Travel diary: Our Hamilton Island getaway

Last week we jetted off to Hamilton Island for three days as a family. I’d been to Hamilton Island before, but never past the airport of the jetty right near the airport, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. About a decade ago, when Hubby and I went to Daydream Island, we were told that… 

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Are you suffering from weekenditis?

Brought to you by TFE Hotels. When’s the last time you had a really, really, REALLY good weekend? You know the ones where you’ve actually done a great mix of good things; a bit of feet-up-and-relaxing, a touch of consuming good food {and perhaps a little bit of wine}, and a dash of good times… 

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Thermomix Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

We had friends over for breakfast the other day and I thought while I was doing my ‘a Thermomix recipe a day‘ it was fitting to make them eggs benedict for breakfast. Plus, they were running the Gold Coast marathon the next day so I knew an indulgent breakfast would be quickly burned off. As… 

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A weekend of firsts

I’ve always known that when Lacey started losing her teeth that it was going to be a downhill slide into big-girlhood, and that it would be an emotional roller-coaster for me, her mama. A week ago she told me that her tooth was ‘wibbly’ and she’s told the same a few times before {only to… 

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In defence of the phone-haters club

Last night I shared an article on Facebook that I read and thought was quite funny, and true. I went to bed straight after and didn’t think much of it. At 2am Luella woke for a few hours, so I checked my phone and the share had exploded. Lots of passionate opinions and views were… 

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Which flavour are you?

Brought to you by Cadbury. Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Remember those quizzes that we used to do in magazines when we were teens and totally hip and happening {read: also totally angst-y and annoying}? I loved those quizzes so I’m bringing a bit of that fun here today. Let’s figure out what… 

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Thank you

I’ve been meaning to do this for days now, and am finally stealing a moment to write it. What a wild ride these past handful of days have been. Late last month I launched my App, Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim. Looking back I didn’t have any expectations on how well it would be… 

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In the Thermomix: Quirky Cooking’s

I love a good chicken soup, and trust me, there can be some bad ones. My favourite chicken soup is this one which I adapted for the Slow Cooker. Well, that was until I met this one. I put off cooking this chicken soup for a while, because it seemed too complicated with it’s almonds… 

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Thermomix playdough: I think you’re

I’ve been wanting to make playdough in the Thermomix for a while now. I usually make a no-cook playdough that is really simple, but I’m always up for something new. This one was amazing. I think maybe because the recipe says to blitz the salt, and then dissolve it… it makes for a really smooth… 

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How to make friends*

*when you’re 34, have moved to a new town and know nobody Two years ago last month we moved all the way up north from Sydney. Looking back it was such a brave, leap of faith. I don’t usually do big chance-y things like that. I was talking to Hubby about it the other day… 

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Falling in love with my Thermomix &

Do you know anyone that has a Thermomix? Those people are passionate, lovers of the machine. I say that in the kindest way possible. I love that they love it and use it. I have tried, and I’ll admit I’m getting better… but I actually find it therapeutic to chop and stir things sometimes. I… 

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July Photo A Day 2014 challenge list and

Hello you I’m pretty excited about this month of photo-taking. The App, Little Moments, is now out and has been so well received. I’m going to enjoy playing it with the App helping me along. You can see how the App makes playing Photo A Day a little bit easier here. BUT you can also… 

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Win: Share your creation using the Little

So, by now some of you might have had a little play with the Little Moments App. I hope you love it. I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway. All you have to do is share a photo edited with the Little Moments App, and tag it #LittleMomentsApp. Up for grabs… 

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