♥ Over the weekend we had our family Christmas party and I {stupidly} didn’t put sunscreen on, and I went down to the beach in the midday sun for just ten minutes to play lifesaver to the kidlets. Guess who is donning a very crimson shade of skin right now? Poor skin cells in trauma. And to not-so-gently remind me how stupid I am, Hubby had three cancers removed from his skin yesterday. Ouchy.

♥ Last night Lacey had her Christmas concert, and she was so cute. Santa came by horse pony and cart. She graduates on Monday. I know there are going to be waterworks {me not her}. And then big school next year. What the what?

♥ I am far too excited about Christmas. Stupidly excited. I didn’t realise how over-the-top my enthusiasm was until my sister mocked those Christmas kids’ outfits in the shops {you know the little Santa and Elf outits?} and I piped up with my love for them. Also, our house is expressing Christmas in it’s own special way with a HUGE blow-up Santa and a hundred odd flashing lights.

♥ It’s at this time of year that I miss working for somebody. All that end-of-year winding down, the Christmas parties, the presents from your boss and looking forward to a week or so off. Hubby and I are taking Luella out today to celebrate another fun year of working for myself. We’re not sure where yet, but there might be a sneaky glass of wine involved for me. {Also, I’m really behind in work stuff. If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t got back to you – I’ll probably get back to you in 2014, maybe 2015. Kidding}.

♥ The FMS Gift Exchange is coming to a close now and it’s been so much fun. If you missed out this year and want to hear about it next year sign up to my newsletter {right hand column of my blog is the sign-up box}. We might just do a gift swap in July for fun.

♥ I’m getting sleep! Sweet sleep. Luella wakes just once or twice a night {except for last night where she woke 5 times but let’s pretend that night didn’t happen}. I can’t tell you how much this changes parenting. It makes everything that little bit easier. I love sleep!

♥ My blog died last week and that meant things went missing and stuff moved around. I couldn’t remember what font the body text was, so I’ve changed it to this. Too hard to read? Like it? Let me know.

Anyway, tell me: What’s new with you? How did you sleep last night? Are you excited about Christmas? When did you last get your skin checked?

  • Debra O

    What’s sleep? My 23mo has slept through a total of twice – once last May and the second time a few months ago. We’ve had some good nights of only waking once or twice recently, but for the most part it’s 4+ times.
    The font is ok, it’s fairly easy to read on the phone, though it’s not as pretty as the font in bold.
    I get my skin checked every two years because I spent my childhood playing outside, with very little sunscreen application!
    I’m looking forward to spending time with my hubby and daughter, and going on day trips to try and restore my sanity.

  • Donna Hilton

    What a year! What a crazy, wonderful, busy year!!! It’s great to hear my love. Christmas has its own kind of magic cloud I think that helps us recall the year in a happy light and to forget the less great things that may have happened. You’ve achieved so much since you took the big step of working from home it must make your head spin at times, but I am one of many who are so glad you did! The impact you have had on so many of us, the way you have opened up the World to us and the new friends, photo skills and fun you’ve helped us gain is a beautiful thing Chantelle. I’m so happy that I tapped onto a friends ‘photo-of-the-day’ out of curiosity and that the seed was planted in me to explore this further. What I have gained from stepping through the looking glass that is FatMumSlims World is something that I will be forever grateful for! Enjoy this magical time of year with your little ones because in the blink of an eye they will be all grown up, walking down the aisle and starting their ow families…

  • shoppegirls

    What a fab year it has been for you especially the birth of little Luella. I love Christmas too but I find I loved it more when the girls were little. This Christmas my daughters and I are heading to the country and c a m p i n g. I have not camped for years. But this will be great as i will be with my siblings nieces and nephew. So really looking forward to it all. We will also be letting go of my fathers ashes in the Murray River a place where we grew up. Dad love the Murray River and that will be his resting place. Have a lovely christmas Chantelle and enjoy your little people.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Lovely post,I am so glad you are getting sleep you must be rapt and I feel for you for your big girl off to school.No i haven’t had my skin check slaps hand <i will i promise and i like your text.I am not too excited about Christmas cause my kids are in their 20s but it is a wonderful time of year when you have little ones xx

  • Amy Zempilas

    YAY for getting some sleep! My three month old has just started sleeping through, but my almost three year old still wakes up a few times. Lack of sleep kicked my butt this past week, but last night I finally got a decent sleep and feel SO much better for it. Have a fabulous Friday! x x x

  • Margie

    Sleep, glorious sleep. Yippee for you and the family!

  • Jamie

    A gift swap in July would be fun! Sleep has been amazing lately. I’m crazily amazingly excited for Christmas this year, though I can’t believe that it creeped up on me this year!