Letter To Lacey: Twenty Seven Months

{Your teddy Lulu – your favourite}
Mama, play with me? Mama, sit! Mama, read it? Mama, ‘cado? Mama, chocolate?
You’re always moving, always talking, always asking, always needing, never ever tired. You’re always friendly, always polite, always kind, always inquisitive.
You want to do as I do, be as I am. It’s interesting to see you copy things that I do, that I never realised I actually did until you copied me. The way I sit. The way I write. The things I say. The things I do.
The other day we were waiting at the cafe for a babycino and a hot chocolate. We were waiting, people watching as we do, you and I. You were holding a bag of balloons, eager to get them home and blow them up. You were holding onto them with all your might. Up bounced a little red-headed boy and snatched them from your grasp. You didn’t cry. You didn’t mutter a single word. You just watched and let him have them.
His mother handed them back to you. Thank you, you whispered. Always polite. And then he kissed you. Your first kiss. A little boy named Jessie. He hugged you a dozen times. And you let him.
Friend Mama? You asked me looking up with concern. I nodded.
You’re the same at dancing. Everyone will be dancing, twirling and swaying… but you’ll grab the hand of the girl closest to you. And she’s your new friend. She let’s you hold on, longer than you need to. She looks at you, much smaller than she, and she smiles. She’s been chosen… by you. Isn’t she lucky?

You’re sweet Lacey. Your little lips. That sweet glance in your eyes. You’re defiant, and although at times that’s quite hard to deal with, it’s important to know what you want, and to make sure you get it. I hope you maintain that quality in life.
Everyone who meets you falls in love with you. They do. They stop you in the street and want to talk to you. We’re lucky to have you, Miss Lacey. We’re lucky to have you in our hearts. And in our arms. I love you. We love you. xx


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    This is simply the most beautiful thing I've read today. I've kept letters that my mum wrote me like this, they are more valuable than all the diamonds on earth.

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    You've been blessed, not only to have Lacey but to have been blessed by motherhood and it's so heartwarming to read hw much you're enjoying every single minute of it.


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    So so beautiful.. I love that Lacey didnt snatch the balloons back. Sounds like she is such a gentle little soul :o)

    In the 'You may also like' panel underneath this post was your Everday Everbody: Jessica post (from last August!) I had never seen it! So, here is a belated thank you! x

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