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The most beautiful diaries for 2016/2017

Fat Mum Slim /

Hello stationery lover! Is it time for a new diary? I think so! I’ve rounded up the most beautiful diaries for 2016/2017. You’ll be stylishly organised in no time!

I’m a stationery-lover, and I won’t deny it even for a moment. I’m out and proud. Ha! I know diaries are typically something we buy at the start of the year, but it’s also nice to know there is an option to indulge in a new diary mid-year as well. You can. You have my permission!

Here’s the most beautiful diaries for 2016/2017. Enjoy!

FIRST ROW: Typo diary / diary / Kikki.K diary

SECOND ROW: Simplified planner / diary / diary

THIRD ROW: Paper Chase Diary / Kikki.K Planner / Simplified Planner

Which would you choose? I’m still undecided!