Get your juice on: 35 juices to get your taste buds dancing {a free eBook}

If you asked me a year ago to drink a glass of stuff that was bright green in colour, I would have politely said, “No thank you, I’m busy washing my hair.”

But I kept seeing people sharing photos of their funky juices on Instagram, and it got the better of me. We started making juices, and liking them. Green, funnily enough, is good.

A friend of mine, Lisa, started a blog about health and wellness and last year I went to her to ask if she wanted to work together on some juices. We met each other online while we were planning our weddings, met up a few times and have kept in touch online since {we lived in the same suburb and then both moved away}. Lisa is one of the most beautiful people you could meet, she radiates happiness and enthusiasm. If you need a cheerleader or someone to spur you on, she’s your girl. I’m so proud of everything she’s doing. You can check out her blog here, or like her on Facebook here.

So, after my email Lisa started creating recipes, sent them over and I got making. I juiced my way through the 35 recipes, took photos, and put them into a book. A FREE book for you.

Just click below to download. You’ll be taken to a page where you put your name, and email address {just note, if you tick the box for newsletter updates – that’s a subscription to eJunkie, not Fat Mum Slim} and then you’ll get the book. Easy.

We hope you enjoy. x




  1. says

    Mmmmmhh! I downloaded it and already made a juice! :) My favorite recipe up to this day was: baby spinach, a banana and orange juice. Thank you for these super recipes, Chantelle and Lisa! Looking forward to trying them all.

  2. says

    Downloaded it for the same reason as why you started this whole thing. Intrigued by other people’s Instagram photos of juices and I want to join in. Plus I want to change my eating habits. Thanks I look forward to trying a few and sharing them on Instagram. Feel free to follow me so you can see how I faired on @gen_y_mum

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  6. CC says

    Aww I can’t get it either, if you get the chance , would love a copy. creativelycurvy AT gmail dot com (written out to avoid the bots). If you’re too busy, that’s ok :).

  7. Lisa Brune says

    Chantelle, thank you for the kind words! You are amazing, and I am so proud of this gorgeous eBook and all the work you put into it. Thanks again, lovely xx

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  10. Beka Buckley says

    …can’t download it either – any way you can host it elsewhere? Google drive, possibly? I would really love a copy also – perfect inspiration for my personal 30-day smoothie challenge :) Thanks and have a fantastic Sunday!

      • Beka Buckley says

        …wanted to say yesterday but was unable to get back online: thank you so much for emailing me the file, I can understand what a headache this was but glad to hear that a solution has been found :) Can’t wait to get juicing and tasting. Thank you! :)

  11. renee dodd says

    Hi Chantelle, I’ve just tried to down load a copy & its bit the same message as I had this morning – only available 26jan 00:00 MST…. I’m in the UK & its just gone midnight – I’d have thought I’d be able to download a copy? Help pretty please :)

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  18. Kourtney Benoît says

    Hi Chantelle, I have a question about these recipes. Could you blend these ingredients and drink them like a smoothie instead of juicing? I was told by a Dr. that juicing isn’t always the best it is better to drink it like a smoothie. You have so many great recipes I can’t wait to get to the fruit market!

  19. Heather Dewar says

    I can’t wait to start trying these out! I will have to find a substitute for the pineapple as my partner can’t drink/eat it. Also going to re-arrange my freezer, I’m in NZ and the weather usually doesn’t hold out for fresh fruit and veges past March, so I figure I’ll buy up nice fresh fruits now and dice them and put them in snaplocks in the freezer so I can just get out the bits I need when I want a juice in the middle of winter! Thanks so much – these recipes look so much better than a lot of other’s I’ve seen/tried!

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