Festival of birthdays: Hummingbird cake


This week every year has always been a festival of birthdays for my family, otherwise known as cake week. It seems like 90% of my family was born at this time of year. We have 9 {yes, NINE} birthdays in just over 9 days. That’s a whole lot of celebrating {and a good handful of […]

You’ve got to try this one: Twix cookies recipe


My sister is getting married. Slowly, slowly my siblings are coming across to married territory. First it was me, then my little sister, now my older sister and then eventually my brother and his beautiful girlfriend will follow {I pretty much can’t wait}. For a long time Hubby was the only in-law in our family, […]

Recipe: Afternoon Teal Cake


You know when you don’t really feel like doing anything, you’re bone tired {I think I finally figured out what that feels like, so tired down to the bones}, your hair has regrowth majorly, a pimple has taken up residency on your chin and you’re just not in the mood? But then you do, you […]

Chopped salad: The one where you empty your crisper and chop it up

chopped salad

Well, it’s not quite as the title suggests. I certainly don’t want you just emptying your crisper and thinking it makes an ace salad. We all have varying degrees of quality lurking in our fridges. I will wear my halo and let you know I do a market shop for most of our fruit and […]

Oh sweet jaffle! Easy peasy apple pies


If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you might know that I’ve been off dairy since having Luella… because she gets VERY cranky when I have it. I was totally fine with it. In fact I might have thought it was even a little bit fun to find dairy-free recipes and try […]

Carol’s cookies: Pretty much the easiest biscuits in the world


My sister and I had quite the debate the other day, well by debate I meant quiet conversation while munching on some high tea goodies. I was salivating over the details of how good cake is. I haven’t met a cake I didn’t like {except for this one time I went to my Aunt’s house […]

Brunch with friends: Raspberry & white chocolate muffins


Back in High School I met my best friend. It was behind the hall and it was 1993. Physically she was everything I wasn’t, tiny and petite and beautiful. I was tall, frumpy and was wearing the platform shoes that were so very popular back then. We hit it off. In an ideal world, I’d […]

Food as gifts: Choc chip shortbread


Over this past month I’ve been sharing a few different recipes for food to make as gifts, because who doesn’t love to indulge in good food this time of year? This recipe is easy to make. Super easy. Just throw it all in the food processor or Thermomix and you’re almost done! Ingredients 220g chilled […]

Peter Gilmore’s Banana Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

starlight_banana pudding8809

This Christmas the Starlight Children’s Foundation is aiming to raise $1.2 million to grant wishes for seriously ill children around Australia. That’s a lot of lovely wishes. I’ve read a bit about the way they work, and the wishes they grant and it’s beautiful. People are just amazing. To help raise some of that money […]

4 ingredients: Rocky road bark


We live in a small neighbourhood, and in our little area of the street we’re quite friendly. When the weather is good the kids will meet in the street and ride bikes together. Everyone is always up for a chat. I couldn’t love it more. It feels like the neighbourhood where I grew up. Each […]

Breakfast with friends: prosciutto, tomato & bocconcini croissants


You either love croissants, or you don’t. I do. We had them just once a year, at Christmas time, my dad would fill them with ham and cheese, pop them in the oven and we’d indulge. They’re the ultimate treat food for me. My cousin introduced my to this recipe, she made them one weekend […]

Meat-free Monday: Mushrooms stuffed chock-a-block with pesto


If I asked you right now what your favourite food was, what would you say? Chocolate? Cake? Brie cheese? If I had to survive on a deserted island I’ve always thought that my food would be mushrooms. I’m crazy about them. I’ll eat them raw, cooked… and which way. Love them. So when Stacey from […]

3 ingredient: Instant dairy-free banana & macadamia ice-cream


Although there are a few things I miss about having dairy, it’s probably one of the easiest food groups to miss out on {says she who knows she won’t have to be without cream/cheese/ice-cream forever}. We still have goat’s milk so it’s easy to find substitutes. This week I picked up some goat’s milk fetta […]

Chicken rice paper rolls with satay dipping sauce


This recipe is fiddly, and you don’t want to be making lots of them but it might also just be the most delicious thing you’ll ever eat. It’s fresh, and flavoursome and not heavy. Once you’re all set up with your rice paper roll processing line, you’re on your way. The satay sauce is a […]

Perfect pikelets: You’re just 4 ingredients away from morning tea


Pop quiz. What’s a pikelet? Is it: 1. a regional type of crumpet 2. a type of pancake found in Australia and New Zealand 3. stage name of Australian musician Evelyn Morris 4. a North Staffordshire delicacy. A thicker form of oatcake with raisins added 5. all of the above Well, it’s all of the […]

Delicious & dairy-free chocolate fudge cake


If you’d asked me to bake a dairy-free cake 6 months ago, I’d have probably declined and told you that cakes NEED dairy. Butter, milk and all that dairy goodness. But now that I’ve been going dairy-free because little Luella has some colic, and I’m trying to see if ditching dairy helps, I’ve been looking […]

A feel-good caramel slice recipe

FMS Caramel Slice

Hello! Today I wanted to introduce you to a new friend, Bianca. I discovered the lovely writer from Wholefood Simply when a message popped up into my Facebook inbox, and as soon as I clicked over to her blog I fell in love and got hungry. Today Bianca is sharing her caramel slice recipe and […]

How to make {kick-butt} haloumi


I’ve made this a few times now and tried to make it look nice in the photos, and I just can’t. You just need to know one thing: it tastes amazing. A-mah-zing. We’d been making haloumi for a while, well not ‘making’ it but cooking it, and we were doing it wrong. It was too […]

Watermelon whip: The pink drink that really satisfies

watermelon whip

On the day that I made this drink, Lacey had a little friend over. I remember when I was a kid, and had a friend over, that I was so excited to have company that I didn’t ever bother my Ma. We were out in the garden or in my bedroom playing Barbies or Cabbage […]

This is THE best guacamole ever. I promise.


Last year I brought you the best guacamole ever. It was simple and delicious… but it appears my taste-buds have somewhat matured in the past 12 months and I’ve encountered a new best ever. It packs a punch with flavour, and it’s just moorish. I promise. I put it out on the table when we […]