The menu

Brought to you by Coles. Last week I showed you all the fancy decorations for our Christmas lunch, and now onto the most important stuff, THE FOOD. I mentioned that my style with decorating is eclectic. My style with cooking is, getting stuff done, leaving a big mess and hoping that someone else will clean… 

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One man’s trash

This week in the area I live in is council clean-up week. For the uninitiated, it’s the week when people finally go through their garages and throw out the stuff they’ve stored, never used and never really needed. You’ll see a lot of treadmills and exercise bikes on the roadside. Such good intentions… Some people… 

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Brought to you by Olympus OM-D E-M10. Her favourite book at the moment. Green eggs and ham all the time. There’s something about Sundays, don’t you think? The pace is a little slower. Everyone is a little calmer. There’s less to do, more time to relax. Every second Sunday Hubby works, so last Sunday {when… 

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Nigella Lawson’s mini chocolate

We had our family Christmas party on the weekend. My sister is giving birth in a week or so, and we’re not sure how Christmas will be, so we decided to celebrate a little early. A celebration isn’t a celebration in my family unless there’s chocolate pavlova involved. I usually make one big one, or… 

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Think about unicorns instead

I don’t like birds. Oh gosh, how many posts have I started with that sentence? I just don’t like them. All those feathers, and feet, and beaks, and unpredictable flying and landing. Worst of all is the dirty ibis. It scavanges for food and is a dirty pest. And hey, it ain’t pretty either, right?… 

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Easy peasy dinners: Chicken with roast

Brought to you by Coles. You know I very much dislike the dinner time battle {I wrote about it here} so if there’s anyway I can make it easier on myself {and you!} I’ll jump at it. Coles and I will be working together for the next 12 months to bring you a recipe each… 

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The best chocolate brownies in the entire

I have to stop doing this. I have to stop. I try a recipe and in between mouthfuls I’ll be all ‘THIS IS THE BEST BROWNIES/CAKE/TOASTED SANDWICH IN THE WORLD’ and then it’s been decided. It IS the best in the world, until the next brownie/cake/toasted sandwich. But this is the best brownie recipe in… 

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The one where I get all sniper-like in the

Brought to you by Coles Little Explorers. Sometimes being a blogger is just plain weird. Or maybe it’s being ME is just plain weird, and even weirder being married to me. Last week I told Hubby that I wanted to go to the shops, and compare all the prices of the nappies. Sometimes he doesn’t… 

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Scatter Love 02: Spread love around the world

Oh gosh I’m excited this morning. I have been all weekend actually. It feels like Christmas/Birthdays/Fridays all at once. Scatter Love 02 is here, and ready to be yours. I know that a lot of you know about Scatter Love already, but I know that a lot of you don’t. Let me tell you. Last… 

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One chicken: 5 delicious dinner ideas

Brought to you by Red Rooster. Growing up one of my besties owned the local chicken shop, and they did a roaring trade. I think it must be the takeaway dinner of choice for families around Australia. It’s easy, a family favourite and best of all one thing that everyone will eat. I shared a… 

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One. It’s Movember again, but I never quite get used to seeing all the moustaches popping up on faces everywhere. All I see is 70s pornstar moes {not that I’ve watched 70s porn, but you know what I mean}. Two. I don’t think I know how not to be early. Yesterday I was an hour… 

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The one where we went bush

Brought to you by Nissan X-Trail. So a few weeks back I asked where you thought I should go: beach, bush or city. In my head I hoped you’d vote beach, or city and I wasn’t too fussed on bush. In fact I wished that bush wouldn’t win. I wanted to somehow rig it. But… 

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A cheesy tale

So, I bought some cheese. If you’re expecting a wildly exciting post about celebrities, wild adventures or anything remotely mind-blowing… you’re in the wrong place. But read on. I did pay $12 for a small tub of cheese though. I was at the markets, realised I needed cheese for a salad and bought some, straight… 

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