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Eight printable calendars for 2015 {and an awesome free one for bloggers}

Fat Mum Slim /

So you’ve landed smack bang in 2015 and you’re calendar-less. Who even are you? Where are your priorities? How on earth are you surviving without a calendar?

I joke, in case you’re not picking up the sarcasm that I’m putting down.

But still, no calendar, no worries. There’s a thing called printable. Mind-blowing, but you can download any of these and print them out. There’s actually nine because there’s a blogging one that I’m quietly in love with, and if you’re a blogger I think you should totally jump on that bandwagon.

But first, these beautiful eight. Some are free some are not, but none will break the bank.

printable calendars

ONE: 505Design calendar {$5.00}

TWO: Instagram calendar – use your own photos {FREE}

THREE: Chantel Emma {FREE}

FOUR: Colourful calendar {$3.50}

FIVE: A3 Geometric Poster {$8.80}

SIX: DIY 3D Calendar {FREE}

SEVEN: Emma Kate Co inspiring calendar {$14.99}

EIGHT: Lemon Thistle Calendars – 3 Designs {FREE}

And then there’s that amazing blogging calendar/planner I was talking about…


And you’re on your way. 2015, coming at ya!