Best-kept travel secret: How to get the cheapest flights in Australia


I’ve only just been bitten by the travel bug. Up until about two years ago I was one of those people that was happy exploring my own backyard, with an annual road trip thrown in and a few weekends away added to the mix as well. I guess that’s more than some people {Mum, I’m […]

All aboard: A weekend on the P&O Pacific Jewel


Prior to this past weekend I was a cruise virgin. I’d never been aboard a cruise ship, and my freshness was evident by the fact that I repeatedly called the ship a boat, even to the Captain. He wasn’t very impressed. “Do you know what the difference is between a ship and a boat?” he […]

Get thee to the Gold Coast: What to do, what to eat & where to stay


We didn’t holiday much as kids {the budget didn’t stretch that far} but when we did, just once mind you, it was to the Gold Coast. My parents piled us 4 kids into our Tarago and we drove the 16 hours to the sunny Gold Coast. I was so beyond excited, and wanted to remember […]

The perks of travelling alone


I paced up and down the busy street, my anxiety growing with each step. I’d officially lost my hotel. I was alone, in a foreign country with a phone that wouldn’t work. Alone. My heart raced and I fought back tears. ‘I knew you shouldn’t have come’, I told myself. ‘I’m never EVER travelling alone […]

Singapore: Things to do & places to stay


So far I’ve shared a bit about Singapore; a few photos of our trip and the food {seriously, the food!} and now it’s time for the best bit – the things you need to put on your to-do list. 1. Singapore Zoo I’ve seen a Zoo or two in my time. When I was nannying […]

Singapore: What to eat, and where to eat it


I’m slightly {OK, a lot} embarrassed by sharing these photos. In my head I’d planned to take photos of the beautiful food before we’d eaten it. That was the plan. I’d be that annoying person at the start of the meal, keeping everyone’s pesky hands away and pleading, “Please don’t eat yet! I haven’t taken […]

Singapore, according to my iPhone.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 9.23.30 AM

Last year, just before Christmas, we packed up and jetted over to Singapore for a few days. I knew not much at all about Singapore before our trip. In fact when the team from Tourism Singapore initially called to invite me on the trip I said, “Oh, it must be fate. I bought Singapore noodles […]

Malaysia: Things to do, see and eat


I didn’t know what to expect from Malaysia. It was my first time traveling to an Asian country, and my mind was open. I didn’t read up or research, but just prepared myself for whatever would come. At first I was overwhelmed. I wanted to soak up everything, photograph everything and enjoy it all too. […]

Hervey Bay: Have a whale of a time!


Last Friday we packed a bag, jumped in the car {puppy included} and headed 5 hours up the coast to Hervey Bay – home of Australia’s best whale watching. First stop was dropping Bronte at a puppy resort for two nights. There were tears. Is it weird that right next door to the resort there’s […]

This is the place


This is the place I met him for our first date. We ate pizza and watched football. He gave me butterflies. This is the place he told me three words. I love you. I whispered them back. This is the place where I sat on his floor and cried when he told me he had […]

I had morning tea with the Prime Minister. And I liked it.


Earlier this week, Wednesday to be exact, I sat working beside my husband who was nursing a fractured knee. “Oh. My. God!” I shrieked.I received an email that I need to read to him, word for word. I’ve had moments like this before, when emails come in and I can’t breathe and my heart jumps […]

10 of my favourite holiday photos


{This photo was taken at Flames restaurant – and isn’t one of my pics. I just wanted to share one of the whole gang. We were trying to dance.}. The past week up in The Great Barrier Reef was the most jam-packed I’ve ever experienced. We went from one activity to another, without time for […]

Up in the air encounters

I had a 4 hour wait at the airport yesterday morning, after my blogging trip up north. I bought a handful of magazines for the flight, jotted down notes of things I didn’t want to forget from the workshops and did some people watching as I waited to board. A man caught my eye, with […]

8 things I’ve discovered on my Great Barrier Reef trip

We’re sitting in our second {and last} blogging workshop in a tree-top type room in the Silky Oaks lodge, the river running beside us and the rainforest around us. Here’s what I learnt yesterday: 1. Banana Twinkies are the bomb.comLast night we went to Palm Cove for dinner. It was a five course menu at […]

Where do you want to travel to next?

I only have a quick moment to blog this morning. For those that don’t know I’m on the Problogger Queensland trip that I was lucky enough to win along with 9 other bloggers. We’re exploring the best of The Great Barrier reef region and learning new blogging tricks along the way. I’ll share more details […]

I am officially the worst packer. Ever.

I am here. I’m in sunny Cairns. And I forgot my toothbrush. I always forget something. Thankfully it wasn’t something as vital as underwear*, I’m thankful for that. My bag weighs a whopping 23kg, and still no toothbrush. How was your day today? *For the record, toothbrushes are extremely vital. No one likes to travel […]

Kitchen by Mike

There’s a new cafe in town. Well, not really in my town, but close enough. On Thursday I popped over for a green tea with a friend at Kitchen by Mike and loved it so much headed back again on Saturday. You know when something is so good you have to share it with someone […]

Our Hunter Valley mini-vacation

Ahhh! This is a stress-free me writing this blog post. The knots are gone from my neck and I feel rested and content. That’s what a weekend away will do for you! We’ve just arrived home after a few days up in the Hunter Valley. For those that don’t know, the Hunter Valley is about […]

The Holiday Report.

I’ve got a bad case of the back-to-work-blues. They come directly after a string of days off work and are best cured by more holidays, really. I don’t know if anyone else suffers the same problem, but I get them bad. Even after a darn long weekend. Here’s what went down over the break: What’s […]

Sculptures By The Sea 2012

{Skeleton goes fishing} If you live in the Eastern Suburbs you may have woken to the sounds of helicopters hovering this morning, like we did. Well I did. Hubby left for work in the dark of night and Lacey sleeps best when she should be starting to wake. Sometimes helicopters mean someone needs help after […]