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Brought to you by Yoplait Bon Appetit. I’ve recently lost 10kg. Yes, throw the confetti. Blow up the balloons. But don’t worry about serving up the cake. My husband has also recently lost the same amount. We’re disappearing before our own eyes {well, not quite but I thought that sounded like something I should say}. But things have changed at our place. Before losing weight might have been about looking…

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Photography lesson: Mastering the rule of thirds technique


Hello and welcome students. Take a seat, get your cameras/phones/photo-taking devices out, and let’s get started. If you’ve been playing along with photo-a-day for a little while now, you’ll know that each month I share a photography technique as a prompt. It gives us all a chance to grow, stretch and explore a little more with our photos. Some are harder than others, and some are ones that I use…

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The celebrity experience


We’re in California, which means there are celebrities in the very near vicinity of our presence. On the drive from the airport to our hotel I had a very eager, jet-lagged eye out for the Kardashians. They’re like, everywhere, right? Last night I was locked in our room, watching Luella as she slept. Not creepy at all. And Hubby and Lacey went out to ride rides and have all the…

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Stupidly optimistic


I want to tell you that my kids get better at flying with experience, but they just don’t. Actually one does, Lacey is pretty much a dream on the plane. She people watches, makes friends with anyone sitting near her {does not care about their age, anyone will do} and watches movies until she falls asleep. She also makes friends with the hosties so she can get her fair share…

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Chicken, leek and mushroom slow cooker casserole recipe


Brought to you by Coles. I love this cooler weather. It means I can wear jeans, sleep better at night and not feel guilty about watching television in the evenings. And… I love winter food. There’s nothing better than a slow cooker meal. Do you love this cooler weather too? Slow cooker meals are good on those days when you’ve got a lot on {whether work or play}. Wednesday was…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 21

Photo A Day Challenge // Week 21

Howdy! Today I’m heading off and away to DISNEYLAND. I am so excited, and nervous about flying so far with kids. I’m trying to be all zen-mama and be totally cool with being in a confined space with small children for so long. I’ll report back from the other side. Until then, I bring you the new list for the week ahead. I am looking forward to sharing photos from…

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Mushroom Triangles


Brought to you by the Australian Mushroom Growers Association. I’m going to tell you something and you’re going to think I’m fibbing. I’ve written this very thing on my blog once before, I’m sure, but I just can’t find it. If I had to take one good onto a deserted island, it would be mushrooms. I know, I know… for a cake-lover like me, it sounds weird. It’s true though….

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DIY Fun Kit: How to make your own


I am so in love with this project. I knew it would be fun, I just didn’t know it would be so so so so so so so much fun. It’s fun. I know some people are asking, WHAT THE HECK IS A FUN KIT AND WHY DO YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT? So let me tell you in 30 seconds. A Fun Kit is a box of goodies that…

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Tell me all the things about Disneyland


On Sunday we fly to the land of magic, Disneyland. I’m equal parts excited, and equals parts can-not-wait-for-the-flight-to-be-over-already. I know we’re going to have the very best time once we’re there, and it’s we’ll be making life-long memories. You know, good stuff. One of my favourite things to do with travel now, is to ask the people who have traveled before me for their tips. So this is what I’m…

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Creamy chicken pasta bake recipe


I don’t know about you, but I love anything that’s combined in one dish and baked in the oven. It means less things to screw up {yep, I screw up all the time!} and less things to prepare. Make it ahead, bake it later. Call it dinner. Creamy Chicken Pasta Bake Ingredients 250g dried penne pasta Leftover chicken {half a BBQ chicken would be perfect} 100g baby spinach leaves 300ml…

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The Fun Kit


Hello! If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say ‘Fun Kits’ you might like to read this post. In short though, the Olympus team and I put together 150 sweet photography kits to get people excited about photography, and to get them to be creative as well. We sent them out to people all around the world {for FREE!} and they’ve currently making their way to homes…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 20


Hello + Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas among us. I hope your day is filled with cuddles and cake. Today I’m sharing the photo a day list for week 20 {YES, week TWENTY. Where is this year disappearing to?}. It’s designed by the lovely Jess of Jesses Mess. Thank you Jess for creating this beautiful piece of art for us. You are very clever and kind. Below you’ll find…

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Five online courses to better your blogging skills


