Pregnancy essentials: 7 things I couldn’t have lived without

pregnancy copy

Brought to you by Blackmores. I love being pregnant, except when I’m pregnant. Oh that’s an exaggeration, I think being pregnant is pretty magical, you know growing a little human and all, but there’s also the aches, and the carrying of the belly, and not being able to eat sushi and that thing when you […]

Festival of birthdays: Hummingbird cake


This week every year has always been a festival of birthdays for my family, otherwise known as cake week. It seems like 90% of my family was born at this time of year. We have 9 {yes, NINE} birthdays in just over 9 days. That’s a whole lot of celebrating {and a good handful of […]

How to rock the working-from-home & parenting gig


Brought to you by Office 365. Being a mama is a super juggling act. If I had told my pre-mama self what I was going to have on my plate when I had kids, I would have taken a nice long holiday and entered into fierce denial that it was ever going to happen. What […]

I have this condition…


Bitchy Resting Face is a thing. I didn’t know it existed until I read about it on my friend Stacey’s Facebook page. It’s just as it sounds, and people all over the world are suffering from it. It’s when people look particularly sad or angry for no reason at all. They just look like that. […]

So, you want to be a blogger?


I got an email from a reader last night, and it’s an email that I get quite often about blogging. It’s from the beginner blogger. The thought of blogging can be overwhelming and seem huge. HUGE. So, I thought I’d try to help by answering some of the questions here. Grace wrote: I would really […]

Photo competition: Share what makes you feel PUMPed to win!


In just over a month my sister gets married. I’m going to put it out there and say that it might just be the wedding of the decade {I’d go century but I was married last decade and clearly I win for that one!}. My sister is an Event Planner extraordinaire. She’s done big concerts […]

How to fake a clean home

how to fake a clean home

I woke up this morning and my house looked like a bomb had hit it. Seriously. I’ve been feeling poorly, and then yesterday Hubby, Luella and I just escaped it all and spent the morning at the beach, swimming lessons, sushi and school pick-ups, you know… avoiding it. Pretending that our messy home did not […]

Letter to Luella: 6 months old


Dear Luella, I watched a movie the other day, and by the time you’re old enough to read this {or more, old enough to care to read this} it will be totally old school. Perhaps you’ll call it that ‘daggy movie that mum once watched’. But I’ll tell you about it anyway. It was called […]

A Scatter Love story


I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail. Love it. And that’s the idea behind the Scatter Love project. We love the power of making people happy, and how that can really spread {hence the ‘scatter’} so we dreamt up the Scatter Love project, where people send on happy mail to people around […]

March Photo A Day 2014: Get your glad rags on, it’s time to have fun

MARCH photoaday Ma and Grandy

Hey you. How has your year been so far? Mine has been running away from me, and I’ve been desperately trying to catch up to it. THIS week will the week that I find my feet. Has it been running away from you too? THIS month, will be the month that I take my best […]

Photography tips: 7 ways to play with light


Hello! Day 26 of February Photo A Day has the prompt light, this is a photography lesson prompt, which is a chance for us to get creative and explore photography a little more. I’ve put together 7 fun ways to play with light. Enjoy. photo credit: Sheye Rosemeyer Oh-so-sweet sunflare I’ve always loved photography, but […]

Scatter Love is back baby!


Well, everyone went positively crazy over our Scatter Love cards. It’s been amazing to see them travel all over the world, and then be sent on to more people. Happy Mail is truly in action. Emma and I have been stalking the #scatterlove hashtag and seeing people so excited and happy. We’re beyond thrilled, happy […]

Friends don’t let friends go out to dinner with babies


On Saturday we went out to dinner with friends. And by we, I don’t mean that Hubby and I intelligently got a babysitter, left the kids at home and had a peaceful dinner. No, we went out to dinner with the kids. The restaurant has a play centre attached so we dropped the big kids […]

You’ve got to try this one: Twix cookies recipe


My sister is getting married. Slowly, slowly my siblings are coming across to married territory. First it was me, then my little sister, now my older sister and then eventually my brother and his beautiful girlfriend will follow {I pretty much can’t wait}. For a long time Hubby was the only in-law in our family, […]

Fun photo competition: Share your mama moments to win daily prizes

TT-COMP-final 2

Brought to you by Tommee Tippee. Over dinner last night Hubby and I were talking about how quickly these past {almost} 6 months have passed. One minute we had a newborn and we were walking out of the hospital, and the next we’ve got a grown, wriggly baby on our hands. The times has really […]

Recipe: Afternoon Teal Cake


You know when you don’t really feel like doing anything, you’re bone tired {I think I finally figured out what that feels like, so tired down to the bones}, your hair has regrowth majorly, a pimple has taken up residency on your chin and you’re just not in the mood? But then you do, you […]

Dancing and distractions


The littlest person in the house is a little under the weather. Poor little thing. She just wants to be held all day long, by me. Only me. I’m happy to dispense all-day cuddles. Time for a little distraction, and dancing. Last week {or the week before?} an invite arrived in my letterbox for a […]

It’s kinda a big deal.


This week Lacey started big school. It’s kinda a big deal. The morning of the ‘big’ day I mentioned on Instagram that I was nervous. I had one comment from a person saying they didn’t understand why people {mums/parents} cry, and that attachment issues can’t be good for the kids. Lacey was so ready. I […]

What sort of student were you? {+ get a free trial}


Brought to you by Reading Eggs. I have something to confess. I was a bit of a nerd at school. I was voted either most proficient or most conscientious each year in Primary School, which meant at speech night I’d be given a sweet round medal at each speech night. By the end of year […]

An update: The Scatter Love Project


We sat in a dark, dark room in silence. Each person held an unlit candle, and we waited. One person lit their candle, and put out the match. There was that one lone light in the room. That person then reached over, using his candle, and lit the candle of the person next to him, […]