5 ways to make someone’s day

Make a day

Don’t you love when someone does something that changes your mood from a frown to a smile. Doing something little for someone else is a nice opportunity to embrace that warm, fuzzy feeling and spread it a little further. Here’s 5 ways you can easily make someone’s day today: One: Be thoughtful When I was… 

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Top 5: Cushions I’m crushing on


Riddle me this: Has the world always been cushion-crazy or is it a new thing? I’ve never noticed cushions before, probably because I’ve never, ever had a need for them. But now that we’ve moved into a house and I need/want some for my couch and bed, I’m seeing them everywhere. They’re like an enticing… 

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Top 5: Diaries for the new year


I get a little too excited about stationery, particularly about diaries. Forget shoes or jewels, for me it’s diaries. I love the idea of being all organised and starting the year afresh. I may have already purchased my diary for the new year. Oh yes. Sad, aren’t I? Here’s five that I was lusting after:… 

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