Hello Blogger. I want to always be one of those people that wants to keep learning, and I encourage others to do the same. I love discovering new things and letting them soak into my brain. I’m sure if I ever attended University I’d probably still be there learning things. Actually, strike that. I’m not that into learning. With blogging I love reading, and asking questions, and doing online and…

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The lasts


Yesterday I took Lulu to the park and we took a stroll along the path. She stopped to pick up every stick in her path, and placed in to the pram. Every single stick. I don’t think she missed one. People walking by oohed at how cute she was, and inside my ovaries were nearly exploding. She’s just the cutest thing. As we headed back to the park to play…

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Make it fancy: There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things


I love this quote. It’s what Photo A Day is all about. Finding the beauty in everyday, ordinary things. You can download it and be inspired this month everyday. Put it on your phone by clicking here, or on your computer by clicking here. Simply download it, and then upload it to your wallpaper. x Thanks to Melyssa from The Nectar Collective for designing them especially for us.

A whinge.


I dropped my toothbrush this morning, and on any normal day… that would be fine. But I’ve done something to my back that makes me want to cry when I drop anything. I wanted to cry. Bending over to pick up ANYTHING has me making noises akin to giving birth. Getting dressed, shaving my legs, emptying the dishwasher, and unloading the washing machine are all tasks that make me grimace….

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Chocolate Slice. Just like grandma used to make.


This is one of those slices that you had as a kid. In fact you might have bought it from one of those Cake & Slice stalls at your school. Perhaps your grandma used to make it, and she wrote in on a small scrap of paper {no doubt with some sort of floral print on it}, and gave it to your mother and now here you are… making it…

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The Real Reality.


I don’t know if you know, but Kate gave birth to the Royal Baby over the weekend. If you don’t know… well I want to live where you’re living, because that must be very nice. And quiet. Anyway, Kate had her royal princess and she’s cute. I welcomed that baby news with open arms, because hasn’t the news been so much doom and gloom of late? That baby is cute….

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Photo A Day Week 19: Let’s get our photo on!


Hello! Today I’m bringing you the new list for the week ahead, and just like every other week… it’s beautiful. The very talented Mari Orr has designed this list for us this week. You can check out more of her work over on her site, here. Here’s to a fun week of photo-taking, and may the act of stopping to take a photo each day change the way you see…

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Six oh-so-beautiful script fonts that you need to try


I’m a font freak, and I really mean a freak… every day of the week. Well not every day, but I like it. If I find someone using a font I like {or love} I can go near insane trying to figure out what it is. FONT MATTERS PEOPLE. Today I’m putting together six fonts I love. They’re kinda handwritten, scripty and really beautiful. They aren’t free, but they’re not…

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Want a FREE fun kit? Here’s how to get one.


Happy Friday! Last week I wrote about my exciting news {I’m an Olympus Ambassador! Woot!}, and about how I was going to be giving out some Fun Kits. For those that aren’t in the know, The Fun Kits are a box filled with six props that people can use to get creative with their photography. I’ve spent the past week packing and sorting, and making things fun. You don’t want…

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Cheaty, no-bake Mother’s Day cake


This is for the non-bakers. The I-don’t-have-timers. The I-want-to-but-I’m-just-not-sure-I-caners. This is for the kids who would most likely burn down a house if they ever attempted to bake a cake. And this is for the dads who want to impress their wife {or baby mama} but wouldn’t know how to cream butter to save their lives. It’s the totally cheaty, no-bake cake. I’m the chief cake-maker in my family, so…

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Nominate a mum + win her a beautiful prize pack


Our dishwasher died last weekend and we had to buy a new one. It wasn’t a fun purchase, but it needed to be done. For the record, we went with one with the cutlery drawer. Not sure what I think about it, to be honest. As I waited at the checkout with the salesman we did our best attempt at small talk. He told me about how his kid cracked…

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Nigella Lawson’s Simple Macaroni Cheese


I don’t want to sound like I’m throwing a pity party, but well… I kinda am. At some point last week I hurt my back. There’s nothing like back pain, well I know nothing like back pain. It’s debilitating, and makes me so grateful for my health when I have it {and how dearly I want my normal, healthy back to return}. If you’re going to throw a pity party,…

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When did we get so nosy?

Rabbit Mouth And Nose

I was at the supermarket the other week, by myself. Yep, it can and does happen. I was just doing a quick shop, so placed my basket of purchases on the conveyor belt thing. There was an older couple in front of me debating the merits of Fly Buys, but the husband quickly became distracted as soon as I put my basket down. He walked over, stuck his head right…

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