Perfect pikelets: You’re just 4 ingredients away from morning tea

Perfect pikelets: You’re just 4 ingredients away from morning tea

Pop quiz. What’s a pikelet?

Is it:

1. a regional type of crumpet
2. a type of pancake found in Australia and New Zealand
3. stage name of Australian musician Evelyn Morris
4. a North Staffordshire delicacy. A thicker form of oatcake with raisins added
5. all of the above

Well, it’s all of the above, but today it’s number 2. It’s a smaller type of pancake. It’s also one of the easiest and cheapest snacks to make. When I was nannying it was my easy afternoon tea for the kids. We always had flour, sugar, milk and eggs… so we always had a snack.

You can top them with whatever you like. I had cream so we had a treat of jam and cream {this was pre-baby, and now I’m just dreaming of cream… drool!}. Hubby likes just butter. You could put nutella, ricotta, fruit… anything.


1 cup of self-raising flour
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
3/4 cup milk
1 egg


♥ Combine all ingredients in a bowl, and mix with a whisk to remove any lumps.
♥ Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, and add a little butter to the pan to coat. Drop spoonfuls of mixture into the pan. I do about 3/4 of a ladel, but you can do smaller or bigger.
♥ Cook until bubbles form on the surface, and then flip over. Cook for another minute until cooked through.
♥ Serve warm.

Have you been acquainted with pikelets before? If so, what do you like on yours?


  1. Little Munch says

    Pikelets are our afternoon tea treat almost every second day! So quick and easy. We have ours with lemon curd – so yum.

  2. says

    Pikelets! My mum made these as afternoon tea every fortnight or so, growing up. We had jam and cream (I’m with you on the cream – I’m also dairy free for my bub!) or lemon and sugar. Mmmm. Maybe I’ll try jam and co-yo this time. You’ve inspired me to make pikelets this arvo, thanks! x

  3. Bec says

    My mum never put eggs in her pikelets when we were growing up, it really was the ultimate empty-pantry food. It wasn’t until recently that I realised that most pikelet recipes do use eggs. They are fantastic made with a finely mashed banana or some blueberries stirred through the batter.

    • Sonia says

      I don’t use egg in my recipe, I always though that was the main difference between pikelets and pancakes (other than the size).

  4. Tiia says

    I’ll definately be trying these next weekend for breakfast! I imagine they’d also be good with salty toppings, such as fish roe, chopped onions and a little smetana (like you have with blinis, but this recipe is just SO much easier) or some cold smoked salmon and cream cheese. YUM!!

  5. helen says

    I have been wanting a good simple recipe so I don’t have to buy pancake mix (worries me what is in there). I think I will try with wholemeal flour for breakfasts. I love to cook with thin slices of banana or blueberries in them, then just eat with a bit of butter or margarine. Maple syrup if I have a sweet tooth that day.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sally says

    My grandma was famous for her pineapple picklets, she always seemed to have a fresh batch made for visitors when they dropped in, especially on a Sunday. Basically they were the same as yours with crushed pineapple added to the batter. Yummy!

  7. Sonia says

    I don’t put a egg in mine (mum’s recipe), and use sour milk instead. Sour milk is simply regular milk with a good splash of vinegar added (I use brown).

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