Five online courses to better your blogging skills


Hello Blogger. I want to always be one of those people that wants to keep learning, and I encourage others to do the same. I love discovering new things and letting them soak into my brain. I’m sure if I ever attended University I’d probably still be there learning things. Actually, strike that. I’m not that into learning. With blogging I love reading, and asking questions, and doing online and…

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Six oh-so-beautiful script fonts that you need to try


I’m a font freak, and I really mean a freak… every day of the week. Well not every day, but I like it. If I find someone using a font I like {or love} I can go near insane trying to figure out what it is. FONT MATTERS PEOPLE. Today I’m putting together six fonts I love. They’re kinda handwritten, scripty and really beautiful. They aren’t free, but they’re not…

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Blog Books: 6 books you need to grow your blog

books for bloggers

How long has it been since you walked into a book store? There’s a small book store I love close to home, and sometimes I walk in just to smell it. It’s childhood right there. And now you think I’m weird, don’t you? Today I wanted to share 6 books for bloggers. Some I’ve read. Some I’ve just ordered, and can’t wait to immerse myself in. I love reading about…

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Instagram’s new filters: Which is your fave?


So while you were singing carols and eating eggnog {do people actually drink that?} Instagram quietly gave birth to some new filters. Merry Christmas to you, indeed. They also added in a little bit more functionality too. And because Instagram is my favourite social media platform and because I’m a geek through and through, I thought I’d share a little bit about the update. Again, Merry Christmas. First, I’d like…

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Grow it! 6 steps to make your blog better


So you’ve got your blog, and you’ve written some posts, now you just need the people to come and read it, right? Here’s six steps you need to take to grow your blog. Jump to it! Step one: Get thee on Pinterest Pinterest is a great referring of traffic to your blog. It’s quickly taking over Facebook and any other social media platform for getting traffic to your blog. How,…

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Ssssh! The 6 blogging secrets I’d only tell my BFF


Imagine we’re besties. Imagine I’ve cooked the most delicious chocolate cake, and made the best tea there is and I’ve invited you over for a little girly chat session. Is your tummy rumbling for cake now too? Imagine I tell you the best blogging secrets reserved only for real BFFs. This is what I would tell you. And then we’d promptly put on eye masks and watch The Notebook over…

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A fun photography project to try this weekend


I’ve embraced a love of photography since I was old enough to hold a camera. I’m not fancy though. I’m just an everyday photographer giving it a red-hot-go, and I love to encourage others to do the same. It’s a great way to get creative that doesn’t have to cost a lot, and isn’t messy (unlike experimenting with paints and paper and craft glue, oh my!). Today I’m sharing a…

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18 ways to get noticed as a blogger


1. Write consistently I know this sounds boring, doesn’t it? Quit yawning because it’s really important. You can’t expect for people to notice you if you wrote one post in 3 months. You need to be committed to creating content, whether it’s daily, 3 times a week or whatever you choose. Be consisted and committed. 2. Do your SEO Google will notice you if you’ve done your SEO for each…

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Are your photos social media ready? Read this.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 7.24.40 pm

So you’re a blogger and you’ve probably got that writing side of things sorted, but what about photos? Let’s chat about those. In the beginning of blogging it was enough to just share a photo… any old photo, but now we need to think a little bit bigger? Does it tell a story? Is it shareable? Is it {dare I say} up to scratch? Let’s explore how to master great…

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9 things your blog really needs to have. Get on it.


More and more blogs are popping every day, but there are 9 essential things that every blog should have. Does yours have them? 1. A really good blog header If you click over to a blog, the header is really the first thing you set eyes on… and it’s the first impression you get of a blog, don’t you think? It’s a chance to be creative and have some fun….

