BLOGversation: What’s your most popular blog post?


Sometimes you write a post and you just know that it’s going to resonate with people, and that it’ll be well received. And sometimes you’re wrong. And then there are times when you write a post, and as you click ‘publish’ you wonder whether it’s really worthy of being published at all… and it ends up being super popular and well-read by everyone. Go figure!

My Photo A Day challenge lists posts are always quite popular, but this post I wrote last year in June about a man I met on a flight has to be one that connected with people. It’s one of my most favourite posts that I’ve written as well. It’s the one that people will talk to me about most too. You can read it here: Up In The Air Encounters.

I’d love to know what you think your most popular post might have been? {Just one!}. Leave a link below in the comments, and perhaps share why you thought it was popular? Did you share it differently on social media, or was it the content of the blog post that connected with people? Do tell!



  1. says

    There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which of mine are popular. Some are funny, some are life-snapshot posts, some are renovation-related – I never know!

    This one is a funny one, and I think it was popular because anyone who’s done something silly when tired can relate. It got quite a few comments, but also a lot of interaction on facebook, with more shares than most of my other posts combined! (And you might be able to relate at the moment too!) x

  2. Amara Sullivan says

    It is hard to say with mine as I haven’t been blogging for long and all my posts are fashion or beauty related so people can’t always relate, I do find though that posting pictures of myself on my Facebook page gets more traffic than random fashion or sale updates. I find it really hard with Twitter as well I just don’t really know how to use it in order to gain my followers etc. Love your blog x

  3. Erin Drummond says

    I haven’t been blogging for very long but my most popular one was a post about a big scary leap I was taking into a new career as a sign language interpreter. I talked about my thoughts on taking the interpreter test and how I have been working up to it for 5 years. I was surprised it was so popular actually. But nothing has come close to it since.

  4. Blythe says

    My most popular post is one titled “You only regret the workouts you don’t do”. It’s nothing earth shattering, just my honest observations about my attitude towards fitness (or lack of).

  5. says

    I have two posts, one was simply a letter to my sister for her 40th birthday, I didn’t really think any one else would read it as it is quite personal and mentions things that other people wouldn’t really know about, but it is my most searched for post.

    Then there is the best I wrote on my phone, thoughts literally spewing from my brain at 3 am, it is the best that most people will talk to me about and tell me that they felt so connected to.

    I couldn’t have ‘planned’ either of these posts, I find this topic fascinating, because i hear people talking all the time about how to write a great blog post, but at the bottom of it all, it’s the posts that share raw emotion and human feelings that seem to be those most well received (for me anyway).

  6. Amy Zempilas says

    Congrats on the birth of your precious Luella – she is just divine!! I too had another little baby girl just 5 weeks ago ;) One of my most popular posts was ‘Keeping it Real’ which is what I really enjoy about your blog – your honesty and willingness to share both your highlight reel and behind the scenes moments. Amy x x x x Here’s to keeping it real!!

  7. says

    I LOVED that post! In fact, I’m off to read it again. You’ve done lots of posts that I love. I tend to love the deep and meaningful ones about your life. It’s like taking a peek into hour home while you think nobody is watching. Yes, I’m a voyeur like that ;)

    My most hit post is about when I decided to not buy another for a whole year. It went off. And I did it. For all of 2012. And it’s honestly changed my life.

    Great post Chantelle! x

  8. says

    I love this Chantelle, it’s leading me to lots of new blogs to read!
    My most popular post has been the one I did on New year’s Day this year, talking about the new series I was starting: The A-Z Of Zen. I think because once people read any of the other letters, they also go back to the beginning.
    I had such fun doing that series, and got lots of great feedback. :)

  9. says

    I love finding new blogs, and this post had just lead me to some great new ones! My most popular post was inspired by my friends all getting pregnant at once and asking me for advice, so I wrote a post on my blog (Cupcakes and Nerds) with my top 20 tips for getting through pregnancy and the first year of parenting (all of my friends were childless until my daughter was just over one). I didn’t really expect any extra readers from it, but people seemed to love it. I recently reposted it on my FB page when I didn’t have time for a weekly post and it also got a good response the second time, which was nice! It’s called ‘Advice for New Players’ –

  10. Jo says

    My most popular post was a tour of my house: Another blogger wanted to show off her new house and asked others to as well and then shared our links. In fact, probably my top 6 posts were in some way linked to this other blog (day in the life posts) so I have to credit her for driving views to my blog, but also the topic at hand allowed us all to see into each others lives and I think there is a great curiosity into “what do other people’s lives look like?”. Any any post that I link to on FaceBook always gets more views.

  11. Jodie says

    There are some fabulous posts listed here. After some umming and ahhhing I have decided to post my most popular blog post, how to make a tulle toilet seat cover, it was originally posted on my older blog format and I have since moved it to my new blog and lost all the comments, sigh. I assume it is popular because it is rather seventies phenomena that you just do not see about much any more. (Thankfully, some might add.)


    I have only been blogging for about a month, so I’m still finding my groove. So far, this post about School Bus Stop Fashion has been my most popular post. I wrote it from the heart, expressing my silly thoughts and point of view, and I tried to convey my complete respect for parents and what they go through in the mornings. It has been well received. This makes me so happy! I promote my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook.

  13. says

    I’ve only been blogging for two months…but my top post so far is about cushions…’Humble Cushions: An Instant Interiors Update’. However, a few of my friends shared this post on their Facebook accounts, so I’m guessing this is why it hit the top of the list. The second most popular post is probably more reflective of the audience, ‘What Is The Right Age For Your Baby To Start Childcare?’ and is a post about my personal experience and a few negative comments that were made to me recently.

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