Mid-week meal: Slow cooker baked potatoes


I know it seems lazy to put potatoes in a slow cooker to cook, but you can’t knock it until you try it. They taste different. Better. They’re one of our favourite dinners. Easy, and delicous, and not messy at all. Ingredients Large washed potatoes, as many as you have people in your family (for… 

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Rebel’s delicious egg-y quiche-y things {better than they sound}


I know, I know. I’ve committed the ultimate blogger sin by sharing a VERY ordinary photo of something I made. Yep, I’m no food stylist {in case you didn’t know already}. But I had to share. My friend Rebel made these quiches for Lacey’s birthday party earlier this year, and I usually keep my distance… 

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Nigella Lawson’s choc-chip muffins {Thermomix}


Today I want to introduce you to a beautiful friend of mine, Sam, who I know you’re going to love. She’s bubbly and happy and it’s just so infectious. She writes over at The Annoyed Thyroid {think lots of great recipes, a super inspiring back-story and good times}. She’s fulfilling a big goal of running… 

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In the Thermomix: Pretty delicious scone recipe


I already have a great scone recipe that I love. It’s only got three ingredients and it makes the best scones ever, so I was a little pessimistic in trying the Thermomix recipe. We had friends over so while Hubby chatted I quickly put the ingredients into the Thermomix, switched on the oven and went… 

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In the Thermomix: Quirky Cooking’s Creamy Chicken & Brown Rice Soup


I love a good chicken soup, and trust me, there can be some bad ones. My favourite chicken soup is this one which I adapted for the Slow Cooker. Well, that was until I met this one. I put off cooking this chicken soup for a while, because it seemed too complicated with it’s almonds… 

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Falling in love with my Thermomix & pretty darn good choc-chip cookies


Do you know anyone that has a Thermomix? Those people are passionate, lovers of the machine. I say that in the kindest way possible. I love that they love it and use it. I have tried, and I’ll admit I’m getting better… but I actually find it therapeutic to chop and stir things sometimes. I… 

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In the Thermomix: Salmon rissoles, love.


I don’t think my family could be any more Australian if we tried. When people would ask where my family came from, I’d simply say, “Australia” with a puzzled look on my face. We don’t have an ounce of heritage or culture, and I know someone, somewhere down the line came from England but we’re… 

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Easy dinner: Pumpkin, feta & zucchini frittata


I’m really fussy with eggy things. The word omelet makes me gag. Seriously, I’m cringing writing this. But I really wanted to make friends with frittata because it looked like a easy, healthy meal to have when you can’t be bothered cooking. So it was a big leap of faith to make this one. One… 

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Thermomix recipe: Really, truly, quite awesome caramel fudge


When I was in high school I used to love two things from the canteen; chicken and lettuce rolls and caramel fudge. I’d eat the roll for lunch, and then slowly, and sneakily devour the fudge through the last two lessons of school in the afternoon. It was only once a month or so, but… 

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An ice cream party & a giveaway


It feels like forever ago now, but back in April Lacey turned the ripe old age of 6. Six is fun, filled with lots of learning and growing. Being her first year at big school she’s loving learning, and everything is an opportunity to read or write or explore {i.e. reading EVERYTHING out loud, all… 

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