Letter to Lacey: Now you’re a big sister


{photo by Rana Rankin Photography} Dear Lacey, You’re a big sister. A few hours after your little sister Luella was born, your Gaga brought you into the hospital. We wanted you to meet her before anyone else so Dada came and collected you from out in the hallway. Already it’s all a blur to me, […]

Letter to Lacey: Just thank you.


Dear Lacey, I burst into tears just now. I was driving along, just a minute from home. I was rubbing my belly pondering what a miracle it was that there was a fully grown baby inside me. That stuff never gets old. I grew a baby. It’s kinda magic. Why the tears? I’m pregnant, so […]

Letter to Lacey: 5 years old


Dear Lacey, Every year your birthday comes around, and every year I play a little game in my head. I call it the ‘This time back when’ game. It’s a little trip back memory lane that I think most mums play around the birthday of their children. This morning I woke at crazy o’clock, also […]

Let’s talk about being four.


My very first memory is being four. I was shy and timid. I remember being at preschool and it was Dad’s day. I was sitting playing playdough and my Dad walked in. You know that overwhelming sense of pride you used to get when your parents would be at your school to see what you […]

Letter to Lacey: Four years old

Dear Lacey, Four years ago today, I gave birth to a little baby girl. You. It feels like a lifetime ago, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. The final moments that it was just Dadda and I. And then we were parents. Just like that. I thought I had it all worked […]

Letter to Lacey: Forty Months

Dear Lacey, I quite like 3 and a half. You’re my little shadow. We laugh together. Play together. Tell jokes together. Bake together. Three and a half is all sorts of fun. On the flip side, three and a half is a bit of a hard work. As much as there is laughter, there are […]

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Nine Months

Each night we climb into bed and without fail twenty minutes later you want something to eat, usually biscuits. And so being the kinda mum {read: sucker} that I am, I clamber upstairs and get you something to eat. And then moments later you’ll tell me that you’re thirsty. So then again I’ll march upstairs […]

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Eight Months

Dear Lacey, Oh my! Look at how big you’ve gotten! You’re so cheeky. Any time anyone sees you, even if they haven’t seen you for a week they say, “Wow, she’s so big now!” You must be going through constant little growth spurts. I love the cute little things you say. I need to start […]

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Eight Months

{On the morning of the funeral} Dear Lacey, I wish we could turn back time. This month has been a heartbreaking one. You lost your beloved Pop Pop. He was your best mate, and you were the apple of his eye. He adored you. He was so proud of his little Lacey. There are things […]

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Seven Months

Love you, you silly sausage. Even if you do love trolleys. Mama. xx

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Six Months {Three Years!}

Dear Lacey, Over the past month when people have asked me how old you are I’ve told them two. Not two and 10 months, not almost 3 but two. I’ve been hanging on to you being a baby for as long as I possibly can. Three? Can you really be three? Wasn’t it just last […]

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Five Months

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Four Months

You ran in from outside and asked for your hat. “Mama, I need my hat!” I told you where to find it, and you ran around in a hurry trying to get it as fast as you possibly could. With it clutched in your hands, you quickly ran for the door. “Kissy?” I asked. You […]

Letter to Lacey: Thirty Three Months.

Where has my baby gone? In her place is a confident little girl, you. Before and during my pregnancy I would spend the days dreaming about you, what you would look like, what your little voice would sound like and about your little personality. You’re not the little girl I dreamed of, but somehow you’re […]

Letter To Lacey: Thirty Months.

Hello Miss Destruction. You have the ability to destroy a room in one single swoop. You’re Trouble with a capital T. You never ever, ever {ever!} sit still. Yesterday you put coins in my computer’s disc drive, the day before you emptied the bookcase by climbing up on a chair and the day before that […]

Letter To Lacey: Twenty Nine Months.

Oh Little Lacey, you’re not so little anymore. You’re growing in every way possible. Your legs are longer, your vocabulary is getting bigger, and even your hair is getting longer. Finally. Those little wings above your ears, they melt me. I toss up between wanting to try my hand at a little hairdressing giving you […]

Letter To Lacey: Twenty Eight Months

The television catches your eye and you stop in your tracks. “That’s amazing!” you gasp. You’re always describing things as delicious, amazing, beautiful and even gorgeous. I look over to see what has grabbed your attention and it’s a man break dancing on TV. Your eyes are glued. You drop to the floor and try […]

Letter To Lacey: Twenty Seven Months

{Your teddy Lulu – your favourite} Mama, play with me? Mama, sit! Mama, read it? Mama, ‘cado? Mama, chocolate? You’re always moving, always talking, always asking, always needing, never ever tired. You’re always friendly, always polite, always kind, always inquisitive. You want to do as I do, be as I am. It’s interesting to see […]

Letter To Lacey: Twenty Six Months.

Oh my little bundle of extreme cuteness, how I love thee. I love you lots, and lots, and lots, and lots…but you knew that. There’s no harm in telling you though, is there? And can I tell you again tomorrow? And the next day too? You’re my little dancing girl. You dance all day, and […]

Letter To Lacey: Twenty Five Months.

Hello my little Lacey. You’re more than two now. You’re getting bigger, but still my baby. Your hair is growing {slowly, but surely}, and your legs are becoming too long for some of your clothes. You’re independent, yet still very attached to your Mama and Dadda. You’re full of conversation. I love chatting to you […]