Letter to Lacey: Thirty Eight Months

Dear Lacey,

Oh my! Look at how big you’ve gotten! You’re so cheeky. Any time anyone sees you, even if they haven’t seen you for a week they say, “Wow, she’s so big now!” You must be going through constant little growth spurts.

I love the cute little things you say. I need to start writing them down because I so quickly forget what you’ve said. There are a few you say all the time, like when someone knocks at the door, “Who body is it?”

Or I’ll be busy downstairs and you’ll call my name over and over again from upstairs, “Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum…” Eventually I’ll say, “Yes Lacey?”

“Nevermind mum.”

You like to push our buttons. Some day you take everything we have. Some days are better than others. One minute you can be making us as mad as mad, and the next we’re smirking at your cuteness. Oh, you have us wrapped around your little finger.

We love you Miss Lacey. Happy 38 months.

Mama. xx


  1. says

    Gorgeous…and so important to write these things down. I wish I had down it more with the older boys as they change so quickly. Thanks for motivating to do it more with the younger ones! I also watched a home video the other day of my eldest son and it's amazing how you forget some of the little but precious ways they used to say and do things :)

  2. nikki j says

    they are the cutest photos..i love reading your letters to Lacey. they do grow up way to quick. i have a son 38 months too and i am loving this age. i love his little stories (real and made up).. enjoy it all :)

  3. Anonymous says

    So cute! and love the dress. I have a 2 & a half year old daughter and my mum was forever telling me to write things down. So now l have a book next to my bed ( so l remember) and will jot funny things ect… down.

    P.S . l love how you call Lacey by her name in your blog it's such a beautiful name (instead of a nickname)

  4. says

    I love reading your monthly letters. Just beautiful! Are you planning on publishing them for her when she is older?

    I very much wished I had done the same for each of my children! Husband does a yearly video for them which is a great summary, but sometimes words are much better.

    Beautiful, gorgeous, happy little girl you have!

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