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Ssssh! The 6 blogging secrets I’d only tell my BFF

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Ssssh! The 6 blogging secrets I’d only tell my BFF

Imagine we’re besties. Imagine I’ve cooked the most delicious chocolate cake, and made the best tea there is and I’ve invited you over for a little girly chat session. Is your tummy rumbling for cake now too? Imagine I tell you the best blogging secrets reserved only for real BFFs. This is what I would tell you. And then we’d promptly put on eye masks and watch The Notebook over and over again.

1. Blogging isn’t very glamourous. At all.

I know when you look at bloggers like Gary Pepper and Love Taza you think blogging might possibly be all designer dresses, jet-setting the world and perfect hair-dos. It’s not. Behind all that is hard work. Don’t laugh. It’s sitting in your daggy clothes, writing stuff, thinking of content ideas and answering lots and lots and lots of emails. And sometimes it’s neglecting your house so much it looks like this.

2. There’s a good chance you won’t make it.

Of all the blogs created only 13.7% actually make it past the 5 year mark. OK, I made that stat up (but we’re besties and you’re used to that by now), but I don’t think it would be far from the truth. A new blog is created every half a second, so you can imagine so many of those don’t survive. The trick to surviving is poring your heart, soul, spirit, time, love, care, brain cells, creativity and faith into your online space, and even then there’s still only a 9.3% chance you’ll actually get past the first year (yes, another made-up stat. Deal with it).

3. Making money is ridiculously stressful/hard online.

If you’re thinking of starting a space online so you can get rich really quickly, you might want to rethink that plan. I know there was Zuckerberg, but that dude got lucky. Bloggers get asked to work for free a lot. A whole lot. Or sometimes people will send Muesli {or some other product worth $3.47} and expect the world from you in return. There’s no set minimum wage, or guidelines so it’s a bit of a guessing game. Plus there’s a whole bunch of people who think earning money from blogging is evil, so there’s that to deal with too. But if you’re in blogging for the love, and the fun… well then blog your heart out. You’re in it for the right reason.

4. You need really thick skin when you’re online.

I had really thin skin when I started. I saw the world through rose-coloured glasses, and thought everyone was essentially good. Wrong. People get brave from behind their computer/phone screens. They don’t feel accountable and they’re happy to be not-very-nice people at all. They are happy to live like that. Even mothers with children, who you’d think would be disgusted if their own child did the same thing, are happy to be abysmal human beings. Yep, it happens. Thicken that skin sunshine.

5. But the good people are REALLY good.

So yes, there are the negative nancies, but sometimes you have to ignore them and focus on the good stuff. Because the internet allows you to connect with people from all corners of the globe, and that almost seems magical.

6. You have to have something to offer.

You know how at point 2 I said that some people don’t make it, and I think this is why: they don’t have a whole lot of offer online. Some people will start a blog and think that sharing their story is enough. And depending on how you tell it, and what you’re telling… it might just be. But if it goes something like this, ‘Today I went to the supermarket. I then took my trolley through the checkout, put the bags in the car and drove home’ then it’s not enough. You need to be engaging, or funny, or useful, or just have some kind of magic that people can’t get enough of. You’ve got to find your thing.