Day 11: Tom & Teddy shorts, FOX DVD packs & Yonanas makers

Tom_Teddy man and boy face surfboard

1 of 2 Tom & Teddy short prize packs

The team at Tom & Teddy sent Shane a pair of these shorts to try out, and I’ve almost had to pry them off him to wash them. He loves them, and has asked me to buy him a few more for Christmas. He tells me they’re comfortable, I tell you they’re fun and funky, and I’ll also tell you need to win them! Up for grabs are two packs, each including one pair for dad and one pair for son. You can choose from their range of patterns which you can see here.


A FOX DVD gift pack for the whole family

You know what’s fun? After a day out having fun in the sun, heading home and watching a bit of lazy TV under a high-spinning fan. Up for grabs is a Modern Family set, The Croods, Ice Age Trilogy, Epic The Movie & a Glee DVD set. Check out Fox for more DVD gift ideas.

HiRes_R2 Red Angle LEFT_00003

Two Yonana Elite maker machines

The Yonanas Maker is an innovative home appliance that makes healthy snacking possible at any time of day. Its technology and high-torque blade emulsifies ONLY frozen fruit into a healthy treat that looks, tastes, and feels like soft-serve ice cream—in just seconds. Unlike other dessert makers, you don’t have to add any other ingredients such as milk, cream, sugar, yogurt or soy—which makes it perfect for vegans, diabetics and those who are lactose intolerant.


  • Sarah Phillips

    Wow, what awesome prizes, thanks for the opportunity – Merry Christmas xx