Letter to Lacey: Thirty Nine Months

Each night we climb into bed and without fail twenty minutes later you want something to eat, usually biscuits. And so being the kinda mum {read: sucker} that I am, I clamber upstairs and get you something to eat. And then moments later you’ll tell me that you’re thirsty. So then again I’ll march upstairs and get you a drink {you don’t like the water from the bathroom}.

One night last week I dared to tell you ‘no’. I refused to get up and obey your orders, knowing that you had a full belly from dinner and would last until morning without a drink.

So you climbed out of bed yourself with your cranky face on.

“I not your friend,” you yelled, “I serious!”

I love you Miss Lacey. And I’m happy to say that by morning you’d forgotten that I was your mean mummy and I was back in your good books. Phew.

Love, Mama. x


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    Oh yes, we have those sorts of delay tactics around here. 'I just need a banana', 'I just need some water', 'I just need to see Daddy'. Thankfully she's usually too tired for it to last for very long.

    Such beautiful pictures of Lacey.

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    Your photography is so stunning and original. Sadly any talents I have stop short at words, so I always envy those who can capture life's little moments with such dramatic poignancy.

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    Sounds like a usual night at my house, instead it's “I want milk with chocolate and strawberry and mixture (apparently the mixing part I a whole other flavor altogether).
    Oh and instead of I serious I get “not fair”

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    Oh, I could have written an identical post about my toddler too. I want milk in the Homer cup, hot milo in the woody-buzz cup, rice crackers, ice-cream, three stories, my toys for the bed, change my nappy, two cuddles, one Mr Maker on the iPad, and on and in. Tonight because she didn't finish her dinner, I told her she couldn't have snacks later if shewas hungry but would have to eat her dinner. So she said she wanted her cold dinner and took almost half an hour to eat it. They are smart little cookies…..or are we just suckers?!

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