Photography lesson: Mastering the rule of thirds technique


Hello and welcome students. Take a seat, get your cameras/phones/photo-taking devices out, and let’s get started. If you’ve been playing along with photo-a-day for a little while now, you’ll know that each month I share a photography technique as a prompt. It gives us all a chance to grow, stretch and explore a little more… 

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Photography lesson: 5 tips for shooting macro with your iPhone


Each month in the FMS Photo A Day challenge we’ve been exploring new photography techniques. I’ve loved trying out new ways of shooting, and it seems that loads of people are too. It’s nice to stretch outside the comfort zone, even if it makes me a bit nervous. The photography technique this month is macro…. 

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Instagram 101: a step-by-step guide to using Instagram


Chances are, if you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got Instagram. If you’re a newbie to the Instagram game, let me help you figure it out in 13 easy steps: Step 1. Download the Instagram app (here for Apple products and here for Android users). It’s free. I’ll wait here while you get it. I’ll just… 

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How to create a collage poster with your Instagram photos

1. Visit 2. Log into your Instagram account. 3. Choose which poster layout you’d like to use. 4. Name your poster {eg photo a day photos}. 5. Drop and drag your photos into the poster {or double click the picture for them to automatically be added}. 6. Once completed, click create. 7. Download your… 

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6 free iPhone wallpaper pretties

I’m a bit of an iPhone-lover. If you don’t have one and mention that you’re thinking of getting one, I’ll convert you {or try to!}. My Ma just got one. First the first week she didn’t send messages because it was overwhelming. She’s still a spring chicken, my Ma, and has finally come around and… 

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