Good news day


Howdy! Today I’m sharing some exciting news that I’ve been sitting on for a while {not literally or that bugger would be mighty squashed}. Last year I was an ambassador for Olympus which meant I got to do some really cool things that involved you guys {lunches up and down the east coast, which were… 

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The things I’d do for a dumpling


I love me some dumplings, maybe even more than I love my husband. {Shane, I joke! I do}. It’s the one thing my life has been void of since moving up North, and I haven’t failed to mention that to anyone that will listen. I MISS THE DUMPLINGS. I was looking on Facebook on the… 

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The little girl who knew what she wanted


The afternoons have been beautiful since summer finished. This one afternoon we were out the front, playing before night fell. The sky was filled with pinks, oranges, blue and purples as the sun set. “That is the most beautiful sun set ever,” I said to no one in particular. Moments later Lulu waddled up to… 

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The best camera bags {well, my favourites!}


It’s no secret that my camera is one of my prized possessions, so it only makes sense that I should house it something equally as special. Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite camera bags from around the world. They have room for the camera, and the various lenses and other bits and bobs…. 

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20 things about me


I’ve been asked to do this a lot on Instagram, and I thought I’d do it here instead. What? You’re calling me lazy for not wanting to type it all out on a teeny little phone keyboard. Ok, you got me. Lazy I am. 1. I actually hate typing on the phone. So text messages,… 

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Easy hair, yeah yeah


My family wasn’t blessed with the best of hair. We’ve got frizzy, nothingness hair. I am sorry family, but someone had to say it. It’s just not that cool. My siblings have brown hair, and I’m the only blonde. My two sisters have curly hair, and I have frizzy. Blessed are we. My little sister… 

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