Thermomix Tutti-Fruity Muffins


“I’MMMMM STARRRRVVVING!” If you’ve got kids, or been around kids, or ever been a kid you’ve probably heard that a million times. Or at least once. I think kids often get starving and remotely peckish mixed up. Nevertheless there’s a lot of consumption of food going on in our household these holidays. I’ve been making… 

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Food as gifts: Choc chip shortbread


Over this past month I’ve been sharing a few different recipes for food to make as gifts, because who doesn’t love to indulge in good food this time of year? This recipe is easy to make. Super easy. Just throw it all in the food processor or Thermomix and you’re almost done! Ingredients 220g chilled… 

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Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls


There’s something about Tim Tams that brings people together and gets them excited. To be brutally honest, I didn’t really like those suckers until recently… but now I’m kinda enjoying them {HIPS SAY NO}. This is a super easy recipe, and one that the kids can help with. I just threw everything into my Thermomix,… 

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Stephanie Alexander’s Orange Cake


There’s something about orange cake that gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s buttery, and citrus-y and just so right it can’t be wrong. If you’re in Australia you’ll know Stephanie Alexander. Or I hope you do. She’s an Uber-Cook. When I’d just left home I went into Kmart to have a look around. They had… 

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