gift as I like to put thought into giving. However, the Aqua Zinger water bottle would be perfect I think as it is healthy, non-fattening and fits all I know about her. I actually think she would love one. Thanks so much for telling everyone about this new product.

  48. Dianne Childs says

    My Dad, because he never wants anything! He’s really fussy; won’t watch any DVD’s I give him or read any books I choose. So difficult to buy for!

  49. REBECCA BAKER says

    My dad! He windges we never get him anything cool… but when I ask him for a hint, he says a money tree! REALLYY DAD!!! So a money tree he will get! a decorated chrissie tree with fake money all over it!

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