The perks of travelling alone


I paced up and down the busy street, my anxiety growing with each step. I’d officially lost my hotel. I was alone, in a foreign country with a phone that wouldn’t work. Alone. My heart raced and I fought back tears. ‘I knew you shouldn’t have come’, I told myself. ‘I’m never EVER travelling alone… 

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Singapore: What to eat, and where to eat it


I’m slightly {OK, a lot} embarrassed by sharing these photos. In my head I’d planned to take photos of the beautiful food before we’d eaten it. That was the plan. I’d be that annoying person at the start of the meal, keeping everyone’s pesky hands away and pleading, “Please don’t eat yet! I haven’t taken… 

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Singapore, according to my iPhone.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 9.23.30 AM

Last year, just before Christmas, we packed up and jetted over to Singapore for a few days. I knew not much at all about Singapore before our trip. In fact when the team from Tourism Singapore initially called to invite me on the trip I said, “Oh, it must be fate. I bought Singapore noodles… 

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Malaysia: Things to do, see and eat


I didn’t know what to expect from Malaysia. It was my first time traveling to an Asian country, and my mind was open. I didn’t read up or research, but just prepared myself for whatever would come. At first I was overwhelmed. I wanted to soak up everything, photograph everything and enjoy it all too…. 

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