Naughty garlic bread recipe: Eat now, diet later


Health and well-being types, look away now. This garlic bread recipe is very naughty and no good for anyone, unless you’re someone who is wanting to set your taste-buds on fire and delight the people in your life. This is as naughty as them come; lashings {like, seriously, lashings!} of butter, white crusty bread, and… 

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Triple Chocolate Layer Cake


It’s cake week in our family. Maybe something was in the water, but all our birthdays {not mine} seem to fall into the next week or so. I call it cake week. This year I’m being sensible. I’ve only made one cake. And I made it a good one. I don’t like to make the… 

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Magical Chocolate Mousse for Two


Hello! I’ve got another beautifully delicious post from Erin today. Enjoy lovers. So Valentine’s Day is around the corner guys. Get ready for the beautifully styled Instagram pictures of roses from your friend’s husbands/partners/secret admirers because if they don’t appear on social media, they never actually happened, right? I know I’m sounding particularly jaded, but… 

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