BLOGversation: Let’s play favourites. Which social media platform is your bestest?

BLOGversation: Let's play favourites. Which social media platform is your fave?

I have a soft spot for Instagram. I’m a visual person, and I can’t go past a good photo {or even a bad one if I’m completely honest}. I love that one photo can tell a story, without any words. I love it. It’s not complicated, it’s easy to use and it’s pretty social too.

What’s your favourite social media platform? Why?

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  1. Tara Karmas says

    Instagram is my favorite also! Love all the awesome pics and for some reason the people seem so much nicer and for the most part easier to deal with. All of the trivial stuff and drama found on those other sites rarely exists on IG, if you do it right!

  2. Joyce says

    I love Instagram as well! I feel anyone can take an amazing picture. And I love everyone’s perspective of the world and life! And it is very social as well.

  3. says

    It always freaks me out slightly when I see people have “+1ed” a post, as it is a platform I hadn’t really considered and certainly don’t have my head around. I am a twitter gal, but I am more of a silent lurker than a noisy participant, and yes I love instagram- but again probably am not using it to its full potential. Gosh I have a lot to learn!

  4. helen says

    I love Instagram. The challenges, such as #fmsphotoaday are fun, and force me to take a few minutes a day to think about something creative, and do something just for me. I have also participated in a number of other challenges such as #7vignettes which have been great.

  5. Blythe says

    Instagram. I tried twitter but I just can’t get in to it. I’m on FB quite a bit but in terms of involvement and interaction, Instagram for me!

  6. Roz Bannan says

    This is what worries me about Instagram, have you read the terms and conditions?

    “Instagram will have permanent rights to license any images to third parties – with no payment to the creator of the images
    The photographer gives up the right to remove their image
    The photographer will be held responsible for all legal fees in the event of litigation”

    I like FB and Google +, I have twitter but rarely use it. I have a blog (no one reads it), I use pintrest….but waste too much time so have to restrict my usage. (who am I kidding I waste far to much time in the internet pintrest is no different )

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love instagram Probably because i like to people watch and look at what other people are doing and seeing and not in a pervy way either.

  8. says

    Definitely Instagram. I’m visual, love checking out others’ takes on photo challenges et al, plus it is less commercial than Twitter and has a much lower BQ (Bogan quotient) than FB (which I really don’t fancy at all).

  9. Taryn Elise says

    I like Instagram the most, but get far more interaction on Facebook! Perhaps I just need to learn how to use instagram a bit better!

  10. says

    I would say Facebook. Those I follow are family, friends and businesses I love – though ’tis isn’t closed off! Anyone can follow me. :) I love that I can share my thoughts, pictures, articles, and so much more. Facebook is definitely followed by Instagram!

  11. This Is Wellbeing says

    I get the most traffic and feedback from Facebook. I was involved with FB on a personal level first, so found using it for my blog easy to pick up. But my blog led me to learn Twitter and now I’m just addicted. There is something about grabbing short bits of relevant information and there is a real art to keeping within those 140 characters! It’s also great to have that easy connection with people who are your inspiration. Never thought I would say it, but Twitter has got me hooked!

  12. says

    Instagram. It’s not as fast as twitter and give some impressions of other lifes. It’s a bit like an allowed stalking. ;) I love to post photos from my life as much as I scroll through my timeline. It’s one of the first things I do in the morning (after feeding the dog and make me some coffee). :D

  13. @73starz_ says

    A year ago I would have said Twitter, but now it’s Instagram all the way. An insight into other people’s lives and how they see the world we live in.

  14. says

    I LOVE Instagram. I am naturally nosey so I love the way it lets me look into other people’s lives. It has a really friendly vibe too, for me, it’s definitely the most sociable social media platform!

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