Week 6 | February | Photo A Day


Howdy! I hope you’re dandy! I know I’m easily excited, but today I truly have good reason. I have one of my favourite artists creating the list this week. Lauren Merrick was someone I’ve wanted for a long time, and she’s so busy it’s been had to nab her, but I finally did. See, excitement… 

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Summer Face: My favourite beauty products


I’m very, very simplistic when it comes to beauty stuff. I like to look after my skin, getting treatments done is my idea of heaven, but I can’t stand the feeling of being dirty so layers and layers of make-up is never really going to be my thing {unless it’s a special occasion, particularly if… 

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Share your best #FMSphotoaday photo and win this!


This year I wanted to introduce a little something-something. And this is that something-something. At the end of each month I’m asking people to tag their favourite photo of the month and my favourite photo will win a prize. Each month the prize will change {but will always be available internationally}, and each month the… 

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Photography lesson: Tips for mastering black and white photography


Brought to you by Olympus OM-D E-M10. Hello you photo-taker! Each month of this year I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for photography techniques. If you’re playing along with photo a day, you’ll notice that each month I’ll include a photography prompt. This prompt is included so it can help us stretch and grow and… 

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Thermomix Tutti-Fruity Muffins


“I’MMMMM STARRRRVVVING!” If you’ve got kids, or been around kids, or ever been a kid you’ve probably heard that a million times. Or at least once. I think kids often get starving and remotely peckish mixed up. Nevertheless there’s a lot of consumption of food going on in our household these holidays. I’ve been making… 

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You know you grew up in the 90s when…


Brought to you by Weetbix. Grab your tickets and jump aboard. We’re going for a trip down memory lane, where neon is everywhere {including on your shoelaces}, hair is BIG and bike-pants are totally in {the louder the pattern the better}. We’re getting there aboard this rather vintage bus thanks to Weetbix. Read on to… 

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Photo A Day | Week Four | January


Hello! Firstly, I want to just say that if this is the first time you’ve stumbled across the photo a day challenge, you’re welcome to play. Just join today or tomorrow. It’s never too late to start. Oh my goodness. Yesterday I went to see The Lion King with Lacey and it was so good…. 

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