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Dreaming new dreams


I know this is going to sound like a total first world problem to have, and I know it is, but I wanted to share it anyway. For a few years now I dreamed of having an App for Photo A Day, and I worked at it for so long… which was hard because Luella was so young and I probably wasn’t in the best mind space to be working…

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How to ditch that pesky bloggers’ block


It happens to the best of us. You open up your laptop, log into your blog and you’ve got nothing. Your mind is empty, your creativity isn’t flowing and you just don’t know what on earth to blog about. You’re not alone. Trust me. I’ve been blogging for 6 years now and it happens to me a few times a year, and I hear other bloggers going through the same…

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Bloggy-type help: Writing your first blog post


I started a thing a while back, about helping people that email me about blogging. Usually I just reply back to them and give them advice, but I thought it’s probably more useful to share here so that other people can take something from it as well, hopefully. This email popped into my inbox: I have been following your blog and the Photo-a-Day challenge for a while now and I…

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Bloggy-type help: How to travel beyond the plateau


Hello you. A while back I wrote this post on helping out a blog reader, and I said if anyone needed any help to email me and I’d do my darnedest to help out. I got some lovely emails through, and have to apologise for the tardiness in getting the posts up. This reader wanted to remain anonymous, but I think we’ll call her Lola {because that’s what I wanted…

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So, you want to be a blogger?


I got an email from a reader last night, and it’s an email that I get quite often about blogging. It’s from the beginner blogger. The thought of blogging can be overwhelming and seem huge. HUGE. So, I thought I’d try to help by answering some of the questions here. Grace wrote: I would really love to get a bit better at blogging, but there are so many blogs nowadays,…

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BLOGversation: So… what’s your niche?


About six months after I started blogging I got a hunger for it. I wanted to read books, blogs about blogging, take courses on blogging and just consume as much as I could. One thing that always came up was that you HAD to have a niche. A blog without a niche wasn’t going to result in much at all. I didn’t have a niche. It made me all anxious…

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BLOGversation: Kicking bloggers block to the kerb {my top 5 tips}


Ah, the old Bloggers Block. That thing where that essential creative part of your mind packs up and goes on holidays and doesn’t even bother to ask for permission. Sigh. It happens. Well, it happens to me. Does it happen to you? I find that’s when I need to get out and get busy living. A trip to Sydney always does the trick for me, but when budget and time…

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BLOGversation: Let’s look into the future. What do you see?


I’m a dreamer, and a bit of a planner. I love a mind map, an inspiration board or just some simple day-dreaming… but I have to say it’s been hard to think ahead of time work-wise when I’ve been so stuck into bringing a new baby into the world. So, I don’t really have an answer to this question right now, but I’m looking forward to reading your responses and…

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BLOGversation: Who inspires you?


Around a gazillion new blogs are created every single day. I made that up. But I bet there are a lot. How many is a gazillion anyway? When I go blog reading I liken it to falling down the rabbit hole {like Alice in Wonderland}. I start on one blog, click through to another… until I’ve lost a few hours from my day/night and gained a whole lot of inspiration….

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BLOGversation: What’s your most popular blog post?


Sometimes you write a post and you just know that it’s going to resonate with people, and that it’ll be well received. And sometimes you’re wrong. And then there are times when you write a post, and as you click ‘publish’ you wonder whether it’s really worthy of being published at all… and it ends up being super popular and well-read by everyone. Go figure! My Photo A Day challenge…

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4 easy ways: How to grow your social media networks

4 ways to grow your social media networks

Last month I was all set to speak at the ProBlogger conference on the Gold Coast. It’s always an honour to be asked to speak, but I did say yes a little hesitantly. Hesitantly because I was due to give birth only a few weeks before hand, and if I was overdue then I’d have only given birth a few days before the conference. I was hopeful and excited though,…

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BLOGversation: Let’s play favourites. Which social media platform is your bestest?


I have a soft spot for Instagram. I’m a visual person, and I can’t go past a good photo {or even a bad one if I’m completely honest}. I love that one photo can tell a story, without any words. I love it. It’s not complicated, it’s easy to use and it’s pretty social too. What’s your favourite social media platform? Why? photo credit: Alexander Rentsch via photopin cc

BLOGversation: What’s your blog dream?

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 6.50.23 AM

I’m a dreamer. I have my head in the clouds a lot. My mind never rests. But for me dreaming is different to goal-making. I dream rather than set goals… I let my mind wander and wander, where ever it may go. At first my blog dream was to be able to work from home and care for Lacey, and then it came true. For me I want to constantly…

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BLOGversation: What are you passionate about?


Ah, passion. Get your head out of the bedroom for a moment, I’m talking passion in blogging. Some people are passionate about fashion or food, or living a natural life, or parenting, or crafting, or current affairs or travel. I don’t reserve my passion for one thing, I spread it around. It’s distributed among creativity, photography, food, parenting, living life inspired, enjoying the daily life, clouds, cake… you know… stuff….

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