Copy cat


I was heading off to speak at a morning tea down the coast, so I snuck in to my bedroom to get ready without the resident little people competing for my attention. I don’t take long to get ready. I quickly do my hair, my make-up and get dressed. As always, Lacey came looking for… 

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Bloggy-type help: Writing your first blog post


I started a thing a while back, about helping people that email me about blogging. Usually I just reply back to them and give them advice, but I thought it’s probably more useful to share here so that other people can take something from it as well, hopefully. This email popped into my inbox: I… 

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Craft project: Make a set of triplet softies


Today I’ve got a little treat for you. Trixi from Coloured Buttons is here to share a little craft/sewing project that you can tackle this weekend. Enjoy! Peanut shaped softies are easy to make and sew and, with a bit of imagination, you can use this shape to create all sorts of new projects. In… 

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Thermomix recipe: Chocolate custard


There’s one thing I’ve learned while doing this Thermomix challenge, and that’s that Thermomix owners are quite passionate people. They love their machines. I’m starting to get why they do, but I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll ever be that person. I’m 15 days in and I’m glad I’m using it more. I’ve made two… 

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Are you suffering from weekenditis?


Brought to you by TFE Hotels. When’s the last time you had a really, really, REALLY good weekend? You know the ones where you’ve actually done a great mix of good things; a bit of feet-up-and-relaxing, a touch of consuming good food {and perhaps a little bit of wine}, and a dash of good times… 

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A weekend of firsts


I’ve always known that when Lacey started losing her teeth that it was going to be a downhill slide into big-girlhood, and that it would be an emotional roller-coaster for me, her mama. A week ago she told me that her tooth was ‘wibbly’ and she’s told the same a few times before {only to… 

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