The Hair Photo a Day Project

Here’s something to make you feel warm & fuzzy: Next month, on April 27th, Pantene and Seventeen are coming together to host the first-ever National Donate Your Hair Day, which will benefit the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. They’ll be encouraging people to cut and donate their hair so that they can create free, real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.The Pantene Beautiful Lengths program was created in 2006 and since then they’ve received more than 311,000 donations from men, women and children and have been able to create thousands of wigs for female cancer patients. Pretty good stuff, right?

So, last month Pantene in New York approached me about the photo a day lists I’ve been creating and asked if I’d like to create a Hair Photo a Day list for people to follow in the lead up to National Donate Your Hair Day. I said yes, of course. Then together with the talented Christina from Hair Romance we created the list. Here it is:

Starting on March 29th worldwide, Pantene would love for you to take a photo using the daily prompt as inspiration and share on whichever platform you like {Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your blog, Tumblr, Pinterest etc} and use the hashtag #HairPhotoaday. This is a little different to the photo a day lists that I’ve created in that the date of the month won’t coincide with the list number. You’ll just start taking photos and follow the list.Here it is for easy reference:

March 29: Hair self portrait
March 30: Celeb hair you love
March 31: Hair flash back {a photo of you and your hair a while back}
April 1: Going out hair
April 2: Hair colour you adore
April 3: Your hair-do today
April 4: Best hair moment {the haircut/style you loved the most on you}
April 5: Your favourite hair accessory
April 6: Straight hair
April 7: Long hair {if you don’t have it, share a friend, celeb etc}
April 8: Dream hair {hair you wish you had}
April 9: Your mum’s hair {past or present}
April 10: Weekend hair
April 11: A stranger’s hair
April 12: A favourite short ‘do
April 13: Curly hair
April 14: Hair Swissshhh
April 15: Worst hair moment
April 16: Straight out of the shower hair
April 17: Your hair as a child
April 18: A friend’s hair
April 19: Hair product you used today
April 20: Bed head
April 21: Your hair at 8pm
April 22: Hair don’t {hair you really don’t like}
April 23: Flashback: Your hair as a teen
April 24: Where you did your hair today
April 25: Daily hair routine
April 26: Work / School hair
April 27: Donated hair

Would you ever consider donating your hair? Will you be taking part in Hair photo a day?

Please note: If you’re looking for the April photo a day challenge, you can find it here.


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    I haven't been that keen to get involved in the photo a day so far, pretty sure that I would struggle to make the month, but this one sounds great, and a wonderful cause too, which is even better incentive to keep it up.

    Looking forward to taking part.

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    What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do! I'd probably donate my hair if it wasn't bleached to within a mm of existence…doubt anyone would want it.

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    This is such a great cause. I would totally donate, in fact it is something to consider. My hair is super long right now and i dont mind going shorter for a good cause.

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    Great project. 8 years ago my hair was at my waist (currently middle of my back) and I decided to chop it off to my chin. The hair stylist I went to at the time cut my hair off in 1 snip and my hair was turned into a wig for a little girl suffering with cancer. Our hair grows back, theirs doesn't. Good luck with the project!

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    I've donated my hair for a few years now and the last donation I did was for Pantene. My hair got cut recently, so I'm starting from the beginning again, and hopefully in 2 years it'll be long enough to donate again =)
    Great project to get connected up with!

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    What a great project! My mom passed away from cancer when I was 17…she lost her hair a few different times because of radiation and chemo treatments. I literally JUST cut my hair short! Wish I would have thought to donate it.

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    Great cause! Having my hair cut this weekend so will ask to keep it – thanks for spreading the word about it.

    And I've finally gotten with the times, yo, and have one of those fancy-pants iPhone thingamabobs, so bring on Aprilphotoaday!

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    wow, yes I would donate, I am growing my grey out- in a few months when it is long enough(the grey is only about 1 cm at the moment), I might have it all chopped and collect the hair to donate. What are the conditions, like how do you package it to send? does it have to be in a pony tail or gathered together?

    • Anonymous says

      whenever i have donated my hair i put it in a ponytail and my stylist cuts straight across and then i put a band around it to keep it together then i put it in an envelope and send it off : )

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      Here are the details:

      For more information about National Donate Your Hair Day, the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, how to get involved, and list of participating salons, please visit or

      The requirements to donate hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths are:
      1. Each hair donation must be at least 8 inches long.
      2. Hair may be colored with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. It cannot be bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated.
      3. Gray hair is difficult to use in the wig-making process, so hair may not be more than 5% gray at the time of donation.

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    Hi! I have been doing your photoaday projects this year and love it! This is an awesome project! I work for a company called My Best Friend's Hair (check us Would you mind if I re-posted this blog post to our FB page and blog? I would, of course, give you full credit and link back to your blog. I would love for our followers to get involved! Thanks! Have a great day!

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    I donate my hair every 2 years or so and would love to participate in a national hair donation day but I'm keeping it long for a few weddings I'm in this summer…I'll probably do it again right around my 30th birthday in Sept!

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    How fun and a great cause. My hair is/has always been fairly short. I had a bit of a long stint in my mid-late 20's but I've never donated. My niece (12) however, has donated her very long hair on more than one occassion. This is great. I will definitely participate in the hair photo a day challenge. Thanks

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    I love this idea, I find it so inspiring! I would donate my hair but unfortunately its all dyed and probably to short to donate. :( Looking forward to seeing everyones photos!!!

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    I have thought about donating my hair more than once (my hair is currently down to my bra line) but my husband REALLY doesn't like short hair. So I have kept it long for him. I definitely want to participate in the Photo Project though! My only question.. how do we take photos of a celebrity? Or past hair? Do we just take a photo, of a photo?

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      You know in hair TV commercials how they move their hair around and get the 'swisshhh'. It's like that.

      So for that photo you'd try and take a photo of your hair moving. For me, I'd toss my hair about and take a self-portrait so it's a messy, fun shot. x

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      Thanks!!! For some reason I never got a notification for this reply :S odd but I know what you mean, have the perfect shot for this ^^


  14. Anonymous says

    i love this idea! i will definitely be participating! i've donated my hair 5 times since i was 14 (i'm now 23) and while i won't be able to donate on april 27th b/c i donated it in january and it's super short right now, i will definitely encourage my girlfriends to donate

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    This is awesome… love it.. Here in Dominican Republic 2 years ago Pantene did the same thing I'm proud to say that I gave 10 inches of my hair for that beautiful movement. and will do it again if the oportunity is presented.. :) Looking forward to sharing my pics .. :)

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    National Donate Your Hair Day is such a great idea! I just donated twice last year, so I don't have enough left to do it again so soon (it's only just reaching chin-length)! I would if I did, though! I hope a lot of people participate! :)

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    I just donated mine in the Fall so I won't be able to for quite some time, but I'm growing it back out to donate again! Thanks for helping out for a worthy cause!

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    What a great idea – donate hair for a great cause and the hair photo day project.
    was wondering how long does hair have to be to be able to be donated and used for the benefit of another person?

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    What a neat idea!

    I donated my hair a couple of years ago and am currently growing it back out to donate it again! Why not, right? If you can grow your hair long, you might as well donate it to help those out that can't!
    My cousin and dad have also donated! Yes, my dad! He grew his hair out the ten inches. What a trooper!

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